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Ethical Traceability and Communicating Food / Edition 1

Ethical Traceability and Communicating Food / Edition 1

by Christian Coff, David Barling, Michiel Korthals, Thorkild Nielsen

ISBN-10: 1402085230

ISBN-13: 9781402085239

Pub. Date: 08/29/2008

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Traceability – the ability to track a product from farm to plate – is now widely used in the food sector for a range of purposes: it allows companies to improve efficiency, facilitates product recall, and helps producers flag the specific characteristics of their goods. But traceability systems are mainly designed and used by the people directly


Traceability – the ability to track a product from farm to plate – is now widely used in the food sector for a range of purposes: it allows companies to improve efficiency, facilitates product recall, and helps producers flag the specific characteristics of their goods. But traceability systems are mainly designed and used by the people directly involved in the food chain. The people at the end of the food chain – food consumers – have little say in which attributes are traced, and can rarely access the information stored in traceability systems.

This book draws on philosophical discourses (like ethics, political philosophy and philosophy of law) around food ethics and empirical research in three important food chains (UK bread, Danish bacon and Greek olive oil) to argue that ethical traceability systems could be used to communicate food information to consumers, allowing them not only to make food choices consistent with their own values, but also to play a more informed role in the way food is produced and distributed. It will appeal to academics, students and policy makers with an interest in traceability, food ethics and food policy.

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Springer Netherlands
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The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics , #15
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Table of Contents


List of tables and figures


Editors’ Preface


Ethical Traceability and Informed Food Choice

Introduction;The Emergence of traceability in the food chain;Traceability in contemporary food chains;Ethics, traceability and food;Consumers’ ethical concerns;Informed food choice;The plan of the book;References.


Regulation, governance and narrative strategies of food traceability

The European Union and the regulation of food traceability: from risk management to informed choice?

EU governance and its review;U regulation of traceability;The reform of food safety regulation and food law in the EU: risk management and traceability as control;Food traceability as a relational tool for information, communication and participation;References.

Governing and governance in the agri-food sector and traceability

From governing to governance;Agri-food governance: the interaction of public and private forms Multi-level governance of food and agriculture;The international governance of agri-food traceability;Conclusion: the governance contexts for realizing ethical traceability;References.

Narrative strategies in food advertising

Introduction;Four possible narrative strategies of food advertising;Empirical research into narrative strategies used in Italian and Spanish journals;Narratives and advertising strategies;Implications of advertising strategies for ethical traceability;Conclusion;References.


Ethical Traceability in three food supply chains: case studies of Danish bacon, UK wheat-bread and Greek olive oil

Ethical traceability in the bacon supply chain

Introduction;The Danish pork chain;Danish bacon;Ethical concerns in the pork sector;Traceability and ethical traceability in the chain;Stakeholders’ and consumers’ response to ethical concerns;Communication in the chain;Discussion of findings;References.

Ethical traceability in the UK wheat-flour-bread chain

Introduction;Wheat into bread: overview of a mature, complex supply chain;Traceability in the chain, and its ethical dimensions;Perspectives on ethical concerns along the chain;Information and communication along the chain;Some conclusions for ethical traceability;References.

Traceability and ethical traceability in the Greek olive oil chain

Introduction;The Greek olive oil chain;Traceability and ethical traceability in the olive oil chain;Ethical concerns along the olive oil chain;Conclusions on traceability and on ethical traceability in the olive oil chain;References.


Ethical Traceability and its philosophical implications for civil society, market, state and democracy

Challenges of ethical traceability to the public-private divide

Introduction: the challenge of ethical traceability.Informed food choice;Seven approaches to public, private and civil society;Seven responses to ethical traceability;Situating informed food choice between public and private spheres;Conclusion;References.

Traceability of animal welfare: market or state, good or right?

Introduction;Concerns about animal welfare;Right and good;Animal ethics from comprehensive liberal perspectives;Animal ethics from a political liberal perspective: towards an overlapping consensus on how to treat animals;Conclusion;References.

Consumer rights to food ethical traceability

Inroduction;Some basic liberal distinctions;Traceability of food safety;Overlapping and non-overlapping food values;A cynical and constructive response to empowerment;Conclusion;References;

Ethical Traceability and Ethical Room for Manoeuvre

Introduction: the increase and dynamics of consumer concerns;hree types of consumer concerns;Multi-interpretable, conflicting (‘dilemmatic’) and dynamic character of consumer concerns;Ethical room for manoeuvre;ERM and ethical traceability;Three types of traceability;Types of ethical room for manoeuvre;Conclusion;References.

Interpreting Traceability: Improving the Democratic Quality of Traceability

‘The trace’, ‘to trace’ and ‘traceability’;Interpreting traceability;Conclusion;References.


Conclusions and outlook

Communicating ethical traceability

Introduction;Recent discussions on communication strategies;One-way information strategies;Participatory strategies;Implications for communicating ethical traceability;Conclusion;References.

Annex 1 Enabling consumer involvement through information and communication technologies (ICT)

Conclusions and Policy Options

Findings from the food supply chain case studies;Conclusions from philosophical investigations;Risks of implementing ethical traceability;Recommendations and policy options for Ethical Traceability;Ethical Traceability as a communication tool.


Two Political Speeches: Consumers’ Informed Choice and Ethical Traceability

Consumers’ Informed Choice

Food labelling;Food claims;Traceability;Animal welfare;

‘Just deserts’: Ethics, Quality and Traceability in EU Agricultural and Food Policy

Food quality;European Union's common agricultural policy;Organic farming and food production;Geographical indications.


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