Everything You Need to Know about ADD/ADHD

Everything You Need to Know about ADD/ADHD

by Eileen Beal

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Children's Literature - Joyce Rice
Annette can never find things in her room at home, and she always seems to forget things she should remember. Juan's room is a disaster, his locker is messy, and he always seems to be acting up in gym class, even though that is his favorite class. Annette has been diagnosed with a moderate case of Attention Deficit Disorder. Juan has a similar learning problem, with the added problem of hyperactivity. Both conditions are medical disorders, not behavior disorders. Three to five percent of school-age children are affected by either ADD or ADHD. Information on medication, counseling, behavior modification approaches, and the necessary adjustments for learning is given here. Help pages provide online resources, toll free telephone numbers, reading recommendations for teens, parents and teachers, and a keyword index. Part of the "The Need To Know Library," this is an excellent choice for elementary and middle school libraries.
VOYA - Mary Arnold
Rosen's Need to Know Library has an established track record as a quality high interest, easy reading information source on teen issues (Eating Disorders, Living With a Single Parent, Teen Suicide). In so few pages, readers may not learn "everything," but the straightforward text and unintimidating format will introduce key concepts and background. Three of the newest additions show that Rosen keeps up with what's up with youth. Everything You Need to Know about ADD/ADHD fills a real gap in literature aimed at and about teens dealing with these learning disabilities in the real world. From the "Day in the Life" opener, it covers current medical and psychological thinking on treatments that include medication, counseling, and coaching for behavior modification. The author, a former junior high and high school teacher, includes a section on legal rights at school under the ADA, particularly apt for teens who need to feel in charge of their lives in this important arena. A glossary; further reading for teens, their parents, and teachers/counselors; and a list of agencies and organizations that will work with those in need are appended. Everything You Need to Know about Self-Mutilation takes a pervasive, current "in the news" issue and demystifies it. Far from being crazy or weird, some teens react to extreme stress by deflecting emotional pain into physical pain. Although cutting is most pervasive, other behaviors like hair breaking are explained; as is the important difference between self-mutilation and branding, piercing, and tattooing. Possible causes for this complex behavior, and the obvious and hidden consequences are explored. Celebrity sufferers include Princess Diana and Johnny Depp, whose experiences highlight ways in which all sufferers fit a generalized profile. Individuals enmeshed in this ritualistic behavior are given essential steps to get help, including national help line information. Everything You Need to Know about Going to the Gynecologist is a good addition to the puberty/sexual health section of your YA collection. Armed with the correct terminology and knowledge of the developing female body, the author, who has written on women's health issues for magazines like Mademoiselle, encourages young women to take responsibility for their own reproductive health, recognize and avoid STDs, know the symptoms of common pelvic infections and conditions, and make health maintenance checkups routine. Knowledge is power, and it also replaces fear with facts. Photos of real teens, a first-person narrative, and a comprehensive "just the facts" focus that allows teens to make the necessary value judgments armed with information, resources, and the right questions to ask--Need to Know Library delivers. Note: This review was written and published to address Everything You Need to Know about ADD/ADHD, Everything You Need to Know about Self-Mutilation: A Helping Book for Teens Who Hurt Themselves, and Everything You Need to Know about Going to the Gynecologist. Glossary. Index. Illus. Photos. Further Reading. VOYA Codes: 4Q 4P M J S (Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses; Broad general YA appeal; Middle School, defined as grades 6 to 8; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12).
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 6-8-Basic, easy-to-read information in six short chapters. Beal begins by clearly defining ADD and ADHD. The pros and cons of behavior modification and medications are cited and specific ideas on how to succeed in school and at home are given. Italics are used for case studies of individuals with these disorders. The tone is most positive in the last few chapters when the author describes the special talents of ADD/ ADHD personalities and offers career suggestions. Photographs (mostly black-and-white) are scattered throughout. An appendix of helpful agencies and organizations (with Web addresses) and lists for further reading for teens and parents are included. Useful and to the point.-Linda Beck, Indian Valley Public Library, Telford, PA

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