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by J.A. Belfield
An unmarried woman living in a house of men breeds hearsay and lore. If only the villagers knew the truth.

It's not Jem Stonehouse's marital status that brings unwanted strangers to town. Rather, it's that she is the only female werewolf in existence - a prize to any pack.

Sean Holloway, the love of Jem's life, has gone to great lengths to protect


An unmarried woman living in a house of men breeds hearsay and lore. If only the villagers knew the truth.

It's not Jem Stonehouse's marital status that brings unwanted strangers to town. Rather, it's that she is the only female werewolf in existence - a prize to any pack.

Sean Holloway, the love of Jem's life, has gone to great lengths to protect her. As a new attack becomes imminent, Sean realizes he must take greater measures with Jem's safety or risk losing her forever.

His first task must be to marry her, but a force greater than the largest werewolf stands in his way.

Her mother.

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One day, a character and scene popped into J. A. Belfield's head, and she started controlling the little people inside her imagination as though she were the puppet master and they her toys. Questions arose: What would happen if ...? How would they react if ...? Who would they meet if ...? Before she knew it, a singular scene had become an entire movie. The characters she controlled began to hold conversations. Their actions reflected the personalities she bestowed upon them. Within no time, they had a life, a lover, a foe, family ... they had Become.

One day, she wrote down her thoughts. She's yet to stop.

J. A. Belfield lives in Solihull, England, with her husband, two children, three cats, and a dog. She writes paranormal romance with a second love for urban fantasy.

