Etheric Anatomy: The Three Selves and Astral Travel

Etheric Anatomy: The Three Selves and Astral Travel

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by Victor H. Anderson

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This collection of rare writings by Feri teachers Victor and Cora Anderson discusses subjects such as the Triune soul, etheric sight, the human aura, and astral projection (OOBE). Also included are Feri prayers and exercises such as the Flower prayer (to contact the personal god), the Ha Prayer (to raise mana for successful spells and prayers), and the Kala prayer


This collection of rare writings by Feri teachers Victor and Cora Anderson discusses subjects such as the Triune soul, etheric sight, the human aura, and astral projection (OOBE). Also included are Feri prayers and exercises such as the Flower prayer (to contact the personal god), the Ha Prayer (to raise mana for successful spells and prayers), and the Kala prayer (to clear energy blocks). This compendium provides all seekers, regardless of their spiritual path, with information to better understand the nature of the soul and expand their psychic skills.

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"This is a must have for any Pagan, Witch, healer, or practicing occultist."  —Storm Faerywolf, editor, Witch Eye magazine

"An excellent key teaching for magickal spirituality seekers."  —Ben Gruagach, columnist, MysticWicks

"Even from the other side of the veil, Victor Anderson continues to offer valuable teachings to magical folk of all kinds."  —M. Macha NightMare, coauthor, The Pagan Book of the Living and Dying

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Etheric Anatomy

The Three Selves and Astral Travel

By Victor H. Anderson, Jim Schuette

Acorn Guild Press, LLC

Copyright © 2004 Victor E. Anderson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-936863-71-6


Our Psychic Structure

At The Time Of This writing, it is very difficult to find any material of any real value on etheric anatomy or the physical relationship of body and soul. Practically all of the older, more reliable data on the astral body, the out-of-body experience (OBE), and the nature of what we call the spirit world has been neglected, discarded or so worked over by doubters and skeptics as to be almost useless to the seeker after truth. In some of the modern teachings, the astral body is pictured as a ridiculous travesty of the human form, devoid of parts or passions and lit up like a Christmas tree by many shining chakras. They tell of six-foot wide auras and other clumsy superstructures with which we are supposed to go sailing through the life between lives. There are enough pitfalls awaiting the psychic whose powers are just beginning to unfold without getting bogged down in this morass. I did not just sit around and dream up the view I am presenting here; I learned to use my clairvoyant faculties and etheric sight the hard way! So let

When a Witch is examining the human body, what does she observe? Let us say that she is giving lessons in etheric sight to a male student who is already able to see in this way. (In my tradition there are circumstances in which a woman teaches a man, or man teaches a woman, though not always.) A priestess, chosen for her clarity of psy-vision, has two coven members lying nude on a sheet of black velvet. One is female, the other male, and they are lying still under light hypnosis. Both subjects should be fairly young, in good health and at ease with each other. They should be a married couple or a pair working together in what we call the "full rite," having regular sexual intercourse. The best light source is an incandescent bulb shining through the thin metal film of a two-way mirror.

As the etheric structure of the male is simpler than that of the female, the seer usually begins with him. The priestess quietly calls our attention to the male. From all sides of the flesh of his nude body, a shadowy but somewhat luminous replica of the physical body extends about two centimeters. (In a very few cases, it measures an inch out from the dense body.) At first it looks a sort of blue-gray in color. As the psy-vision becomes clearer, this double, or energy body, is seen to have apeculiar light electric pink hue. It hugs close to the dense body and follows its form closely. Then comes the surprise. There is a difference so remarkable that the student has to be warned of it lest it shock him out of the very light autohypnotic state necessary at this stage in training.

The subject's sex organs look strange. Not only does he have the usual male parts, but also within the scrotum is a replica or "X-ray" image of the female vagina! His etheric breasts are somewhat larger than the dense ones. On closer examination, his etheric or double body is more feminine than his dense male anatomy. There is even a luminous pear-shaped area where the female womb would be. Yet he is a normal male.

