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by James Farr, Alfa Robbi

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Evie's father, Dr. Richard Wymond, a preeminent nano-biologist, is locked in a nearly five-year struggle to devise an advanced superhuman to send as a delegate into space, as requested by the mechanized emissaries sent five years earlier. Dr. Wymond has created the ZETTA serum, which, in a solitary lab rat, creates nanoscopic machines that interact with the body on an atomic level, weakened only by electromagnetic force. With five hours to go before the emissaries return to retrieve the delegate, Dr. Wymond learns that all of the candidates have been assassinated, and he must inject himself with the serum and travel into space. On the way to a rare visit with her father, Evie and her mother are slammed by a diesel truck, leaving Evie on the brink of death. In a split-second decision, Dr. Wymond injects his daughter with the serum, and, like the Bionic Woman, she is saved from death, but with side effects. Seventeen years old and superhuman, she boards the alien ship and serves as Earth's delegate to an intergalactic congress. Both the story line and graphics more closely resemble a traditional superhero comic (Batman , Superman , etc.) than manga. Featuring intergalactic politics last seen in Star Wars (Dark Horse), including one creature whose lingo is suspiciously Yoda-esque, eV should appeal to middle school readers. As Evie is both brainy and beautiful, both male and female readers should enjoy this highly readable graphic novel.-Sarah Krygier, Solano County Library, Fairfield, CA

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11 - 17 Years

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