Ethical Conflicts in Psychology / Edition 4

Ethical Conflicts in Psychology / Edition 4

by Donald N. Bersoff

ISBN-10: 1433803534

ISBN-13: 9781433803536

Pub. Date: 05/15/2008

Publisher: American Psychological Association

"Ethical Conflicts in Psychology" will help both present and future psychologists develop sensitivity to the ethical aspects of their field; leaving them more considerate, critical, and skeptical about their own behavior and the ethical constraints under which they work. Topics addressed range from how ethics are best learned and integrated to such issues as…  See more details below


"Ethical Conflicts in Psychology" will help both present and future psychologists develop sensitivity to the ethical aspects of their field; leaving them more considerate, critical, and skeptical about their own behavior and the ethical constraints under which they work. Topics addressed range from how ethics are best learned and integrated to such issues as confidentiality and supervision.

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Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Ethical Dilemmas Encountered by Members of the American Psychological Association: A National Survey3
Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct28
Bylaws of the American Psychological Association46
Rules and Procedures (October 1, 2001)48
The Failure of Clinical Psychology Graduate Students to Apply Understood Ethical Principles77
Ethics of Practice: The Beliefs and Behaviors of Psychologists as Therapists81
Ethical Ambiguities in the Practice of Child Clinical Psychology99
Ethical Decision Making and Psychologists' Attitudes Toward Training in Ethics106
Ethical Dilemmas in Psychological Practice: Results of a National Survey110
When Laws and Values Conflict: A Dilemma for Psychologists118
Problems With Ethics Training by "Osmosis"126
Integrating Psychology and Philosophy in Teaching a Graduate Course in Ethics129
Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists132
Introduction to the Special Section: Ethics Education - An Agenda for the '90s135
Ethics and the Professional Practice of Psychologists: The Role of Virtues and Principles140
The Virtue of Principle Ethics145
Navigating the Nuances: A Matrix of Considerations for Ethical-Legal Dilemmas148
Privacy, Confidentiality, and Privilege in Psychotherapeutic Relationships157
Privacy and Confidentiality in Psychotherapy162
Therapists as Protectors and Policemen: New Roles as a Result of Tarasoff?165
Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California (Tarasoff II)167
Some Contrarian Concerns About Law, Psychology, and Public Policy172
Limiting Therapist Exposure to Tarasoff Liability: Guidelines for Risk Containment176
Outpatient Psychotherapy With Dangerous Clients: A Model for Clinical Decision Making183
Confidentiality With Minor Clients: Issues and Guidelines for Therapists190
Reframing the Confidentiality Dilemma to Work in Children's Best Interests195
HIV, Confidentiality, and Duty to Protect: A Decision-Making Model198
Until Death Do Us Part: An Exploration Into Confidentiality Following the Death of a Client203
Multiple Relationships: Does the New Ethics Code Answer the Right Questions?209
The Concept of Boundaries in Clinical Practice: Theoretical and Risk-management Dimensions214
Explicit Ambiguity: The 1992 Ethics Code as an Oxymoron222
Nonromantic, Nonsexual Posttherapy Relationships Between Psychologists and Former Clients: An Exploratory Study of Critical Incidents225
How Certain Boundaries and Ethics Diminish Therapeutic Effectiveness233
Concrete Boundaries and the Problem of Literal-Mindedness: A Response to Lazarus236
The Ethics of Dual Relationships in Higher Education239
Multiple Role Relationships During Internship: Consequences and Recommendations242
The Current State of Sexual Ethics Training in Clinical Psychology: Issues of Quantity, Quality, and Effectiveness246
Avoiding Exploitative Dual Relationships: A Decision-Making Model249
Criminalization of Psychotherapist-Patient Sex252
Remediation for Ethics Violations: Focus on Psychotherapists' Sexual Contact With Clients256
The Validity and the Ethics of Assessment263
The Legal Regulation of School Psychology266
Ethical Issues and Cases in the Practice of Personnel Psychology269
