Ethical Issues in Archaeology / Edition 1

Ethical Issues in Archaeology / Edition 1

by Larry J. Zimmerman

ISBN-10: 0759102716

ISBN-13: 9780759102712

Pub. Date: 05/15/2003

Publisher: AltaMira Press

Edited volume exploring key issues in ethics for archaeologists.  See more details below


Edited volume exploring key issues in ethics for archaeologists.

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AltaMira Press
Publication date:
Society for American Archaeology Series
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6.08(w) x 9.16(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Part I: Where Archaeological Ethics Come From Chapter 4 Chapter 1: On Ethics Chapter 5 Chapter 2: The Development of Ethics in Archaeology Chapter 6 Part II: Responsibilities to the Archaeological Record Chapter 7 Chapter 3: Looting: an International View Chapter 8 Chapter 4: Digging In the Dirt—Ethics and "Low-End Looting" Chapter 9 Chapter 5: The Ethics of Shipwreck Archaeology Chapter 10 Chapter 6: Archaeological Ethics: Museums and Collections Chapter 11 Chapter 7: Cultural Resource Management and the Business of Archaeology Chapter 12 Chapter 8: Archaeological Curation: An Ethical Imperative for the 21st Century Chapter 13 Part III: Responsibilities to Diverse Publics Chapter 14 Chapter 9: Coffee Cans and Folsom Points: Why We Cannot Continue To Ignore the Artifact Collectors Chapter 15 Chapter 10. Archaeological Ethics and American Indians Chapter 16 Chapter 11: Descendant Communities Chapter 17 Chapter 12: Purveyors of the Past: Education and Outreach as Ethical Imperatives in Archaeology Chapter 18 Chapter 13: Ethics and the Media Chapter 19 Chapter 14: In the Spirit of the Code Chapter 20 Part IV. Responsibilities to Colleagues, Employees, and Students Chapter 21 Chapter 15: Safety and the Ethics of Archaeological Fieldwork Chapter 22 Chapter 16: What Are We Really Teaching in Archeological Field Schools? Chapter 23 Chapter 17: Gender Matters—A Question of Ethics Chapter 24 Chapter 18: The Ethics of Research Knowledge Chapter 25 Chapter 19: Creating and Implementing a Code and Standards Chapter 26 Appendix A. Web Sites of Codes of Ethics Chapter 27 References Chapter 28 Index Chapter 29 About the Authors

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