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Eternal 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Molly Book provided by the publisher for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book This is my first Holloway Pack read, and I must admit that, while it wasn’t my absolute favorite paranormal shifter romance, it was still an enjoyable read. I think the biggest problem that I had was the fact that it started out extremely slow for me. I couldn’t grasp what was happening in the beginning, for it went from a sexual encounter scene to something else entirely. But, with that being said, once I pushed on and became captivated by the story, I found that I truly enjoyed Sean and Jem’s characters. I really felt for Jem, a young woman who is the only female werewolf around and is forced to live in a home filled with male werewolves. The people of her town look down upon her, they whisper about her behind her back. Sean’s character ended up being my favorite. He knew that having Jem living with them was creating a stir but he had to keep her there, had to protect her. When issues arise, the only way he can do that is to marry her. But, it’s not as easy as it looks, especially when a werewolf enters the picture and wants to make a claim on the beautiful Jem. Ms. Banfield did a fabulous job at creating a historical backdrop for this story, and really ended up making a story that was filled with steamy romance,seduction and suspense. While I feel that the beginning could have been a little less dragging, the over all story was well written, and I do recommend it to all who enjoy a paranormal romance filled with shifting sexy men and the women that capture their hearts.
cm-wendy More than 1 year ago
The Holloway Pack quickly found a place on my must read list after Darkness and Light and Ms. Belfield’s latest pack installment, Eternal, does not disappoint. I was so excited to receive this as an ARC from the publisher; I could not put it down. This storyline takes place 3 years after Jem has become a member of the pack. There is much gossip around town about her living with a houseful of men. Since Jem is the only female Were, curious “visitors” keep showing up. Of course, Sean won’t stand for it. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and all his. The first scene starts out steamy and it only gets better from there. This book has a great story line filled with memorable scenes. A few of my favorites (besides the opener….) were when Sean really screws up with Jem and just doesn’t understand what he did wrong. He loves her so much and almost ruins it with his mouth! So like a male to be oblivious like that. Another favorite scene; Jem always gets in the last word when she needs to, but only she can do it during a dinner time prayer. Too funny! We get to meet more of Jem’s family and Sean’s pack in this story. Jem’s mother and sister play a big part in this storyline. I really enjoyed the bits of history in this one too. Reading about Jem’s daily life with her mom and Jessica (dragging the bathtub in front of the fire, walking to the market once a week, hand stitching the dress) makes me grateful for all the modern conveniences we have now. We meet more pack members, from this lifetime too. Giles is one of my favorites from this line, he reminds me of Josh and Nathan (from their current pack life) all rolled into one. All in all, you must add this one to your collection!
Penumbra1 More than 1 year ago
I was given this book by the publisher for an honest review, thank you. First this is a very short story only about 87 pages. It's told in first person through the eyes of Jem, the only female werewolf as far as anyone knows. I couldn't identify with Jem, maybe because the story was written in first person, but I couldn't get a good picture of what kind of person she was other than that she had to have things her own way. I didn't care for her as a character, she grated on my nerves. We don't even find out how she was turned into a werewolf other than being bitten, but other women that have been bitten have been killed. So what makes Jem special and why was she turned? We don't get any info and I think that should have been mentioned, especially since this is a prequel. A historical romance novel, Eternal centers on Jem and her alpha mate Sean. There are other wolves from her pack and some outsider wolves that show up with the desire to claim Jem, but they really aren't much a part of the story. Even the main outsider werewolf who is the one most insistence in his attention to Jem, is not mentioned that often. I found the blurb to be very misleading. If you're expecting a lot of excitement about the werewolves and outside werewolves, there really isn't that much there. That item is just a background bit to the main part of the story. The main storyline is Jem's annoyance that Sean didn't propose marriage to her the correct way and from there the planning of the marriage, the marriage ceremony itself and then the bonding. So the blurb misrepresented in a large way what the book is mostly about. Yes, there is a situation with the outsider werewolf before the wedding, but it's much smaller than the whole wedding preparation bit. Editing and formatting were great. In the end the blurb didn't truly convey what the main topic of the story was, which was the wedding preparation and wedding. That was for me the most annoying part about this story, the blurb deceptiveness which got me to read a book that I likely would not have read since the story centered mostly around a wedding. The next thing I disliked was the historical style of speech, while although consistent throughout the book, made it difficult for me to identify with any of the characters. So I didn't care for this story all that much, but give it 2 stars because the style of speech was consistent and the editing and formatting were well done.
Book_Bite_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Love, love, LOVED this prequel. Eternal is a beautiful paranormal-romance/historical fiction. I think it was beautifully executed and will make you drool for more. Jem and Sean are perfect together and have a really cute relationship that every girl dreams of having. The other characters that Belfield created are also all very well done and don't blend in with the background, they stand out. Even though Eternal is a prequel I feel like it wasn't too short and told the story it needed to tell perfectly. Beware, if you read this prequel you are going to want to read the entire series so get your bank accounts prepared lmao. I will absolutely be continuing on with this series!
-Toni- More than 1 year ago
Etneral was a quick read. I do think that this book was to give readers of Darkness & Light (Holloway Pack, #1) a idea of how the characters come together! So I will be reading the next book! To find out more! That being said.. I really liked the book! it was a historical romance which I enjoy! The character were great and loveable.. Jemm and Sean come along way through the short story! Sean was great you knew how he felt about Jemm. I like how Jemm stood her ground, although I would have like to have seen a little more of the werewolf in her! but hopefully I will in the next book! I loved Jemms mom and her getting under Sean's skin making him squirm! I mean a big Alpha scare of the mom! hehe! All in all it was a great read and I am ready for the next Holloway book! Anyone that likes historical romances should gives this a go, you wont be dissappointed!
yadkny More than 1 year ago
Sean and Jem's love has only intensified as the years have passed, but recently Sean finds himself increasingly having to protect his mate from threats that wish to take her away. They invade his forest in the hopes of confirming Jem as the only female werewolf in known existence. Sean believes the answer in part is to keep Jem by his side forever with marriage as the first step. However, Jem struggles to believe he truly desires out of love to bind himself to her fully. In response, Jem retreats to the one person who could possibly make sense of her conflicted feelings and shed light on her proposal predicament – her Mother. Unfortunately, there is still a physical threat to contend with who just won't take no for an answer, which means Sean will have to fight to prove his love for Jem and fight to prove he can keep her. With a surprisingly swift pace, the story is at once comical, romantic, and sexy while set during a historic time period that would seem anything but. From the story's onset, it is easy to believe and fall for Sean and Jem's fierce love for one another. Their erotic encounter that begins the story is not only attention-grabbing, but beautifully written. After that the story picks up speed with a determined step towards matrimony for one of my favorite paranormal couples. The interference of the town gossipers and mysterious forest trespassers create a subtle suspense in the storyline that left me wanting more, but attentions are easily diverted back to the Pack, Jem's family, and the couple themselves. I adored the way Sean shows how much he loves Jem while at the same time proving his strength to protect her. The story is told strictly from Jem's point-of-view and her character development is wonderful. They both prove how capable and worthy they are of each other. This novella is all the proof that is necessary in showcasing the author's talent in writing. The voices of the characters are clear and the story remained true in creating an escape to not just another time period, but with a look into the lives of two werewolves in love. Another engaging read that left me with the urge to grab the next Holloway story as soon as possible. This novella can be read as a standalone and should definitely not be missed by historical paranormal romance readers.
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks More than 1 year ago
Eternal is the fabulous prequel story in J.A. Belfield's Holloway Pack Series. It expounds on certain parts of Jem Stonehouse and Sean Holloway's history alluded to in the first novel, Darkness & Light. Jem, Sean, and Jessica are the only familiar names in Eternal. What gives? Set in a different time period, Eternal portrays the past in which Jem and Sean are bound to each other for eternity. Opening with a steamy scene, Eternal packs a lot of romance in novella length story. From protection to marriage, readers see Jem and Sean's relationship from the very beginning. I love the consistency found between Eternal and Darkness & Light. Even though the versions of Jem and Sean, in Eternal, have different positions in life than the Jem and Sean in Darkness & Light, they have the same attitudes and values. I do consider them the same people, but each life they live is a little different, like the family dynamic in the prequel. Eternal is the next stop until book two of the Holloway Pack Series releases. Full of action and romance, it's enough to hold readers over until Blue Moon hits shelves! Originally posted on Lovey Dovey Books *ebook provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*
Lynn53 More than 1 year ago
Jem Stonehouse is seen having sex with Sean Holloway up against a tree – what a way to start a book. That certainly grabs the reader’s attention. Sean is an alpha making love to his mate. Giles has his orders from his alpha and that is to protect Jem. A stranger has come to town. It will be interesting to see what he’s all about. Also, to find out why he thinks he’s so special. What is he looking for? What is his agenda? J. A. has created this prequel for her Holloway Pack series. It shows us some of the history of the pack. We also get our HEA ending but it leaves us wondering what J.A. has in store for the Holloway Pack next. If you have never read any of the Holloway Pack series before this may be a good book for you to start with. This will give you some idea of who Jem and Sean are and what period of time they came from. Once you have read this, you can read her other prequel titled “Instinct” which will give you more history of Jem and Sean. Her other books of the Holloway Pack are “Darkness & Light” (she includes the first two chapters at the end of this story) and “Fated Encounter”. Then she has included a short story in the anthology titled “Into the Unknown”. If you have only a short amount of time and want to read a good shapeshifter story this is a book that you may want to add to your TBR list. Maybe you love reading series that have the same characters that evolve with each book that is written. Why not think about adding this title to your bookshelf. J.A. will keep you interested right from the first sentence.