Now the priestess turns our attention to the young woman. Her double, or vital body, as we call it, measures the same as his, but there are similar differences. From her clitoris extends a sexual part that is like a phantom penis! About her vagina is a close-fitting replica of the male scrotum and testicles. They remind one of a firm, well-formed apricot in shape and neat closeness. The female subject's vital body rests more lightly around and within her dense body, which accounts in great part for her more advanced psychic powers. The vitalbodies of the two are much the same in other respects, save that in hers there are delicate, lovely colors constantly playing over and in it, like those in a soap bubble. Globes of either delicate or vividly colored light are seen entering and leaving her womb, though not constantly. Her vital body is more male than her dense body, but in no way does that detract from her womanhood.

If her partner's vital body were too male, his coarser secondary sex characteristics would be overemphasized. He would suffer from high blood pressure, be aggressive and insecure about his "manhood" and have the unfortunate tendency to be a wolf- whistler. Actually, he would not be very highly sexed (except in his imagination).

It is very rare to find a woman whose vital body is too female. When this happens, a compensating mechanism, lacking in most males, comes into play and the dense body tries to become more male. This is usually not as tragic in biological consequences as when the man's double is too male. I am sometimes asked what happens in extreme cases of this kind. It is a curious fact that when a certain point is reached, nature takes a hand and the woman's dense body only becomes much stronger and more athletic. At the same time, if she takesgood care of herself, her vital body will automatically restore the sex balance and she will be a strong and lovely woman. I hope my readers will pause and consider how many "tomboys" have grown up rather precociously into women of strength and beauty, provided the endocrine glands get on the job in time, which they usually do. In the tropics, where the sun can act more directly on the human double, women mature and grow into adulthood more quickly than in colder climates. The man whose vital body is too male is not so lucky. He usually works hard, lives fast and dies young, without leaving many beautiful memories for his womenfolk. However, we must not forget that there are good, loving and caring men who suffer these terrible afflictions. In dealing with them, we must be diagnostic rather than judgmental.

The entire vital body does not leave the physical body when traveling in the astral. Since the etheric body is fluidic and very malleable in nature, the projected astral body of a man or woman looks like the projected man or woman. When out of body, the etheric double does not carry the electric pink hue it shows as the vital body, it is more of a silvery blue-gray color. We take on other colors when we become more aware of ourselves and the astral environment.

To the uninformed, the forms of the male and female vital bodies would seem to pose terrible difficulties with sex intercourse in the astral world, but believe me, they do not. Yes, we do have sex in the astral, and I do not mean some watered down "spiritual" imitation. I mean real sex intercourse that feels just the same and just as good, only much more so! I would love to write another article about astral sex, but for now, just keep it in mind as we proceed. [See Part Three: Astral Sex.]

In order to comprehend more fully our psychic structure, it must be understood that the human being is a trinity. This is neither a metaphor nor an abstract illustration. The human soul and spirit body is made up of three definite parts or entities. Each of these three entities has its own individual and collective existence in the soul and personality, just as surely as the three atoms in a molecule of water. We Kahuna of my order sometimes speak of the soul as Ke Uhane Kahikolu, "the soul, one in three." At the center of the cell that is the etheric human is a denser part, which more or less clings to the human shape in post-mortal life. Surrounding and penetrating this is the auric, or so-called "mental body." At the top of the auric body, and sometimes above it, is the part we Kahuna callthe Personal God, or God Self, who is one's very personal and divine Aumakua. (The word Aumakua does not always mean the God self, but may have other important meanings, as we will discuss later.)

The part of the etheric double that during physical life is called the vital body is the vehicle of the animal self or spirit. This entity is the Unihipili of Huna and the Nephesh spirit of Jewish wisdom. The auric body, which surrounds and is a part of the vital body, is the human self's vehicle. It is often called Ke Kino Uhane. Its substance is more tenuous than its central part, and it is ovoid, rather than human in form. The body of the personal Aumakua is usually a most beautiful glowing sphere that, when manifesting in a visible form, looks as if it were made of blue or blue-white light. It looks about nine inches in diameter and is very difficult to see. However, it can take on form and appear larger than life! We call this ho'o kino, "to make, take on or manifest a body." This form is like a perfect double of you, made of some glorious sparkling blue substance. Do not ask to see this unless you are ready to face your flaws and faults!


