Every Girl's Secret Fantasy

Every Girl's Secret Fantasy

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by Robyn Grady

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Mechanic Pace Brodrick has stepped straight out of prim Phoebe's wildest fantasy—oil slicked and dangerously sexy, he's her perfect Mr. Right Now! Phoebe's long overdue on some excitement—and Pace's wicked smile guarantees she'll have the thrill of her life!

Then Pace discovers the temptress behind Phoebe's good-girl facade! She drives him


Mechanic Pace Brodrick has stepped straight out of prim Phoebe's wildest fantasy—oil slicked and dangerously sexy, he's her perfect Mr. Right Now! Phoebe's long overdue on some excitement—and Pace's wicked smile guarantees she'll have the thrill of her life!

Then Pace discovers the temptress behind Phoebe's good-girl facade! She drives him wild—but will she want their fling to last forever when she discovers Pace has been lying to her all along? For this bad boy is actually a secret millionaire….

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Rogues & Rebels , #2
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Knees gone weak, Phoebe Moore drank in the sight of two bronzed arms angling down over a well-packed T-shirt and large masculine hands raising its black interlock hem. Unaware of his company, the man dragged the shirt up over his head. At the same time Phoebe's throat thickened and her mouth went bone-dry. After a criminally toned abdomen and broad chest were revealed, he bunched the shirt into a ball and set about towelling all that premium meat and muscle.

Phoebe released a quivering sigh.

No wonder Brodricks Prestige Cars' slogan was "The Thrill of Your Life".

Dynamic, charming, all gloriously packaged in the body of a sex god, the man in question—the delectable Pace Davis—was Brodricks' lead technical adviser and resident chief mechanic. That chest, those jeans… The vision standing before her was enough to reduce Phoebe to a creamy puddle. But the best part—as well as the worst—was his sultry air of mystery. The three times she and Pace had met he'd seemed interested in details of her life, but had been curiously elusive about his own.

She could guess why.

At the far end of the otherwise deserted Sydney workshop, Pace swiped the shirt down one trunk of an arm and up the other. As he gave his delectably dewy chest another chamois, sensing a presence, he glanced over and gifted her a smile—a particularly sensual lopsided grin. Air eased from Phoebe's lungs as, moving to join her, Pace ruffled his inky-black hair into a tousled style.

That was how he'd look in the mornings, she decided, hugging her clip-folder close. Slightly dishevelled and completely desirable.

When the heat racing through her veins pooled and contracted low in her belly, Phoebe hauled herself back and drew up tall. Time to remember how late she'd stayed up the previous night making that list—her dare-to-be-bold, nothing-left-out wish list. The first point was underlined in red:

Reclaim my sexuality… Find Mr Right Now!

In one sense, dreamy Pace Davis was the perfect candidate. The friction that zapped between them would explode like two sticks of lit dynamite if they ever transferred their physical attraction to the bedroom. But taking that plunge with Pace would never happen, and for three very good reasons.

Phoebe tried to remember those reasons now, as Pace's electric blue gaze combed her shoulders, her hips, while that mouthwatering bare chest rolled to a stop a mere foot away. His eyes locked on hers, and his square jaw shifted before that rich, deep voice rumbled out.

"Well, well, if it isn't Miss Phoebe Moore." His brows swooped together. "But wait…there's something different about you."

Phoebe's face flushed hot. Different? Was it the spot on her chin?

"It's there in your eyes," he went on, and that wicked smile curved his mouth again. "It's finally happened. You've had a change of heart and want me to take you home."

Perhaps it was that honey-over-gravel voice, the smouldering intensity in his eyes, or the basic shocking truth in that line that almost undid her. Actually, it was all three—but no way would she tell Pace Davis that.

The first and biggest reason she wasn't going there with Pace was due to the fact they knew each other through work. After a failed office affair, Phoebe was acutely aware of the pitfalls that could follow mixing business with pleasure. Pace Davis, on the other hand, suffered no such reservation. On the first night they'd met, at a sponsorship cocktail party, he'd been dressed in a tuxedo and with seduction on his mind. He'd let her know with his eyes and subtle gestures that he wanted her. More to the point, he intended to have her. It was simply a matter of time.

