Ethical Challenges in Health Care: Developing Your Moral Compass

Ethical Challenges in Health Care: Developing Your Moral Compass

by Vicki Lachman

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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Section I Personal Development of Moral Courage

Chapter 1 Virtue of Moral Courage: Socrates to Barack Obama 3

Chapter 2 Values and Professional Obligations: A Guide to When to Speak Up 13

Chapter 3 Danger Management: Cognitive Reframing and Self-Soothing 25

Chapter 4 Risk Assessment and Management 41

Chapter 5 How to Speak Up and Be Heard: Assertiveness and Negotiation Skills 51

Chapter 6 How to Deliver Bad News 67

Section II Personal Opportunities for Moral Courage

Chapter 7 Patient Autonomy: Infringements in Informed Consent 79

Chapter 8 Advance Directives Violation: For Whom Are We Doing This? 89

Chapter 9 Veracity: Issues in Prognosis, Futility, and CPR 101

Chapter 10 Patient Safety: Breach in Our Obligations to Protect 117

Chapter 11 When Our Colleagues Are Incompetent or Unethical in the Workplace 129

Section III Organizational Development of Moral Courage

Chapter 12 Organizational Culture: Setting the Stage for Moral Courage 145

Chapter 13 Executive Leadership: Necessity of "Walking the Talk" 157

Chapter 14 Importance of Accountability Cannot Be Underestimated 171

Chapter 15 Promoting Moral Courage Through Human Resource Management 181

Section IV Organizational Opportunities for Moral Courage

Chapter 16 Organizational and Clinical Ethics Committees: Roles and Functions 195

Chapter 17 Promoting a Culture of Patient Safety 207

Chapter 18 Managing Disruptive Physicians 221

Chapter 19 Leadership Development for a Moral Environment 235

Section V Further Opportunities for Moral Courage

Chapter 20 The Uninsured in America: A Moral Crisis in Health Care 247

Index 263

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