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Ethoexperimental Approaches to the Study of Behavior / Edition 1

Ethoexperimental Approaches to the Study of Behavior / Edition 1

by Robert J. Blanchard, Paul Brain, D. Caroline Blanchard, Stefano Parmigiani

ISBN-10: 0792302966

ISBN-13: 9780792302964

Pub. Date: 07/31/1989

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, II Ciocco, Italy, July 11-22, 1988


Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, II Ciocco, Italy, July 11-22, 1988

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Nato Science Series D: (closed) , #48
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

One: Introduction.- Ethology and Experimental Psychology: From Confrontation to Partnership.- Two: Foraging, Feeding and Reactions to Distasteful Prey.- Studies of Learning and Memory in Natural Contexts: Integrating Functional and Mechanistic Approaches to Behavior.- Laboratory Studies of Naturally-Occurring Feeding Behaviors: Pitfalls, Progress and Problems in Ethoexperimental Analysis.- Time Horizons and Foraging Decisions: Reciprocal Contributions from Behavioral Ecology and Experimental Psychology.- Studying Warning Signals in the Laboratory.- Ethoexperimental Analysis of the Response of Young Chicks to Warningly-Colored Prey.- Three: Defensive Behavior.- An Ethoexperimental Approach to the Study of Defense.- Adaptive Interactions of Rats with Dangerous Inanimate Objects: Support for a Cognitive Theory of Defensive Behavior.- The Adaptive Function of Conditioned Defensive Behavior: An Ecological Approach to Pavlovian Stimulus-Substitution Theory.- Acquired Behaviors; Aversive Learning.- Midbrain Localization of Cell Bodies Involved in the Mediation of Intraspecific Defensive Reactions in the Rat.- Population Differences in Minnow Anti-Predator Behavior.- Four: Stress.- Controllability and Predictability of Stress.- Ethoexperimental Analysis of Stress, Contextual Odors, and Defensive Behaviors.- Behavioral Coping in Chronic Stress Conditions.- Is Electroshock of Utility in Ethoexperimental Tests?.- Ethoexperimental Analysis of ‘Stress’ Analgesia.- Five: Sex and Parenting Behavior.- Choosy Fishes: Mating and Related Issues.- Ethology in the Laboratory: Reproductive Behavior with Special Reference to Maternal Care Among the Mammals.- A Revised View of the Multisensory Control of Maternal Behaviour in Rats: Critical Role of Tactile Inputs.- Influences of Parity (Numbers of Parturitions) on Maternal Behavior and Reproductive Physiology in Rodents.- Mating-Induced Regulation of Infanticide in Male Mice: Fetal Programming of a Unique Stimulus-Response.- Six: Fighting: Offensive and Defensive Behaviors in Conspecific Encounters.- Offensive Behavior as a Prototype for Ethoexperimental Analysis.- Fighting: the Problem of Selecting Appropriate Behavior Patterns.- Offence and Defence and the Assessment of Fighting Ability by Domestic Pigs.- Experimental and Ethological Aspects of Maternal Aggression in Rats: Five Years of Observations.- Social Organization of Experimental Unisex Colonies of Male and Female Rabbits (Oryctolagus Cuniculus).- Social Dominance and Response to a Natural Predator by Rats Selectively Bred for Differences in Shuttle-Box Avoidance Learning.- Ethoexperimental Analysis of Different Forms of Intraspecific Aggression in the House Mouse (Mus Musculus).- Seven: Neurochemical and Pharmacological Influences on Behavior.- Studies on Neurochemistry and Behavior.- The Ethopharmacological Study of Drug Induced Changes in Behaviour.- An Ethopharmacological Study of the Effects of Three Neuroleptics (Haloperidol, Clozapine and Sulpiride) on Aggressive Encounters in Male Mice.- Some Further Ethoexperimental Studies of the Anti-Aggressive Drug Fluprazine Hydrochloride.- Etho-Experimental Studies of Similarities and Differences in Male and Female Agonistics Behaviour.- Models of Mother-Infant Interactions — Their use to Screen for Psychotropic Activity.- Neurochemistry and Behavior: Differential Postweaning Housing and Catecholamines.- Eight: Hormones and Behavior.- An Ethoexperimental Approach to Behavioral Endocrinology.- Interactions of Androgens and Estrogens in the Modulation of Social Behavior in Male Songbirds.- Role of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor in Mediating the Expression of Defensive Behavior.- Nine: Ecology and Behavior.- A Method to Test for Changes During Behavioral Sequences Applied to two Rodent Species (Mus Domesticus and M. Spretus).- The Ecology of Wild Rats: Applications in the Laboratory.- Field Experiments and Observations on Homing and Territoriality in Intertidal Blennies.- Studies on Reptiles in the Laboratory and Field.- Behavioral and Morphological Adaptations of the Lizard Lacerta Lepida to Particular Environmental Constraints.- Evolutionary Stability and the Laboratory Assessment of Behavior: The Role of the Go-Between.- Ten: Methodological and Theoretical Considerations.- Ethology in the Laboratory: Behavioral Development in Selective Altricial Newborn Among the Mammals.- Some Operant Misengineering of Behavior.- Experimental Evidence of Social Recognition in Domestic Fowl: Learning or Habituation?.- What is a Valuable Ethological Experiment?.- Contributions of Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences to Behavior Genetics.

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