Or so he thought.

Finding her strength, Phoebe lifted her chin. "No change of heart, Pace." She managed a casual shrug. "I don't think you're what I need right now."

Tipping close, his warm breath stirred her hair. "Wouldn't it be fun to find out for sure?"

When he rocked back, sexual awareness tugged her along like the drag from the Starship Enterprise. But Phoebe dug in her heels and reminded herself of the second reason she refused to cross that line with this near irresistible man.

Aside from Brodricks Prestige Cars having corporate connections with Goldmar Studios, the production house she worked for, Pace was a player…the kind of instinctively seductive male who didn't need to brag about his exploits but made no excuses for pursuing and then enjoying what he caught. The night they'd met he'd been lapping up the company of a gaggle of admiring women. She'd bet the only reason he'd lost interest in the others and set his sights on her was because she hadn't batted her lashes and immediately fallen at his feet. The second time they'd met, at a similar function, it had been the same story. Lots of women hanging off his every word. Pace in his element. That was evidence enough for her.

Certainly if she followed her list and found "Mr Right Now" she would be embarking on an intimate relationship with someone who may or may not be The One, but taking control of your fate was a far cry from agreeing to become another notch on some playboy's bedpost. The latter scenario cut way too close to the mistake her mother had made, and had ultimately paid dearly for.

Her young daughter, too.

On the other hand…Pace was certainly amusing, and a bit of harmless teasing never hurt anyone.

"I guess it would be fun to find out," she admitted, and when his blue eyes flashed added sweetly, "You'll be the first to know if I change my mind."

No smile this time. Rather, he stepped into her personal space and, when her neck tipped back, angled his head achingly close to hers. The heat of his body burrowed into her skin, making her tingle and feel entirely, dangerously out of her depth.

"Know what I love about you, Phoebe?" he growled in a low, entrancing voice that sent her heart and mind racing. "Your ability to avoid the unavoidable."

Flames licked up her limbs, across her breasts, over and between her legs. Pace's potency this minute was so close, so lethal, she could barely get enough air. Another few seconds—another inch or two—and his mouth would drop over hers. Time to get back on track, before the scrap of sanity she still possessed snapped and she surrendered completely.

Siphoning in a quiet breath, she slid one foot back— enough to put adequate distance between them and shortcircuit the sizzling connection.

"The desk manager said I'd find you out here." She was thankful her voice wasn't thick. "I've come to collect my car."

A measure of light flickered back up in his darkened eyes before he relented and slowly drew away. With a languid stride, he headed for a row of lockers. Game over…for the moment.

"Ah, yes," he said, stuffing the black T-shirt into a locker. "Your new 6 Series coupé. A contemporary beauty, with a world of simmering power just begging to be released."

She grinned at his subtext as he flicked her a devilish look and retrieved a fresh white replacement. After he'd slipped the shirt over his head and covered his CinemaScope chest, she sussed out the shop. So where was the BMW? She checked her watch. The sponsorship agreement said five p.m.

"I have the right date, don't I?"

"Don't worry," he told her. "We're not reneging on our agreement. Along with the advertising dollars we spend with your network, the president of the company is eager to provide a Brodricks prestige vehicle for the star of Goldmar Productions' latest ratings winner for personal use for one year." But then he cocked his head and gave his ear a tug. "Unfortunately we learned late this afternoon we won't have the car until Monday."

Phoebe's heart fell.

Perfect. Because of this deal she'd gone ahead and advertised her own early model car. It had gone to its new owners this morning. If she didn't have the sponsorship vehicle, she was without wheels. No problem normally, but this weekend it mattered.

A lot.

She took her thumbnail from her mouth. "What time Monday?"

A half-serious line creased his brow. "Were you planning on taking an extended test drive this weekend?"

Something like that. "I need to get to my hometown tomorrow. It's a speck on the map." And a six-hour round trip from Sydney.

