Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Edition 2

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Practical and authoritative, this new edition delivers easy access to the latest advances in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal disorders and other common conditions requiring rehabilitation. Each topic is presented in a concise, focused, and well-illustrated two-color format featuring a description of the condition, discussion of symptoms, examination findings, functional limitations, and diagnostic testing. The treatment section is extensive and covers initial therapies, rehabilitation interventions, procedures, and surgery. From sore shoulders in cancer patients to spinal cord injuries, Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition provides you with the knowledge you need to face every challenge you confront.
  • Offers practical, clinically relevant material for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Discusses physical agents and therapeutic exercise in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that produce pain, impairment, and disability.
  • Presents a consistent chapter organization that delivers all the content you need in a logical, practical manner.
  • Presents a new co-editor, Thomas D. Rizzo, Jr., MD, and a pool of talented contributors who bring you fresh approaches to physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Offers current evidence and expert guidance to help you make more accurate diagnoses and chose the best treatment option for each patient.
  • Features an entirely new section on pain management so you can help your patients reach their full recovery potential.
  • Incorporates redrawn artwork that makes every concept and technique easier to grasp.
  • Includes updated ICD-9 codes giving you complete information for each disorder.
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Editorial Reviews

Doody's Review Service
Reviewer: Leslie K Rydberg, MD (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago)
Description: This guide contains short chapters of basic information on three major areas in physical medicine and rehabilitation: musculoskeletal disorders, pain, and rehabilitation.
Purpose: The purpose is to address both common and uncommon medical issues that a variety of practitioners will encounter in their outpatient practices.
Audience: The book is geared for a wide variety of specialists — internists, physiatrists, orthopedists, rheumatologists, and neurologists. However, some topics are too basic for certain practitioners (i.e. the stroke chapter for physiatrists, the rheumatoid arthritis chapter for rheumatologists), which may limit its usefulness.
Features: The topics are organized into three categories: musculoskeletal conditions, pain, and rehabilitation. Each short chapter tackles one specific topic (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome) and includes the appropriate ICD-9 codes, definition, symptoms, physical examination, functional limitations, diagnostic studies, treatment, and potential complications.
Assessment: This is a helpful resource for general practitioners in multiple medical specialties. It would be best used as a reference for medical issues that are outside of a practitioner's specialty or for medical issues that are less commonly encountered.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781416040071
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Publication date: 5/27/2008
  • Edition description: New Edition
  • Edition number: 2
  • Pages: 960
  • Product dimensions: 8.80 (w) x 11.10 (h) x 1.60 (d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Musculoskeletal Disorders

Section 1: Head and Neck

1 Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
Avital Fast, MD and Miriam Segal, MD
2 Cervical Facet Arthropathy
Ted A. Lennard, MD
3 Cervical Degenerative Disease
Avital Fast, MD and Miriam Segal, MD
4 Cervical Radiculopathy
Isaac Cohen, MD and Cristin Jouve, MD
5 Cervical Sprain/Strain
Thomas H. Hudgins, MD, Lena Shahban, MD, and Joseph T. Alleva, MD
6 Cervical Stenosis
Alec L. Meleger, MD
7 Cervicogenic Vertigo
Joanne Borg-Stein, MD
8 Trapezius Strain
Isaac Cohen, MD and Cristin Jouve, MD

Section 2: Shoulder

9 Acromioclavicular Injuries
Thomas D. Rizzo, Jr., MD
10 Adhesive Capsulitis
Brian J. Krabak, MD, MBA and Norman L. Banks, MS, MD
11 Biceps Tendinitis
Brian J. Krabak, MD, MBA and William Moore, MD
12 Biceps Tendon Rupture
Michael F. Stretanski, DO
13 Glenohumeral Instability
William Micheo, MD and Edwardo Ramos, MD
14 Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
Jay E. Bowen, DO and Gerard A. Malanga, MD
15 Rotator Cuff Tear
Gerard A. Malanga, MD and Jay E. Bowen, DO
16 Scapular Winging
Peter M. McIntosh, MD
17 Shoulder Arthritis
Michael F. Stretanski, DO

Section 3: Elbow and Forearm

18 Elbow Arthritis
Charles Cassidy, MD and Chien Chow, BA
19 Epicondylitis
Lyn D. Weiss, MD and Jay M. Weiss, MD
20 Median Neuropathy
Francisco H. Santiago, MD and Ramon Vallarino Jr., MD
21 Olecranon Bursitis
Charles Cassidy, MD and Sarah Shubert, MD
22 Radial Neuropathy
Lyn D. Weiss, MD and Thomas E. Pobre, MD
23 Ulnar Neuropathy (Elbow)
Lyn D. Weiss, MD and Jay M. Weiss, MD

Section 4: Hand and Wrist

24 de Quervain's Tenosynovitis
Carina O’Neill, DO
25 Dupuytren's Contracture
Michael F. Stretanski, DO
26 Extensor Tendon Injuries
Jeffrey S. Brault, DO, PT and Gregory L. Umphrey, MD
27 Flexor Tendon Injuries
Jeffrey S. Brault, DO, PT and Gregory L. Umphrey, MD
28 Hand and Wrist Ganglia
Charles Cassidy, MD and Victor Chung, BA
29 Hand Osteoarthritis
David Ring, MD
30 Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Hand
David Ring, MD and Jonathan Kay, MD
31 Kienbock's Disease
Charles Cassidy, MD and Vivek Manhar Shah, BA
32 Median Neuropathy (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
Meijuan Zhao, MD and David Burke, MD, MA
33 Trigger Finger
Julie K. Silver, MD
34 Ulnar Collateral Ligament Sprain
Sheila Dugan, MD
35 Ulnar Neuropathy (Wrist)
Ramon Vallarino Jr., MD and Francisco H. Santiago, MD
36 Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Wrist
Brian T. Fitzgerald, MD and Chaitanya S. Mudgal, MD, M.S(Orth.), M.Ch(Orth.)
37 Osteoarthritis of the Wrist
José M. Nolla, MD and Chaitanya S. Mudgal, MD, M.S(Orth.), M.Ch(Orth.)

Section 5: Mid Back

38 Thoracic Compression Fracture
Toni J. Hanson, MD
39 Thoracic Radiculopathy
Darren Rosenberg, DO
40 Thoracic Sprain/Strain
Alexios Carayannopoulos, DO, MPH and Darren Rosenberg, DO
41 Lumbar Degenerative Disease
Michael K. Schaufele, MD and Aimee H. Walsh, MD
42 Lumbar Facet Arthropathy
Ted A. Lennard, MD
43 Lumbar Radiculopathy
Maury Ellenberg, MD and Joseph C. Honet, MD
44 Low Back Strain/Sprain
Omar El Abd, MD
45 Lumbar Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis
James Spinelli, DO and James Rainville, MD
46 Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Zacharia Isaac, MD and David Wang, DO
47 Scaroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Zacharia Isaac, MD and Jennifer Devine, MD

Section 6: Hip and Thigh

48 Hip Arthritis
Patrick M. Foye, MD and Todd P. Stitik, MD
49 Femoral Neuropathy
Earl J. Craig, MD and Daniel Clinchot, MD
50 Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Neuropathy
Earl J. Craig, MD and Daniel M. Clinchot, MD
51 Piriformis Syndrome
Thomas H. Hudgins, MD and Joseph T. Alleva, MD
52 Quadriceps Contusion
Seneca A. Storm, MD and J. Michael Wieting, DO
53 Total Hip Replacement
Robert S. Skerker, MD and Gregory J. Mulford, MD
54 Trochanteric Bursitis
Michael Fredericson, MD and Kelvin Chew, MD

Section 7: Knee and Lower Leg

55 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sprain
Eduardo Amy, MD and William Micheo, MD
56 Baker's Cyst
Ed Hanada, MD, Meryl Stein, MD, and Darren Rosenberg, DO
57 Collateral Ligament Sprain
Paul Lento, MD and Venu Akuthota, MD
58 Compartment Syndrome
Karen P. Barr, MD
59 Hamstring Strain
Carole S. Vetter, MD and Anne Z. Hoch, DO, PT
60 Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Venu Akuthota, MD, Sonja K. Stilp, MD, Paul Lento, MD, and
Peter Gonzalez, MD
61 Knee Arthritis
Allen N. Wilkins, MD and Edward M. Phillips, MD
62 Knee Bursitis
Ed Hanada, MD, Florian S. Keplinger, MD, and Navneet Gupta, MD
63 Meniscal Injuries
Paul Lento, MD and Venu Akuthota, MD
64 Jumper’s Knee
Thomas Hudgins, MD
65 Patellofemoral Syndrome
Thomas Hudgins, MD
66 Peroneal Neuropathy
John C. King, MD
67 Posterior Cruciate Ligament Sprain
Christine Curtis, BS, Peter Bienkowski, MD, and Lyle J. Micheli, MD
68 Quadriceps Tendinitis
Christine Curtis, BS, Peter Bienkowski, MD, and Lyle J. Micheli, MD
69 Shin Splints
Michael F. Stretanski, DO
70 Stress Fractures
Sheila Dugan, MD
71 Total Knee Replacement
Robert J. Kaplan MD

Section 8: Foot and Ankle

72 Achilles Tendinits
Michael F. Stretanski, DO
73 Ankle Arthritis
David Wexler, MD, Dawn M Grosser, MD, and Todd A. Kile, MD
74 Ankle and Foot Bursitis
Allen N. Wilkins, MD, Daniel Sipple, DO, and Thomas H. Hudgins, MD
75 Ankle Sprain
Brian J. Krabak MD, MBA and Jennifer Baima, MD
76 Bunion/Bunionette
David Wexler, MD, Dawn M. Grosser, MD, and Todd A. Kile, MD
77 Chronic Ankle Instability
Michael D. Osborne, MD
78 Claw Toe
David C. Wang, DO
79 Corns
Robert J. Scardina, DPM and Sammy M. Lee, DPM
80 Foot and Ankle Ganglia
Robert J. Krug, MD, Elliot Pollack, DPM, and Jeffrey T. Brodie, MD
81 Hallux Rigidus
David Wexler, MD, Dawn M. Grosser, MD, and Todd A. Kile, MD
82 Hammer Toe
Robert J. Krug, MD, Elise H. Lee, MD, Sheila Dugan, MD, and
Katherine Mashey, DPM
83 Mallet Toe
Sandra Maguire, MD
84 Metatarsalgia
Sandra Maguire, MD
85 Morton's Neuroma
Robert J. Scardina, DPM and Sammy M. Lee, DPM
86 Plantar Fasciitis
Paul F. Pasquina, MD and Leslie S. Foster, MD
87 Posterior Tibial Dysfunction
David Wexler, MD, Todd A. Kile, MD, and Dawn M. Grosser, MD
88 Tibial Neuropathy (Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome)
David R. Del Toro, MD

Part 2 – Pain

89 Occipital Neuralgia
Aneesh Singla, MD, MPH
90 Trigeminal Neuralgia
Aneesh Singla, MD, MPH
91 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Karl-August Lindgren, MD, PhD
92 Chronic Pain Syndrome
S. Ali Mostoufi, MD
93 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Allison Bailey, MD and Joseph F. Audette, MA, MD
94 Headaches
Elizabeth Loder, MD
95 Fibromyalgia
Joanne Borg-Stein, MD
96 Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Martin K. Childers, DO, PhD, Jeffery B. Feldman, PhD, H. Michael Guo, MD, PhD
97 Repetitive Strain Injuries
Kelly McInnis, DO
98 Costosternal Syndromes
Marta Imamura, MD and David A. Cassius, MD
99 Intercostal Neuralgia
Susan J. Dreyer, MD
100 Tietze's Syndrome
Marta Imamura, MD and Satiko Tomikawa Imamura, MD
101 Post-Herpetic Neuralgia
Ariana Vora, MD and Anita Thompson, PT
102 Arachnoiditis
Michael D. Osborne, MD
103 Coccydynia – need figure files downloaded from journals
Ariana Vora, MD
104 Phantom Limb Pain
Moon Suk Bang, MD and Se Hee Jung, MD
105 Cervical Dystonia
Moon Suk Bang, MD, PhD and Shi-Uk Lee, MD, PhD
106 Post-Thoracotomy Pain Syndrome
Justin Riutta, MD, FAAPMR
107 Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome
Justin Riutta, MD, FAAPMR

Part 3 – Rehabilitation

108 Upper Limb Amputations
Timothy R. Dillingham, MD and Diane W. Braza, MD
109 Lower Limb Amputations
Michelle Gittler, MD
110 Ankylosing Spondylitis
Steven E. Braverman, MD
111 Burns
Jeffrey C. Schneider, MD
112 Cardiac Rehabilitation
Alan M. Davis, MD, PhD
113 Cancer
Andrea Cheville, MD and Lora Beth Packel, PT
114 Cerebral Palsy
Yong-Tae Lee, MD and Patrick Brennan, MD
115 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Gerold R. Ebenbichler, MD
116 Chronic Kidney Disease
Ajay K. Singh, MD
117 Joint Contractures
Nancy Dudek, MD, MEd and Guy Trudel, MD
118 Deep Vein Thrombosis
Ricardo Knight, MD, PT and Jonas Sokolof
119 Dementia
Jatin Dave, MD, MPH and Melvyn Hecht, MD
120 Management of the Patient with a Foot at Risk: Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetes
Timothy R. Dillingham, MD and Diane W. Braza, MD
121 Dysphagia
Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD and Koichiro Matsuo, DDS, PhD
122 Enteropathic Arthritides
Karen Atkinson, MD, MPH
123 Heterotopic Ossification
Amanda L. Harrington, MD, Philip J. Blount, MD, and William L. Bockenek, MD
124 Lymphedema
Mabel E. Caban, MD, Sandra S. Hatch, MD, and Atul Patel, MD
125 Motor Neuron Disease
Lisa S. Krivickas, MD
126 Movement Disorders
Kenneth H. Silver, MD
127 Multiple Sclerosis
Ann-Marie Thomas MD, PT
128 Myopathies
Kristian Borg, MD, PhD and Erik Ensrud MD
129 Neurogenic Bladder
Ayal M. Kaynan, MD and Inder Perkash, MD
130 Osteoarthritis
Allen N. Wilkins, MD and Edward M. Phillips, MD
131 Osteoporosis
David M. Slovik, MD and Jonas Sokolof, DO
132 Parkinson's Disease
Nutan Sharma, MD, PhD
133 Peripheral Neuropathies
Seward B. Rutkove, MD
134 Plexopathy – Brachial
Erik Ensrud, MD and John C. King, MD
135 Plexopathy – Lumbosacral
Hope S. Hacker, MD and John C. King, MD
136 Polytrauma Rehabilitation
Steven G. Scott, DO, Joel D. Scholten, MD, Gail A. Latlief, DO, Faiza Humayun, MD,
Heather G. Belanger, PhD, and Rodney D. Vanderploeg, PhD
137 Post-Polio Syndrome
Julie K. Silver, MD
138 Post-Concussion Disorders
Mel B. Glenn, MD
139 Psoriatic Arthritis
Mahboob U. Rahman, MD, PhD
140 Pressure Ulcers
Chester H. Ho, MD and Kath Bogie, DPhil
141 Pulmonary Rehabilitation
John Bach, MD
142 Rheumatoid Arthritis

Karen Atkinson, MD, MPH and Jonas Sokolof, DO
143 Scoliosis and Kyphosis

Mark A. Thomas, MD and Yumei Wang, MD
144 Spasticity

Joel Stein, MD
145 Speech and Language Disorders

Jason H. Kortte, MS, CCC-SLP and Jeffrey B. Palmer, MD
146 Spinal Cord Injury (Cervical)

Sunil Sabharwal, MD
147 Spinal Cord Injury (Thoracic)

Jane Wierbicky, RN, BSN and Shanker Nesathurai, MD
148 Spinal Cord Injury (Lumbosacral)

Sunil Sabharwal, MD
149 Stroke

Joel Stein, MD
150 Stroke in Young Adults
Randie M. Black-Schaffer, MD, MA
151 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Mahboob U. Rahman, MD, PhD
152 Transverse Myelitis
Peter A.C. Lim, MD
153 Traumatic Brain Injury

David T. Burke, MD

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