Euler and Modern Science

Euler and Modern Science

by N. N. Bogolyubov

Explore Euler's extraordinary contribution to pure mathematics and beyond, in areas such as astronomy and music.See more details below


Explore Euler's extraordinary contribution to pure mathematics and beyond, in areas such as astronomy and music.

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Mathematical Association of America
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The MAA Tercentenary Euler Celebration Series
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6.90(w) x 10.10(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction; Translator's note; From the editors; 1. Opening speech of the symposium 'Modern Developments of Euler's Ideas' October 24, 1983 A. P. Aleksandrov; 2. Leonhard Euler: his life and work A. P. Yushkevich; 3. Leonhard Euler, active and honored member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences Yu. Kh. Kopelevich; 4. The part played by the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (the Academy of Sciences of the USSR) in the publication of Euler's collected works E. P. Ozhigova; 5. Leonhard Euler and the Berlin Academy of Sciences K. Grau; 6. Was Leonhard Euler driven from Berlin by J. H. Lambert? K.-R. Biermann; 7. Euler's mathematical notebooks E. Knobloch; 8. On Euler's surviving manuscripts and notebooks G. P. Matvievskaya; 9. The manuscript materials of Euler on number theory G. P. Matvievskaya and E. P. Ozhigova; 10. Euler's contribution to algebra I. G. Bashmakova; 11. Diophantine equations in Euler's works T. A. Lavrinenko; 12. The foundations of mechanics and hydrodynamics in Euler's works G. K. Mikhaĭlov and L. I. Sedov; 13. Leonhard Euler and the variational principles of mechanics V. V. Rumyantsev; 14. Leonhard Euler and the mechanics of elastic systems N. V. Banichuk and A. Yu. Ishlinskiĭ; 15. Euler's research in mechanics during the first Petersburg period N. N. Polyakhov; 16. The significance of Euler's research in ballistics A. P. Mandryka; 17. Euler and the development of astronomy in Russia V. K. Abalakin and E. A. Grebenikov; 18. Euler and the evolution of celestial mechanics N. I. Nevskaya and K. V. Kholshevnikov; 19. New evidence concerning Euler's development as an astronomer and historian of science N. I. Nevskaya; 20. Leonhard Euler in correspondence with Clairaut, d'Alembert and Lagrange A. P. Yushkevich and R. Taton; 21. Letters to a German Princess and Euler's physics A. T. Grigor'ian and V. S. Kirsanov; 22. Euler and I. P. Kulibin N. M. Raskin; 23. Euler and the history of a certain musical-mathematical idea E. V. Gertsman; 24. Euler's music-rheoretical manuscripts and the formation of his conception of the theory of music S. S. Tserlyuk-Askadskaya; 25. An unknown portrait of Euler by J. F. A. Darbés G. B. Andreeva and M. P. Vikturina; 26. Eulogy in memory of Leonhard Euler Nikolaĭ Fuss; 27. Leonhard Euler's family and descendants I. R. Gekker and A. A. Euler; Index.

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