The Unihipili or Vital Body

Kleeping These Things firmly in mind, let us return to our study of the vital body. Unihipili is that part of you that is most intimately concerned with the functions of your dense body, the creation and storing of your life force (mana), your memory and many other things of life. The right side of the brain is its province. The left brain belongs primarily to the human self. The animal self's center of consciousness is in the solar plexus, or it can be in the genitals, the heart area, or the "one point" of Japanese Aikido, below the navel. The vital bodies of other mammals do not show the same secondary sex characteristics as the human being. The doubles of primates sometimes show these characteristics to a much lesser extent. As said earlier, the human astral body, when projected or in the post-mortal state, has an appearance more familiar to us. Measured in our three dimensions, souls look smaller, more compact and together than they do when still with dense bodies.

Another interesting property of the vital body, although difficult to detect, is a faint buzzing sound, somewhat like that of a bumblebee. This signals the gathering in and arrangement of atoms and molecules to maintain the structure of the dense body. Although the buzz does not vary much in actual frequency, it is as distinct as the sound of the voice of each person. The double of a drunken person, or one who is high on LSD, sounds like a swarm of mad hornets. The seer who knows his or her work can learn to hear this sound and diagnose various illnesses and disorders before they become manifest in the dense body.

I am also often asked what the vital body is made of. This question cannot be fully dealt with here, but a few words should be said about it. As said before, the double has been called the energy body. In Witchcraft, as in modern physics, all matter and energy are known to be one and the same thing. In our present civilization, we are just now beginning to glimpse the nature of the atom and its constituent parts. The more we learn, the more complex the complexities become and the more simple the simplicities. What we call the "spirit world" is composed largely of particles and frequencies of a subatomic nature. We of the Craft say that these planes or worlds arebelow the atom. We know the vital body to be made up of what we call bioplasma. Besides the other finer particles and frequencies of which it is composed, there is a small amount of plasmic hydrogen, i.e., electrons and protons. In substance, it actually resembles the more tenuous parts of the sun itself! The term "astral body" may be vindicated after all.

Before proceeding to discuss the other etheric vehicles of the human, a few more things should be made clear about that form of the double we have been calling the vital body. Every object with which we deal in everyday life is surrounded by a kind of shadowy counterpart that varies in color, density and dimensions, depending on the kind of matter. A steel ball an inch in diameter will have a pale, violet-blue replica of itself extending one sixteenth of an inch from it on all sides. If we examine a bit of rock, we will find that it too has an extension that varies in color and dimension depending on its composition. Pieces of wood and other more organic objects have wider and sometimes more colorful "surrounds," as psychic children call them. When we break a rock in two, the etheric part follows the outline of the break.

Now suppose we take a leaf and cut some of it away. A person with good psy-vision will still see a ghostly counterpartof the leaf occupying the same space as the part that has been cut away. If we keep cutting the leaf up, a point is reached at which the vital body of the leaf will dissipate into the ether. If a part of the leaf is torn off and slowly pulled away, the bioplasma will stretch out a half centimeter or so, and then break off and rejoin the severed parts. When the organism is more motile and there is more consciousness extended into the chemical region, the vital body does not dissipate but continues on in an independent existence. It is important to keep in mind that not all the subatomic matter of an organically living object is organized into a spirit vehicle. When a spirit body is sufficiently imbued with consciousness-energy, it is autotropic, or self-sustaining. The more passion and ego, the longer the spirit form will sustain itself. Refinement and change do not mean loss of passion and ego, as maintained by some schools of thought. Change and refinement indicate greater self-awareness and cosmic consciousness.

I remember an afternoon in early childhood when the adults made war on the swarms of houseflies, shooing them out of the house and killing them with every weapon available, from swatters to waving towels. In the evening when the battle was over, the air was filled with tiny winged jewels of greenand blue, etheric houseflies doing all the things that flies do, buzzing about and copulating frequently in midair. They were no longer nasty little pests, but sparks of beauty clean as light! After a while they seemed to evaporate, but I soon learned that these little centers of consciousness were not just snuffed out, whatever changes they underwent. If this does not seem important here, pause and think about it.


The Auric Body

Let us now consider the "mental" or auric body. The human aura, like the chromosphere and corona of the sun, is very complex. It contains not only the auric body, but also many other forms of energy and emanations. It has been said that only living things have auras. This is not the case. Every material object of appreciable size is surrounded and penetrated by some of the etheric matter and frequencies from the various planes of existence. Even a statue has an aura. The auras of what we call inanimate objects are static and homogenous in appearance unless acted upon by mana from ourselves or the mana and presence of spirits, saints or the Gods. The aura of an organic living thing is more dynamic and active, with movements and changing colors. The average human aura extends from eight to nine inches from the dense body, seen in a front view. It is a bit flat when viewed from the side, like the body of a paramecium. I call this portion the chromic aura, to avoid its being confused with the other emanations, which containeverything from carbon dioxide and water vapor to infrared light. In children of both sexes, the chromic aura extends only about seven inches beyond the dense body. At puberty, both male and female auras attain full dimensions, though the young girl is likelier to reach the full nine inches before her brother. When there is greater spiritual development than usual in the male, his chromic aura will measure the same as his sister's, at the same age. If we include all of the auric emanations, the woman's aura is always wider, especially around the waist.

The beginner must be patient, for it takes long practice to actually see the chromic aura. At first all auras look a misty blue-gray, or gray-blue or rarely, light blue. The more mentally alert the subject, the more blue will be the aura. At first it is very difficult to see where the mental body is within the aura. We can all feel its center of consciousness at a point somewhere behind and between the eyes. Its yolk or "nucleus" seems to be in the head, somewhere in the forepart of the brain. It extends some four inches all around the head, and down somewhere below the neck. It is so blended with the rest of the chromic aura — its larger part — that it is very difficult to observe.

Like the vital body, the chromic aura is made up of very fine particles and wavelengths from the astral planes, but with alower content of plasmic hydrogen. I am not sure whether there are neutrons present or not, though some do occur in the vital body. The chromic aura and the aura-nebulum interpenetrate and surround the vital body in normal states, both in and out of the dense body. However, in the projected spirit form and in between incarnations, there is less aura-nebulum material carried over and retained in the aura. Both that part of the etheric double we call the vital body during incarnate life and the aura remain blended together under normal conditions, as shown above. However, they may be separated by anesthesia, potent drugs or a violent and cruel death. We Kahuna call the normal human double Ke Kino Wailua, "the body of two waters." Those who believe that a woman's intellectual abilities, drives and creative powers are the masculine parts of her nature are sadly mistaken. A woman's auric body is female, and a man's is male.


The Colors of the Aura

I am constantly being asked what the colors of the aura indicate. Most of the literature is full of fanciful theories in which red is bad and blue is good. Seeing a color in the aura is like hearing a sound, insofar as the emotional impact is concerned. It is really hard to put fixed meanings on these colors. One may hear a scream of pain or hatred in high C, or be enraptured by the same note in a glorious aria. I will give a brief list of colors as I see and feel them. (You must feel-see these colors rather than just see them.) I see these colors more clearly when out of the body. Great care must be taken to view the aura objectively with etheric sight, rather than subjectively, as you would in the crystal ball. Each of these modes of seeing has its place and should be used together after careful and rigorous training. After "seeing" someone's aura in a photograph or on TV, I often get quite different results on viewing the real person. With practice, you can become pretty accurate with both modes of seeing.


Excerpted from Etheric Anatomy by Victor H. Anderson, Jim Schuette. Copyright © 2004 Victor E. Anderson. Excerpted by permission of Acorn Guild Press, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Victor H. Anderson and Cora Anderson were the seminal teachers of the Feri tradition, and together they trained some of the most influential voices in neo-Paganism, including Starhawk and Gwydion Pendderwen. They began teaching the tradition in California in the 1950s. Victor rose to fame with the publication of his first book of poetry, Thorns of the Blood Rose, in 1970, and Cora's articles were featured in Witch Eye and Circle magazines and her recipes were published in Women's Circle.

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