Everyone Can Win: Opportunities and Programs in the Arts for the Disabled

Everyone Can Win: Opportunities and Programs in the Arts for the Disabled

by Anne Allen, George Allen

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The authors advocate the arts as more than therapy, as a constructive and enjoyable way for the disabled to explore untapped creative potential and possibly even find a career. The Allens (she is the author of Sports for the Handicapped; he wrote Undercover Teacher), parents of a son with severe learning disabilities, have painstakingly compiled a much-needed, wide-ranging reference book. This moving compendium of interviews with teachers, educators, performers and students of drama, dance, music, writing, poetry, photography and painting is complete with listings of experts, programs, publications, organizations, networks and associations as well as information on special machines to help the disabled adapt and on how to ``voice index'' for the blind. The abundance of valuable data is slightly marred by the authors' hammering away in each chapter at their thesis that the arts can enrich the lives of the disabled. Too often the stories are told from teachers' viewpoints, with only a few lines from the students, and the prose is weighed down by heavy-handed attempts to be inspirational. (May)
Library Journal - Library Journal
pap. $11.95. psych The premise that the disabled can benefit from practicing the arts, not merely as recipients of art therapy but as artists, is presented through discussion of successful art programs for the handicapped and testimony from disabled artists. In addition, appendixes list ``Very Special Arts'' programs for each state and arts organizations and publications for the handicapped. In an age of task-oriented education for the disabled, it is good to be reminded of the human need to create and the satisfaction that results. What is emphasized here is that, in the process, meaningful art can emerge. For the handicapped and those involved with them. Amy Goffman, Children's Rehabilitation Ctr., Charlottesville, Va.

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