Ethnicity, Class, Gender and Migration: Greek Cypriots in Britain

Ethnicity, Class, Gender and Migration: Greek Cypriots in Britain

by Floya Anthias

ISBN-10: 1856280381

ISBN-13: 9781856280389

Pub. Date: 12/28/1992

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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Research in Ethnic Relations Series
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1The Migration and Settlement of Greek-Cypriots in Britain1
The Migration and Settlement of Greek-Cypriots in Britain4
Ethnic Settlement and Concentration8
Ch. 2Current Issues in the Sociology of Ethnicity and Race10
The Concept of Ethnic Group and the Question of Ethnicity11
Race and Ethnic Categories13
John Rex and the Race Relations Problematic16
Theorisations of Race and Class17
Migrant Labour as a Class Fraction19
Race as Ideological20
Race and Class Formation21
Central Problems23
Towards a Theoretical Framework for Theorising Ethnicity and Racism - the Construct of Ethnos24
The Construct of Ethnos and Connecting Race and Ethnic Phenomena26
Race and Racisms30
Ch. 3Contextualising Greek-Cypriots in Economic and Ethnic Relations in Cyprus33
Sect. IThe Economic Context34
Sect. IIThe Development of Ethnicity in Cyprus38
Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot Relations38
The Development of Nationalism40
Constitutional Factors in the Development of Ethnicity41
Enosis - The form of Greek-Cypriot Nationalism42
Ethnic Conflict44
Constitutional Factors in the Growth of Ethnic Conflict46
Greek-Cypriot Ethnicity - Concluding Remarks49
Ch. 4Exclusion and Opportunity51
Greek-Cypriots and Self-employment55
Cypriot Employment and Migrant Labour Theories60
Housing and Class Position66
Educational Disadvantage68
Ethnic Discrimination72
Ch. 5Gender Divisions, the Family and Ethnic Processes77
Introduction - Migrant and Ethnic Minority Women in Britain77
Women in Cyprus79
The Concept of Honour - Femininity and Masculinity82
The Dowry House84
Women's Economic Participation and Sexual Divisions in Cyprus86
Greek-Cypriot Women in Britain88
Sexual Divisions and the Ethnic Boundary91
Ch. 6Women's Work: Ethnicity and Class95
Ethnic Minority Women and Work95
Cypriot Women and Work99
Women and the 'Ethnic Economy' - The Clothing Industry101
Ch. 7Cultural Identity and the Politics of Ethnicity109
Greek-Cypriot Ethnicity in Britain112
Ethnic Identity116
Ethnic Identity and Generational Differences118
British-born Cypriots and Ethnicity120
Language and Ethnicity - Struggles Around Language125
Political Organisations127
The Greek-Cypriot Press in London130
Identity Politics and Ethnic Provision130
Class Divisions Within the Greek-Cypriot Community132
Ethnic Organisation and the Question of Class134
Ch. 8Conclusion137
Appendix I141
Appendix II145

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