Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy / Edition 6

Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy / Edition 6

by Sue Rodwell Williams

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ISBN-10: 0801679230

ISBN-13: 9780801679230

Pub. Date: 01/01/1994

Publisher: Mosby, Incorporated

Essentials of Nutrition & Diet Therapy, 8th Edition, a classic in its field, features many timely nutrition topics, presenting the essentials of nutrition principles, nutrition throughout the life cycle, and introduction to clinical nutrition. This condensed, concise presentation of the principles of nutrition and diet therapy make it perfect for introductory courses


Essentials of Nutrition & Diet Therapy, 8th Edition, a classic in its field, features many timely nutrition topics, presenting the essentials of nutrition principles, nutrition throughout the life cycle, and introduction to clinical nutrition. This condensed, concise presentation of the principles of nutrition and diet therapy make it perfect for introductory courses in nutrition, dietetics, and other allied health programs. Plus, the NutriTrac Nutrition Analysis CD-ROM, Version III, comes packaged with each copy of Essentials, 8th Edition.

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Mosby, Incorporated
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Older Edition
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18 Years

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Table of Contents

Part 1Introduction to Human Nutrition
1Nutrition and Health3
Nutrition and Human Health4
Nutrition Policy and National Health Problems9
Nutrition Guides for Health Promotion10
Personal Assessment of Food Patterns17
2Digestion, Absorption, and Metabolism23
The Human Body: Role of Nutrition24
The Gastrointestinal Tract24
Basic Principles of Digestion25
Mouth and Esophagus: Preparation and Delivery28
Stomach: Storage and Initial Digestion29
Small Intestine: Major Digestion, Absorption, and Transport30
Large Intestine: Final Absorption and Waste Elimination36
Clinical Problems and Gastrointestinal Function39
The Nature of Carbohydrates48
Classification of Carbohydrates49
Functions of Carbohydrates59
Digestion-Absorption-Metabolism Summary60
Lipids in Nutrition and Health68
The Physical and Chemical Nature of Lipids69
Basic Lipids: Fatty Acids and Triglycerides69
Digestion-Absorption-Metabolism Summary77
Physical and Chemical Nature of Proteins84
The Nature of Amino Acids84
The Building of Proteins86
Functions of Protein88
Digestion-Absorption-Metabolism Summary90
Protein Requirements93
6Energy Balance and Weight Management103
The Human Energy System104
Total Energy Requirements107
Body Composition: Fatness and Leanness111
Health, Obesity, and Social Image114
The Problem of Weight Management118
The Health Model for Weight Management: A Positive Personal Approach124
The Problem of Underweight126
The Study of Vitamins: Essential Nutrients136
Fat-Soluble Vitamins136
Vitamin A136
Vitamin D140
Vitamin E144
Vitamin K148
Water-Soluble Vitamins150
Vitamin C150
B Vitamins152
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)159
Pantothenic Acid161
Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)165
Minerals in Human Nutrition176
Major Minerals176
Other Major Minerals187
Trace Elements: The Concept of Essentiality193
Other Essential Trace Elements204
Probable Essential Trace Elements207
Water-Electrolyte Balance207
Part 2Community Nutrition: The Life Cycle
9The Food Environment and Food Habits219
The Development of Food Habits220
Ethnic Diversity in American Food Patterns223
Biotechnology and Food: Promise and Controversy227
Food Safety232
Changes in Personal Food Habits240
10Family Nutrition Counseling: Food Needs and Costs249
Family Nutrition Counseling250
The Teaching-Learning Process255
The Ecology of Human Nutrition and Malnutrition257
Family Economic Needs: Food Assistance Programs260
Food Buying Guides262
11Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation269
Maternal Nutrition and the Outcome of Pregnancy270
Positive Nutritional Demands of Pregnancy271
General Dietary Problems274
High-Risk Mothers and Infants279
Complications of Pregnancy281
Nutrition During Lactation283
12Nutrition for Growth and Development293
Human Growth and Development294
Nutritional Requirements for Growth295
Stages of Growth and Development: Age Group Needs297
13Nutrition for Adults: Early, Middle, and Later Years321
