Eternity and Time's Flow

Eternity and Time's Flow

by Robert Cummings Neville

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State University of New York Press
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SUNY Series in Philosophy Series
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New Edition
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5.87(w) x 8.99(h) x 0.66(d)

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Table of Contents

Author's Preface

Artist's Preface by Beth Neville

Part One. Eternity and the Time Passion of the Modern World

1. A Time to Rethink Eternity




The Argument

2. The Fall from Eternity to Immortality

Temporal Obsession

Ancient Sophistication

Immortality and Antireligion

Skepticsm and Anxiety

3. The Philosophical Passion for Present Time

Subjectivism and Experience

Kant and the Transcendental Definition of World

Modern Kantians

Whitehead and Process Philosophy

4. No Time without Eternity

Personal Identity

Self and Nonself

Past and Future in Present Time

Moral Identity

Part Two. Time's Flow within Eternity

5. A Metaphysics of Time and Eternity


Relation as Connection

The Integrity of Relata


6. Time's Relations of Otherness

The Present's Rebellion against Time as Past

The Differences between Past, Present, and Future

Value and Time

The Equal Necessity of the Temporal Modes

7. Time's Flow

Before and After, Earlier and Later, and When

Temporally Biased Representations of Time

The Necessary Mutual Conditioning of Time's Modes

How Time Flows

8. Eternal Togetherness of the Temporal Modes


The Ontological Contort of Mutual Relevance

Time in Things, Things in Eternity

Things in Time, Time in Eternity

Part Three. Divine Eternity

9. Eternity and God's Being

God as a Question

False.Images of Eternity

God Not an Individual

Theistc Themes

10. Eternal Creation

Theological Ideas of God

Conceptions of the World: Closure

Process Theology

Creation ex Nihilo

11. Creation of All Times

The Analysis of ''Proper Dates"

"Two Authors" Theory

The Temporality of the Creative Act

The Nontemporality of the Creative Act

12. God's Eternal Life

Time's Flow sub Specie Eternitatis

Images of Time

The Singularity of Creation: God

Divine Responsiveness: God as Living Creator

Part Four. Eternal Life

13. The Eternal Identity of Persons

Immortality and Eternal Life

Temporal and Eternal Identity

Death's Allure

Judgment: Standing in Eternity

14. The Divine Identity of Persons

Participation in the Divine Life

The Religious Significance of Natural Eternity

The Covenant Conception of the Human Context

Salvation: Redeeming the Time

15. God with Us

The Otherness of God

Privation of the Human

Special Grace

Providence: The Infinite in the Finite

16. God beyond Us

Resurrection: Salvation and Damnation

Conquering Natural Death of Finitude and Fragmentation

Conquering Spiritual Death of Sin, Ignorance, and Disharmony

Glory: The Finite in the Infinite




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