Ethnicity, Social Mobility, and Public Policy: Comparing the USA and UK

Ethnicity, Social Mobility, and Public Policy: Comparing the USA and UK

by Glenn C. Loury

The first book to provide a comparative analysis of social mobility in the US and the UK.See more details below


The first book to provide a comparative analysis of social mobility in the US and the UK.

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Introduction Glenn C. Loury, Tariq Modood and Steven M. Teles; Part I. Historical Overviews: 1. Ruling an empire, governing a multi-national state: the impact of Britain's historical legacy on the ethno-racial regime Mary Hickman; 2. American diversity and the 2000 Census Nathan Glazer; 3. Four modes of ethno-somatic stratification: the experience of blacks in Europe and the Americas Orlando Patterson; Part II. Informal Social Networks: 4. Ethnicity as social capital: community-based institutions and embedded networks of social relations Min Zhou; 5. Intergenerational mobility and racial inequality in education and earnings Linda Loury; 6. Social integration and social mobility: spatial segregation and intermarriage of the Caribbean population in Britain Ceri Peach; 7. Ghettos and the transmission of ethnic capital David Cutler, Edward Glaeser and Jacob Vigdor; 8. Family formulation in multi-cultural Britain: diversity and change Richard Berthoud; Part III. Formal Structures: 9. Educational progress for African Americans and Latinos in the United States from the 1950s to the 1990s: the interaction of ancestry and class Michael Hout; 10. The educational attainments of ethnic minorities in Britain Tariq Modood; 11. Why America's black-white school achievement gap persists Ronald Ferguson; 12. Networks and niches: the continuing significance of ethnic connections Roger Waldinger; 13. Non-white origins, anglo destinations: immigrants in the US and Britain Suzanne Model; 14. Ethnic differences in the British labor market: the role of education and social class origins Anthony Heath and Dorren McMahon; 15. Ethnic minorities, employment, self-employment and social mobility in post-war Britain Vaughan Robinson and Rina Valeny; Part IV. Political Institutions and Processes: 16. Ethnicity and political mobilisation in Britain Tariq Modood; 17. Political institutions and minority mobility in the United States Peter Skerry; 18. Race, state and policy: the development of employment discrimination policy in the United States and Britain Robert Lieberman; 19. Regime effects: ethnicity, social mobility and public policy in the US and Britain Steven M. Teles, Robert Mickey and Fawzia Ahmed; Part V. Normative Analysis: 20. Race, inequality and justice in the United States: some social-philosophic reflections Glenn C. Loury; 21. Achieving racial equality Bhikhu Parekh.

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