Everything Under the Sun

Everything Under the Sun

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by Sublime

The late-summer 2006 release of the double-disc deluxe edition of Sublime seemed to be the final word on the seminal SoCal ska-punk band, at least to the casual observer. It offered a remastered, resequenced version of the album, restoring it to the version that the band intended to release prior to the tragic death of Bradley Nowell, buttressed with alternate…  See more details below


The late-summer 2006 release of the double-disc deluxe edition of Sublime seemed to be the final word on the seminal SoCal ska-punk band, at least to the casual observer. It offered a remastered, resequenced version of the album, restoring it to the version that the band intended to release prior to the tragic death of Bradley Nowell, buttressed with alternate takes, instrumentals, and remixes -- and when it was added to their catalog, which already had collections of demos and rarities, plus live albums, it seemed like everything had been documented. Not so. There were a bunch of Sublime rarities, mostly live cuts, that hadn't been officially released, so the band's cult -- which was still considerable, a decade after Nowell's demise -- circulated an online petition asking for the release of a rarities box. And lo and behold, the triple-CD/one-DVD box Everything Under the Sun appeared that November. The hardcore asked for it, so it's no surprise that the box is designed with the hardcore in mind: songs appear numerous times, sound quality wavers, and some of this stuff, like a 14-minute interview with Westwood One, takes dedication to sit through. Although there are a few demos, a couple of unreleased cuts (a cover of Dee Dee Warwick's "Foolish Fool," plus a version of "Doin' Time" with Snoop Dogg) and several acoustic versions, this primarily consists of live recordings, including many radio sessions, culled from throughout the band's career. There a few mild revelations -- on the earliest recordings, their debt to '80s ska revival bands like the English Beat is clearer than ever, for instance -- but the primary purpose of this a clearing-house for rarities that have been circulating on bootleg networks (or, in the case of the DVD, music videos and live clips). And on that level, Everything Under the Sun not only does its job quite well, but it also does make a case that as a live outfit Sublime had a muscular musicality and surprisingly fluidity that never quite translated in the studio as well as it did on the stage. Heard in passing, some of this stuff -- particularly the music on the first disc, where they're stripped down but hardly skeletal -- could convince some doubters, but there's too much music here to digest for anybody but those hardcore fans, who will certainly be pleased by Everything Under the Sun. It is, after all, just what they asked for.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Geffen Records


Disc 1

  1. Roots of Creation
  2. Ebin (O.G.)
  3. Ball and Chain
  4. Date Rape Stylee
  5. Perfect World
  6. Johnny Too Bad Freestyle
  7. Smoke Two Joints
  8. I'm Not a Loser
  9. 91 Freestyle
  10. Kxlu Interview
  11. DJ'S
  12. Shame in Dem Game
  13. Get Out!
  14. Angelo
  15. Mic Control
  16. Farther I Go
  17. One Cup of Coffee/Judge Not
  18. Lou Makes Friends
  19. Greatest Hits
  20. Voodoo, Pt. 2

Disc 2

  1. Youth Are Getting Restless
  2. Scarlet Begonias
  3. Right Back
  4. New Thrash
  5. Jailhouse
  6. Pawn Dub
  7. STP
  8. Badfish
  9. House of Suffering
  10. We're Only Gonna Die
  11. Great Stone
  12. WBCN Interview 1
  13. Saw Red
  14. WBCN Interview 2/Minor Threat
  15. Legalize It
  16. 5446
  17. All You Need
  18. Forman Freestyle
  19. Prophet
  20. Miami

Disc 3

  1. Marley Medley
  2. Paddle Out
  3. Caress Me Dub
  4. Foolish Fool
  5. Westwood One Interview
  6. 89 Vision
  7. Sweet Little Rosie
  8. Garden Grove
  9. Just Another Day
  10. Prince of Sin
  11. I Love My Dog Dub
  12. At It Again
  13. Wrong Way
  14. New Realization
  15. Boss D.J.
  16. Real Situation
  17. Date Rape
  18. Soundcheck Jam
  19. Doin' Time
  20. Doin' Time

Disc 4

  1. Don't Push
  2. Garden Groove
  3. Right Back
  4. New Thrash
  5. Same in the End
  6. Caress Me Down
  7. Real Situation
  8. Atlanta Interview
  9. Seed
  10. Saw Red  - Gwen Stefani
  11. Miami
  12. Hong Kong Phooey
  13. All You Need
  14. Mary
  15. Badfish
  16. Date Rape
  17. STP
  18. Ebin
  19. Leaving Babylon
  20. Don't Push

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sublime   Primary Artist
H.R.   Vocals
Brad   Guitar,Vocals,Musician
Snoop Dogg   Vocals
David Kahne   Mellotron,Vibes
Miguel   Guitar,Vocals
Fletcher Dragge   Rhythm Guitar
Billy Watson   Percussion
Eric Wilson   Bass
Marshall Goodman   Percussion,Drums
Todd Foreman   Saxophone
Opie Ortiz   Drums

Technical Credits

Brad   Producer
Dave Aron   Producer,Engineer
Eddie Ashworth   Engineer
John Burns   Engineer
Donnell Cameron   Engineer
Greg Graffin   Composer
Matt Hyde   Engineer
David Kahne   Producer
Paul Leary   Producer
Miguel   Producer,Engineer
Major Worries   Composer
Ian MacKaye   Composer
Lyle Preslar   Composer
DJ Spooky   Remixing
Erick Labson   Mastering
Ian Fletcher   Video Director
Michael Kay   Composer
Michael "Miguel" Happoldt   Engineer
Opie Gibran Ortiz   Cover Art
Garry Greth   Engineer
Tom Watt   Engineer
Kevin McVey   Video Director
Marc Rosenberg   Engineer
Horace Fergeson   Composer
Scott Ravine   Licensing
Groovy Greg Abramson   Engineer,Video Editor,Video Director
Blaine Kaplan   Management
Jon Phillips   Management
Anthony Arvisu   Engineer
Randy Clay Bush   Engineer
Gary Davis   Engineer
DJ Michelle Matt   Engineer
Georgianna Levine   Cover Collage
John Quinlan   Additional Footage
Chris Roberts   Video Editor
Dave Wright   Authoring
Dave Zlaket   Engineer

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Everything Under the Sun 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The newest addition of Sublime’s creations and evolution of music, Everything Under the Sun, is none less then magnificent. It is a great compilation by itself, but it does help to be a devoted fan of the music they have put out in the past. Few of the tracks included in this set or never before released, however it does include some versions you probably haven’t heard, this including original takes recorded on a 8-track. The set includes dates of the songs and a small information booklet with pictures and some insightful information. But with the three CD’s of intense music and never before released audio and interviews, that alone is enough to keep you listening for a while. In addition to the CD’s the set includes a Sublime DVD all fans are sure to enjoy. The length of the video is surprisingly long and also covers much of the tracks on the CD’s along with interviews, music videos, and live performances. These ranging from basements and backyards, to large crowds, performing,” Saw Red”, with Gwen Stefani. None the less, this box set is well worth the money and will leave you wishing you could experience one of the concerts displayed in the video or one of the unmatchable tracks melodiously included on the trio of CD’s. If you are a die hard Sublime fine, you can’t be disappointed with this set!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago