Eucharistic Mystery: Revitalizing the Tradition

Eucharistic Mystery: Revitalizing the Tradition

by David Noel Power

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Power (systematic theology, Catholic Univ. of America) has written extensively on the Eucharist, always combining the skill of a scholar with a pastoral concern. His aim is to renew the celebration of the Eucharist by bringing it into closer contact with contemporary culture. Examining three key periods in the development of the tradition--the New Testament era, the time just before the Council of Nicaea, and the age of Thomas Aquinas--Power shows how the celebration of the Eucharist has always responded to the cultural milieu. While he has obvious biases, they derive from a careful study of the tradition. A clear writer, Power shows wide reading and an understanding of the literature. While scholarly, his writing is accessible to the lay reader and the ecumenically sensitive.-- Augustine J. Curley, Newark Abbey, Newark, N.J
Mary Deeley
Power has written a scholarly book on eucharistic tradition designed to restore some of the sacredness of that tradition to a Roman Catholic church that has moved away from it. To accomplish this, Power examines three key periods in the development of eucharistic tradition--the New Testament, the pre-Nicene church, and the later Middle Ages. Afterward, he explores ways in which the Eucharist might become a center of prayer in the present day. Power's fairly academic approach will not appeal to some readers; he does, however, have some wonderful suggestions for making the Eucharist vital to contemporary Christians. These include listening to and respecting the people who gather to celebrate as well as the tradition from which the celebration has come. The book will be a good addition to large or specifically Catholic religion collections. Theological libraries will find it helpful as well.

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