Her Aunt Meg was due back from her most recent overseas jaunt, and the home Phoebe had shared with her, from the time of her mother's death until her big move to Sydney eight years ago, needed a small but crucial repair job.

Her aunt breezed through something like co-ordinating a two-month trek across Asia, yet suffered blatant uninterest in organising inconsequential domestic affairs—like avoiding frostbite when the temperature plummeted below zero. The town's only worthwhile handyman was teed up to fit a replacement part in the house boiler tomorrow. The evening weather was already chilly. If she didn't see to it before the real cold set in, no one would.

Pace had made himself comfortable, propped up against a nearby Alfa Romeo's door, arms and ankles crossed. "No problem," he said. "I'll organise a loaner."

"Really?" Phoebe sparked up. "Could I pick it up tomorrow, some time after noon?"

He winked. "Leave it with me."

Problem solved and business concluded, she thanked the Brodricks representative for his time, then promptly turned for the wide garage door, which led to the offices and main exit.

"Hey, hold up a minute."

At his call—mellow and embracing, like an offshore breeze on a summer's day—Phoebe rotated back.

"Need a lift home?" he said, pushing off the car door. "Don't like your chances of finding a cab this time of day."

Butterflies were released in her stomach at the thought of sharing a ride—just the two of them, sitting close, completely alone. The idea made her insides contract with longing and her breathing come a little quicker, but she shook off the notion and sent a cool smile.

"Thanks. I'll be fine."

A crooked grin stole across his face as those big shoulders rolled toward her. "Maybe we could stop for a coffee on the way. I'd offer a sample from the workshop percolator, but I'd rather you left here alive."

He arched a brow at a suspect glass pot, which might have been brewing since last Christmas.

When a small laugh escaped, Phoebe quickly bit her lip. "I honestly don't think—"

"How about you leave the thinking to me?" In full seductive mode again, he strolled closer. "And I think you can't be in that big of a rush." A sultry look burned in his eyes. "Or do you have a special night planned?"

"Only with my Lhasa Apso."

"Lucky dog." His mischievous grin might have been envious. "But I'm sure the pooch won't mind if you're a few minutes late."

On a scale of difficulty, it was on a par with applying double-sided cleavage tape, but Phoebe managed to crimp her mouth into a flippant thanks-but-no-thanks smile and spin on her heel.

With a parting, "I'll be in tomorrow to collect the car," she headed out through the door.

She was right to deflect Pace's advances. Although, truth be told, experiencing the full extent of his blistering brand of passion could almost be worth getting burned…particularly considering her last lukewarm experience with a man.

Instant attraction had bitten deep the day she'd met her boss, a year ago. Steve Trundy was tall and blond, with muscles that gleamed like polished steel after one of his regular workouts. She didn't know a woman at Goldmar's who didn't want to date him. When he'd asked her out, Phoebe had melted and murmured yes.

Their first all-out attempt at passion had been after hours, in an unmanned studio control room. Embarrassingly less than successful. Phoebe had blamed the malfunction on her worry over someone walking in and catching them out, so when Steve had suggested a romantic weekend away she'd leapt at the chance. But the niggling she'd experienced in the control room that night had surfaced again.

She'd been baffled. Steve was intelligent, attractive, built. The lack of stimulation had to be her fault, not his. Surely next time would be different?

Willing to let the emotion and enthusiasm grow, she'd persevered, showing him what she liked in the bedroom and trying her best to please him too. But little had improved and there had come a point where she'd begun to avoid situations that might lead to intimacy. She'd thought she was in love with him, but how could that be when she shied away almost every time he touched her?

After nine months two weeks and three days, she'd broken down and, cheeks flaming, admitted that something vital was missing. The connection—the hunger— that should be there simply wasn't. She'd felt so bad. She'd begged Steve not to blame himself.

He hadn't. In fact he'd puffed up his chest and lost no time insisting that, if she wanted to know, he didn't much enjoy sleeping with her either. She was so tense and staid, he said. Boring was another word he'd used. He was sorry too…that she was sexually dysfunctional. When her back had gone up and she'd defended herself he'd less than kindly pointed out that a raging inferno drowning in jet fuel couldn't spark her match.