Adulthood: Continuing Human Growth and Development322
Adult Age Groups: Nutrient Needs for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention323
The Aging Process328
Individuality in Nutritional Needs of Elderly Persons330
Preventive Health and Clinical Needs334
14Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and Stress345
Modern Civilization, Chronic Disease, and Physical Activity346
Energy Sources for Physical Activity346
Diet and Exercise: Fluids and Nutrients349
Nutrition and Athletic Performance353
Building a Personal Exercise Program358
Stress Management in Physical Fitness361
Physiologic-Metabolic Response to Stress362
Part 3Introduction to Clinical Nutrition
15Nutrition Assessment and Medical Nutrition Therapy in Patient Care373
The Therapeutic Process374
Nutrition Assessment and Analysis376
Nutritional Intervention: Food Plan and Management383
Evaluation: Quality Patient Care385
16Drug-Nutrient Interactions391
Drug-Nutrient Problems in Modern Medicine392
Drug Effects on Food and Nutrients392
Food and Nutrient Effects on Drugs398
Nutrition-Pharmacy Team403
17Nutrition Support: Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition407
Nutrition Assessment408
Enteral Nutrition Versus Parenteral Nutrition411
Enteral Feeding in Clinical Nutrition413
Enteral Formulas415
Enteral Nutrition Delivery Systems417
Monitoring the Tube-Fed Patient420
Parenteral Feeding in Clinical Nutrition421
Parenteral Solutions424
Parenteral Nutrition Delivery System426
Home Nutrition Support427
18Gastrointestinal Diseases435
Digestive Process436
Problems of the Mouth and Esophagus436
Problems of the Stomach and Duodenum: Peptic Ulcer Disease440
Small Intestine Diseases443
Large Intestine Diseases448
Food Allergies and Sensitivities450
Food Intolerances from Genetic-Metabolic Disease451
Diseases of the Gastrointestinal Accessory Organs452
19Diseases of the Heart, Blood Vessels, and Lungs469
Coronary Heart Disease: The Problem of Atherosclerosis471
Essential Hypertension and Vascular Disease483
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease486
20Diabetes Mellitus493
Nature of Diabetes494
General Management of Diabetes500
Rationale for Diabetes Medical Nutrition Therapy501
Implementing Medical Nutrition Therapy502
Issues Related to Medical Therapy505
Management of Diabetes Medical Nutrition Therapy509
Diabetes Education Program511
21Renal Disease519
Basic Kidney Function520
Chronic Kidney Disease521
Nutrition Assessment of Patients With Kidney Disease526
Altered Nutrient Requirements With Chronic Kidney Disease531
Medical Nutrition Therapy533
Kidney Stone Disease540
Urinary Tract Infection543
22Nutritional Care of Surgery Patients549
Nutritional Needs of General Surgery Patients550
Nutritional Concerns for Patients Undergoing Alimentary Canal Surgery554
Nutritional Needs During Metabolic Stress563
23Nutrition and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)571
Evolution of HIV and AIDS Epidemic572
Nature of the Disease Process574
Medical Management575
24Nutrition and Cancer591
The Process of Cancer Development592
The Body's Defense System595
Impact of Cancer on Nutrition597
Nutritional Therapy600
Nutritional Management of Selected Cancer-Related Symptoms605
Nutrition and Cancer: The Final Analysis609
25Nutrition Therapy in Chronic Disabling Conditions and Rehabilitation615
Nutrition Therapy and Rehabilitation616
Principles of Nutrition Therapy619
Musculoskeletal Disease620
Neuromuscular Injury and Disease624
Progressive Neurologic Disorders630
AFood Composition Table646
BAmino Acid Content of Foods, 100 g, Edible Portion768
CFatty Acid Content of Common Vegetable Oils778
DRelative Ratios of Polyunsaturated Fat and Saturated Fat (P/S Ratio) in Representative Foods779
ECaffeine Content of Common Beverages and Drugs780
FDietary Fiber in Selected Plant Foods781
GSodium Content of Popular Condiments, Fats, and Oils783
HSalt-Free Seasoning Guide784
ICDC Growth Charts: United States785
JAssessment of Nutritional Status: Percentiles802
KNormal Constituents of Blood and Urine in Adults805
LExchange Lists for Meal Planning807
MDietary Guidelines for Americans 2000814
NGuidelines for Nutritional Assessment and Care of Cystic Fibrosis817
ODiets for Nutritional Management of Renal Calculi819
PCalculation Aids and Conversion Tables825
QCultural Dietary Patterns827
RActivities Expenditure Table832

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