Essentials Of Health Policy And Law / Edition 2

Essentials Of Health Policy And Law / Edition 2

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by Joel B. Teitelbaum, Sara E. Wilensky

ISBN-10: 1449653308

ISBN-13: 9781449653309

Pub. Date: 04/05/2012

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

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Table of Contents

Prologue     vii
Series Page     ix
Preface     xi
Acknowledgments     xv
About the Authors     xvii
Overview of Policy and Law in the United States
Introduction: Understanding the Role of and Conceptualizing Health Policy and Law     3
Introduction     3
The Role of Policy and Law in Health Care and Public Health     3
Conceptualizing Health Policy and Law     5
Conclusion     7
Policy and the Policymaking Process     11
Introduction     11
Defining Policy     11
Public Policymaking Structure and Process     13
The Health Bureaucracy     23
Interest Groups     28
Conclusion     29
Law and the Legal System     31
Introduction     31
The Role of Law     32
The Definition and Sources of Law     32
Key Features of the Legal System     35
Conclusion     41
Essential Issues in Health Policy and Law
Understanding Health Insurance     47
Introduction     47
Health Insurance Coverage     48
A Brief History of the Rise of Health Insurance in the United States     48
How Health Insurance Operates     50
Managed Care     55
Conclusion     61
Health Economics in a Health Policy Context     63
Introduction     63
Health Economics Defined     64
Economic Basics: Demand     67
Economic Basics: Supply     71
Economic Basics: Markets     73
Conclusion     77
Government Health Insurance Programs: Medicaid, SCHIP, and Medicare     79
Introduction     79
Medicaid     80
State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)     92
Medicare     94
Conclusion     99
The Uninsured and Health Reform     103
Introduction     103
Characteristics of the Uninsured     104
The Importance of Health Insurance Coverage to Health Status     106
Ways to Count the Costs of Uninsurance     107
Safety Net Providers     108
The Difficulty of Reform in the United States     109
Unsuccessful Attempts to Pass National Health Insurance Reform     112
State Health Reform     115
Conclusion     116
Individual Rights in Health Care and Public Health      131
Introduction     131
Background     132
Individual Rights and Health Care: A Global Perspective     134
Individual Rights and the Health Care System     134
Individual Rights in a Public Health Context     144
Conclusion     148
Health Care Quality Policy and Law     151
Introduction     151
Medical Errors as a Public Health Concern     152
Promoting Health Care Quality Through the Standard of Care     153
Tort Liability of Hospitals, Insurers, and Managed Care Organizations     156
Federal Preemption of State Liability Laws Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)     159
Conclusion     162
Basic Skills in Health Policy Analysis
The Art of Structuring and Writing a Health Policy Analysis     167
Introduction     167
Policy Analysis Overview     167
Structuring a Policy Analysis     169
Conclusion     178
Index     179

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