She could have shaken off the insult, which was obviously the result of a dented ego, if only she didn't have to see Steve and his jilted face five days a week at the studios. When they were in the same room, his "frigid" accusation played over in her mind and icicles would form, freezing solid in her veins. But there was nothing wrong with her. They simply weren't sexually compatible. It happened.

Still, as more time went by and Phoebe looked back on her romantic past, she began to wonder if Steve might to some degree be right. She'd had intimate relationships before, but not many, and she'd never enjoyed the volcanic, lose-your-mind, cry-out-his-name kind of lovemaking that she knew must exist.

Sitting alone in her apartment last night, she'd decided she'd spent long enough torturing herself over it. It was time to act! Her doubts needed to be washed away—and not with a few trickles but a downpour. With no truly memorable sexual experiences to speak of, at twenty-six she needed to know that she was capable of being consumed by the mindless fever that went hand-in-hand with heart-pounding, out-of-this-world, give-me-more sex. She'd read about that kind of explosive euphoria—had even dreamed of it a few times. Other women found it.

Why not her?

But brazen bad boy Pace wasn't the answer, as tempting as succumbing might be. Not only was that man a lesson in heartbreak waiting to happen, what if the unthinkable happened? What if she was wrong and Steve was right and she wasn't capable of feeling the earth move, or seeing a thousand stars go off in her head? Tanking with Steve had been uncomfortable. But she'd coped.

Pace was another matter.

Meet the Author

One Christmas long ago, Robyn Grady received a book from her big sister and immediately fell in love with Cinderella. Sprinklings of magic, deepest wishes come true—she was hooked! Picture books with glass slippers later gave way to romance novels. When she was older, she wanted to write one.

In junior high, however, Robyn hit a stumbling block—a disheartening grade of one out of ten for a book review. Confused and hurt, she asked her one-hundred-and-thirty-year-old English teacher why she received such a low mark. The wizened schoolmarm sniffed, "You obviously had a senior do it for you." Thankfully Robyn's business teacher was a honey.

Following a fifteen-year career behind the scenes in television, Robyn knew the time was right to pursue her dream of becoming a published author. With thirteen contest finals in 2006, she was taken on by a New York agent and sold in a matter of weeks, first to Silhouette Desire, then Modern Heat (Presents) with a two book deal. She is currently writing her fifth manuscript and looking forward to her first online read appearing on eHarlequin, her favorite cyber place to hang out.

Robyn lives with her own modern-day hero on Australia's Sunshine Coast with their three little princesses, as well as two poodles and a cat called Tinkie. She has majors in English literature and psychology and loves new shoes, worn jeans, visits to the theatre and lunches at picturesque Moffat Beach with her writer friends.

Visit her Web site and don't forget to say hi! She'd love to hear from you.

