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by Angélique Kidjo

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Eve is Beninese singer/songwriter Angélique Kidjo's first recording in nearly four years. Its title is inspired literally by her mother Yvonne's nickname, and metaphorically for the Judeo-Christian heritage's first woman. It is "dedicated to the women of Africa: to their resilience and their beauty." Produced by Patrick Dillett, the


Eve is Beninese singer/songwriter Angélique Kidjo's first recording in nearly four years. Its title is inspired literally by her mother Yvonne's nickname, and metaphorically for the Judeo-Christian heritage's first woman. It is "dedicated to the women of Africa: to their resilience and their beauty." Produced by Patrick Dillett, the album was recorded in the U.S., France, Luxembourg, and Africa. The cast of musicians is stellar: Lionel Loueke and Dominic James on guitars, Steve Jordan on drums, Christian McBride on bass, and Jean Hébrail on programming and arrangements, plus a slew of percussionists and keyboardists and a horn section. Guests include Rostam Batmagli (Vampire Weekend), Dr. John, Bernie Worrell, Nigerian singer ASA, the Kronos Quartet, Steven Bernstein, Stuart Bogie, and, on the sweeping, nearly transcendent "Awalole," the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg. This is no ordinary "world fusion" exercise. This is a modern pop record whose roots and rhythms are deep in African, Caribbean, and Latin traditions. After recording these tracks, Kidjo went to Africa with a six-track tape recorder and captured eight Beninese women's choirs in a variety of languages, Cotonou's fabulous Trio Teriba, and the Merti Samburu choir from Kenya, who are featured on "M'baamba (Kenyan Song)," a traditional song given a cooking, punchy modern arrangement full of whomping, entwined low-end basses, intricate guitar lines, and soaring organ. "Shango Wa" is boiling Afro-funk with swirling organ, hyperkinetic basslines, waves of rolling drums, nasty wah-wah guitar, and a women's choir soaring to meet Kidjo's propulsive vocal. The ballad "Blewu" is a stripped-down guitar-and-voice duet with countryman Loueke. "Bomba" -- one of two tracks featuring Batmagli on guitar -- is an ebullient call-and-response number where sky-scorching B-3, careening funky bass, and lyrical guitars surround the choir and Kidjo, who adds a soul tinge to her delivery, creating an irresistible contrast. "Kulumbu" is a folk song that jumps with Dr. John's pumping NOLA R&B piano. "Ebile," with Kronos, is one of the more unusual arrangements here, but because of its timbre, melody, vocal style, and raw polyrhythmic layers, feels nearly traditional. Another stunner is "Bana," where Kidjo sings with her mother and a choir as highlife, Beninese folk and pop, and Caribbean rhythms all come together infectiously. The driving Afro-Cuban funk in "Orisha," with its dirty keyboard bass and popping horns, is low-down and celebratory. Dillett's production is brilliant. He seamlessly weaves together the polished, pristine sounds of modern pop with organic sounds and textures, and captures the boundless energy of it all as if it were live. There are several milestones in Kidjo's nearly 30-year recording career; Eve is certainly one of them.

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429 Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Angélique Kidjo   Primary Artist
Dr. John   Piano
Bernie Worrell   Organ
Jerry Barnes   Bass
Hank Dutt   Viola
Romero Lubambo   Acoustic Guitar
Christian McBride   Bass
John Sherba   Violin
Mark de Gli Antoni   Keyboards
Sunny Yang   Cello
Mauro Refosco   Percussion
Bahnamous Lee Bowie   Keyboards
Steve Jordan   Drums
Asa   Vocals
Stuart Bogie   Saxophone
Massimo Biolcati   Bass
Lionel Loueke   Guitar
Benoît Avihoue   Percussion
Crespin Kpitiki   Percussion
David Harrington   Violin
Jared Tankel   Baritone Saxophone
Gast Waltzing   Conductor
Magatte Sow   Percussion
Joao Mota   Guitar
Tuelo Minah   Background Vocals
Thomas Barlett   Keyboards
Dominic James   Bass,Guitar
Steve Bernstein   Trumpet
Dave Smoota Smith   Trombone
Miwanonvi Choir   Choir, Chorus
Mivressou Mahounan   Choir, Chorus
Metchi Leontine   Choir, Chorus
Merti Samburu Choir   Choir, Chorus
Medagbe Chadjehouin   Choir, Chorus
Manu Agossou   Bass
Manoutche Rose   Choir, Chorus
Mahougbo Emma   Choir, Chorus
Lokossou Elisabeth   Choir, Chorus
Libanio Moyibath   Choir, Chorus
Libanio Idamath   Choir, Chorus
Libanio Falifah   Choir, Chorus
Libanio Ayissah   Choir, Chorus
Libanio Adidja   Choir, Chorus
Kpodo Celestine   Choir, Chorus
Kpatoukpa Agnes   Choir, Chorus
Kouvo Odile   Choir, Chorus
Kossilate Choir   Choir, Chorus
Kopdeme Julienne   Choir, Chorus
Kogbona Alimath   Choir, Chorus
Kledje Abla Romaine   Choir, Chorus
Kekereina Rahinatou   Choir, Chorus
Kedagni Delphine   Choir, Chorus
Justia Kelador   Choir, Chorus
Josapha Hounmou   Drums
Jocelyne Kouessiba   Choir, Chorus
Jessounoukon Choir   Choir, Chorus
Ila Clementine   Choir, Chorus
Ifedoun Choir   Choir, Chorus
Ibitayo Choir   Choir, Chorus
Hounye Lucienne   Choir, Chorus
Hounto Christine   Choir, Chorus
Hounkponou Eugenie   Choir, Chorus
Hounkandji Severine   Choir, Chorus
Houngbo Marie   Choir, Chorus
Houndayi Celine   Choir, Chorus
Houeto Catherine   Choir, Chorus
Houahito Eugenie   Choir, Chorus
Hodonou Anita   Choir, Chorus
Hazoume Lucienne   Choir, Chorus
Gomoulo Agathe   Choir, Chorus
Gnahoui Romaine   Choir, Chorus
Gboyou Yvette   Choir, Chorus
Gboyou Victorine   Choir, Chorus
Gbessi Therese   Choir, Chorus
Gbessi Noubouli   Choir, Chorus
Fernando Aminath   Choir, Chorus
Fellodi Ayenidje   Choir, Chorus
Fantodji Amandine   Choir, Chorus
Fando Philomene   Choir, Chorus
Eki Solange   Choir, Chorus
Dovi Elisabeth   Choir, Chorus
Donouvossi Basilia   Choir, Chorus
Djossou Veronique   Choir, Chorus
Djomou Marie   Choir, Chorus
Djivoh Angele   Choir, Chorus
Djidonou Monique   Choir, Chorus
Djaho Navi   Choir, Chorus
Djaho Adelaide   Choir, Chorus
Deguenon-Vo Gamou Tien   Choir, Chorus
Dato Medomin   Choir, Chorus
Dato Grace   Choir, Chorus
Dato Edith   Choir, Chorus
Danon Odette   Choir, Chorus
Danon Marie   Choir, Chorus
Dandji Victorine   Choir, Chorus
Chankouin Constantine   Choir, Chorus
Chacran Mouninatou   Choir, Chorus
Boya Yoyo   Choir, Chorus
Bognon Fernande   Choir, Chorus
Bobonyon Choir   Choir, Chorus
Beakou Charlotte   Choir, Chorus
Beakou Adjideva Elisa   Choir, Chorus
Balogou Silifath   Choir, Chorus
Attaligbo Adidjath   Choir, Chorus
Amoussou Ablavi   Choir, Chorus
Amandjikpe Euloge   Choir, Chorus
Allomafan Bernadette   Choir, Chorus
Allihan Mariette   Choir, Chorus
Alagbe Sekinath   Choir, Chorus
Alagbe Dessinatou   Choir, Chorus
Aladja Salamatou   Choir, Chorus
Akplogan Juliette   Choir, Chorus
Ahoton Justine   Choir, Chorus
Ahizonou Assamaton   Choir, Chorus
Ahissou Tatiana   Choir, Chorus
Ahissou Carine   Choir, Chorus
Agli Catherine   Choir, Chorus
Agboton Florence   Choir, Chorus
Agbodji Jeanne   Choir, Chorus
Affo Wouramath   Choir, Chorus
Adjaossou Miamnou   Choir, Chorus
Achade Djelissatou   Choir, Chorus
Abogourin Zekiath   Choir, Chorus
Zossoungbo Rosine   Choir, Chorus
Zannou Yvette   Choir, Chorus
Yokpo Cariole   Choir, Chorus
Yelognisse Choir   Choir, Chorus
Yedjenou Chantal   Choir, Chorus
Vo Hounkpevi   Choir, Chorus
Tsholo Mokubung   Background Vocals
Trio Teriba   Choir, Chorus
Toudonou Aline   Choir, Chorus
Tingougoui Bernadette   Choir, Chorus
Tchokki Julienne   Choir, Chorus
Sowanou Delphine   Choir, Chorus
Sossoungbo Genevieve   Choir, Chorus
Some Yeyime   Choir, Chorus
Sogbossi Zihoue   Choir, Chorus
Sogba Zenabou   Choir, Chorus
Sodji Labichi Justine   Choir, Chorus
Sindagbe Philomene   Choir, Chorus
Rostan Batmaglij   Guitar,Keyboards
Orou Koudiratou   Choir, Chorus
Oke Julienne   Choir, Chorus
Oke Doukpe   Choir, Chorus
Odoulami Bibiane   Choir, Chorus
Noukpliguidi Bella   Choir, Chorus
Nodeme Choir   Choir, Chorus
Niki Lydia   Choir, Chorus
N'Touhou Ouintchi   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Patrick Dillett   Producer,Engineer
Jean Hébrail   Arranger,Composer,Programming
Angélique Kidjo   Composer,Adaptation
Stewart Lerman   Engineer
Kevin Morris   Management
Terri Winston   Engineer
Chris Simon   Engineer
Bella Bellow   Composer
Jacob Garchik   String Arrangements
Traditional   Composer
Laura Dean   Engineer
Jack Rovner   Management
Ted Kurland   Booking
Paul Ritter   Art Direction
Gast Waltzing   Arranger
Laurent Dupuy   Engineer
Bukola Elemide   Composer
Fred Gluzman   Booking
Sabine Girbeau   Booking
Gerard Fanouvi   Engineer
Fadar So   Composer
Clementine Bunel   Booking
Veronique Kolasa   Producer,Art Direction
Oscar Kidjo   Engineer

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