APA's Guidelines for Test User Qualifications: An Executive Summary271
Ethical Issues in Testing and Evaluation for Personnel Decisions276
Detroit Edison Co. v. National Labor Relations Board280
Confidentiality of Industrial Psychological Tests281
Statement on the Disclosure of Test Data283
Strategies for Private Practitioners Coping With Subpoenas or Compelled Testimony for Client Records or Test Data288
Ethical and Professional Considerations in Psychological Assessment293
The Ethical Practice of School Psychology: A Rebuttal and Suggested Model296
Legal Issues in Computerized Psychological Testing300
Computerized Clinical Psychological Test Interpretations: Unvalidated Plus All Mean and No Sigma303
Online Assessment: Desirable or Dangerous?305
Practical and Ethical Issues in Teaching Psychological Testing308
Rights of Clients, Responsibilities of Therapists317
The Responsible Psychotherapist323
Risk Management With the Suicidal Patient: Lessons From Case Law331
Ethical and Legal Considerations in Marital and Family Therapy335
Ethical Issues in Rural Mental Health Practice344
Dual-Relationship Dilemmas of Rural and Small-Community Psychologists347
Guidelines for Therapy With Women353
Guidelines for Psychotherapy With Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients355
Guidelines for Providers of Psychological Services to Ethnic, Linguistic, and Culturally Diverse Populations357
Psychotherapy by Telephone: Risks and Benefits for Psychologists and Consumers362
Ethical and Legal Issues in E-Mail Therapy366
Psychologists' Ethical Responsibilities in Internet-Based Groups: Issues, Strategies, and a Call for Dialogue372
Ethical Perspectives in Clinical Research379
Science and Ethics in Conducting, Analyzing, and Reporting Psychological Research382
Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects390
Empirical Studies of Ethical Issues in Research: A Research Agenda398
Informed Consent for Psychological Research: Do Subjects Comprehend Consent Forms and Understand Their Legal Rights?403
Deception Methods in Psychology: Have They Changed in 23 Years?406
Deception in Research: Distinctions and Solutions From the Perspective of Utilitarianism408
Informed Consent and Deception in Psychotherapy Research: An Ethical Analysis416
Researching Ethically With Human Subjects in Cyberspace420
Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals424
Ethical Issues in the Supervision of Student Research: A Study of Critical Incidents429
Black and White and Shades of Gray: A Portrait of the Ethical Professor436
Use and Then Prove, or Prove and Then Use? Some Thoughts on the Ethics of Mental Health Professionals' Courtroom Involvement445
Reclaiming the Integrity of Science in Expert Witnessing446
When Is an "Expert" an Expert?447
Competence and Quality in the Performance of Forensic Psychologists449
Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce Proceedings456
The Experimental Psychologist in Court: The Ethics of Expert Testimony461
Experimental Psychologist as Advocate or Impartial Educator464
Psychologists and the Judicial System: Broader Perspectives468
Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychologists471
Expert Opinion480
Irreconcilable Conflict Between Therapeutic and Forensic Roles482
Role Conflicts in Coercive Assessments: Evaluation and Recommendations490
Role Conflict in Forensic Clinical Psychology: Reply to Arcaya494
Estelle v. Smith496
Is It Unethical to Offer Predictions of Future Violence?499
Some Contrarian Concerns About Law, Psychology, and Public Policy506
Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc509
On Being Ethical in Legal Places512
The Commerce of Professional Psychology and the New Ethics Code517
Record Keeping Guidelines520
Thorough Record Keeping: A Good Defense in a Litigious Era523
HIPAA: Federal Regulation of Healthcare Records526
APA and the FTC: New Adventures in Consumer Protection529
Legal Liability and Managed Care535
Managed Outpatient Mental Health Plans: Clinical, Ethical, and Practical Guidelines for Participation540
Considerations for Ethical Practice in Managed Care545
Parameters of Managed Mental Health Care: Legal, Ethical, and Professional Guidelines561
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