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Every Girl's Secret Fantasy 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yum! Yum! I want a pace! A must buy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
He's a mechanic and she's a T.V. show hostess and while he has the hots for her, she won't allow herself to fall. It's the perfect recipe for a sensual clash of wills that will keep a reader turning the pages. Phoebe is a good girl. At least she intends to be because she knows all too well what happens when she lets her hormones speak for her. Thing is, this time around it's not just her hormones talking, it's her heart and she stubbornly refuses to listen. During the course of the story a reader finds out why she is so determined to stand her ground and not succumb to her wants. She feels woefully inadequate in the passion department. She's unfortunately helped along with her self-doubt and it's reinforced pretty much every day. Who in the world could ever grow and spread their wings when they're always being clipped? Phoebe needed a kind of guy that wouldn't give up on her. Pace is that kind of man. Of course readers will know why he qualifies because it's basically who his is. For all intents and purposes, Pace isn't a quitter. He has confidence in most of his abilities although he is man enough to admit that he's not perfect. In fact that is what I liked about his character. He didn't have airs; he knows he has limitations and he's had to eat humble pie because of it. I think that kept him grounded and better able to handle himself and it also put him in a position to grow up when the time was right. I enjoyed his idea of wooing. I wouldn't mind a bit of that largess myself. I liked the seduction of Phoebe. I enjoyed the fact that Pace was not put off by her attitude and that he could read between her words of 'no'. He knew she was interested and was patient and classy in his pursuit of her. Okay, so maybe making her ride on his bike wasn't necessarily classy, but it sure was hot. And it opened the door for him. I loved the part about the flowers; it was a whole other level of romantic. Another dynamic I appreciated was the relationship between Pace and his brother, Nick. I felt it added to the personal drama in the story and rounded out Pace to be a more lifelike character. Although there is the satisfying happily ever after between Pace and Phoebe, there is another family type of happily ever after that made me joyous when I read about it. I thought it was a nice touch and amped the emotional quotient of the story. Every Girl's Secret Fantasy is a cute story that makes a lazy afternoon breeze by as a reader enjoys a classic style romance. There's even a sense of justice in the book and it reminds me of an old but fun Johnny Paycheck song. It was a high-five type of scene. Read it and see for yourself. Originally posted at the Long and Short of It Romance Reviews
The-Ladies-Room More than 1 year ago
Every Girl's Secret Fantasy is a marvelously crafted romance by best selling author Robyn Grady. I read it from cover to cover, it was that special and very romantic!- Pace Davis and his brother Nick had aways been competitive. After their father passed away, Pace took over the helm of the family business, Broderick's and then something he didn't plan on happened, he made a horrible mistake and had to step down as the one being in charge. Now his brother Nick was the President and Pace, who was actually Davis Pace Brodrick and a millionaire was the Technical Rep/Chief Mechanic at very high end Broderick's who catered to the rich and famous. They were also a sponsor of a local TV station and one of the hosts, Phoebe Moore caught Pace's eye and interested him. In fact she more than interested him, he was a determined man, trust me. Phoebe's character was amazing because she had so much feeling and depth. However, she's made a couple of mistakes in past relationships, her latest being her boss at her TV station. However, she learned one lesson from it, the passion wasn't there and she ended it However, being a man he turned the tables and told her it was her fault and he never enjoyed sleeping with her. At the top of her list was to find "Mr. Right NOW". The attraction between Pace and Phoebe was beyond amazing, He was handsome, had a great body, had a sense of humor and loved to tease her. He made her feel all sorts of crazy things and emotions, and he kept asking her out. She believed if she said yes to Pace, it would end in a disaster . Phoebe grew up in a small country town as an illegitimate child and that fact was always first and foremost in the eyes of the town and her friends parents. Her mother never stopped loving the man who never wanted to meet her. In fact, she was on her way to see him when Phoebe was young and was killed in a head on accident. Her Aunt, ended up raising her and now her aunt needed her because the boiler in her country home was on the blink and Phoebe wanted to take care of it before the Winter arrived. As fate would have it, the repair man wasn't available, Pace came to the rescue with a car and a tool box and off they went to her Aunt's country home. While in the country everything changed between them. There was almost a car accident which shook her up and reminded her of her mother death. Phoebe shared about her life growing up in a small town, her mother, her aunt raising her but that's not all she shared, it was inevitable there was more than chemistry, it was earth shattering for both of them. The only thing Pace shared was his body. He didn't talk about his years growing up nor about his family. Pace romanced Phoebe, did special things for her and in the end, he wanted her to move in with him. Romanced didn't even describe it....dinner, violins at a penthouse anddozens and dozens of roses. Plus the time spent at his mansion which she didn't understand because she believed him not to be a rich man! However, she was guarded with her emotions because she didn't want to end up like her mother. But she felt "complete" with Pace. She also knew she would need to walk away the day she fell in love and got in "too deep" because she wouldn't end up like her mother. Being with Pace had helped her grow, he helped her forgive her mother and helped her face so much about herself. In a most bizarre way, Pace's secrets were revealed hurting Phoebe and my heart broke for her. REST OF REVIEW MARILYN'S ROMANCE REVIEWS
Anonymous More than 1 year ago