Everything You Want To Know About Recipes And Restaurants And Much More

Everything You Want To Know About Recipes And Restaurants And Much More

by Erik Spersrud, Jennifer Spersrud
Our gluten-free cook book is more than just recipes. We included restaurants where everyone can order from a gluten-free menu. We included name brands of seasonings and sauces and much more! All recipes include the brand names of products we used to make meals on a daily basis. We also included how to get started being gluten-free in the kitchen. From pots and pans to


Our gluten-free cook book is more than just recipes. We included restaurants where everyone can order from a gluten-free menu. We included name brands of seasonings and sauces and much more! All recipes include the brand names of products we used to make meals on a daily basis. We also included how to get started being gluten-free in the kitchen. From pots and pans to kitchen appliances.

God Bless Stay Healthy

Erik And Jennifer Spersrud

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Everything You Want To Know About Recipes And Restaurants And Much More This Book Is Designed For Celiac Sprue People Looking For Gluten Free Ideas

By Erik Spersrud Jennifer Spersrud AuthorHouse Copyright © 2007 Erik and Jennifer Spersrud
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4343-4352-9

Introduction Hi, my name is Jennifer. I am a thirty-nine-year-old mom of two children, nineteen and eight years old, with a wonderful husband. He has been at my side, struggling with my disease, for ten years. I first noticed something wasn't right at twelve years old. At the time my family and I lived in Boston. My mom took me to the doctor for stomach problems. They did a GI series. And I was put on Maalox. Then the symptoms started. I was running to the bathroom during mealtime because of diarrhea. As I got older, around 1993 I was starting to have sharp pains in my neck and back. Then they did another scope down my throat and found acid reflex. I was put on medicine for that. But I still was getting sick. Years went by with me having pains in my neck and back and still having diarrhea.

I did not know yet I had celiac sprue disease. Things got really bad. When I was pregnant with my second child, I was getting sick every day. I would stay in bed for days at a time. My life was very unhappy. I moved to Indiana in 2004. And my health was still awful. I didn't know about celiac sprue disease yet. One day in August 2004, I was having chest pains. So I went to my family doctor for a checkup. The next day my blood work came back. And the doctor called my husband, looking for me. The doctor said, "Take your wife to the hospital ASAP." My husband took me to the hospital. I was admitted to ICU right away. My hemoglobin count dropped to a level four. They said there was not enough blood going to my heart.

I was bleeding internally. I lost three pints of blood. A blood transfusion was done ASAP. Then all the testing started. I was there for six days. It was very hard on me and my family. Another scope was performed. And a biopsy was done. Tissue samples showed that I had celiac sprue disease. All these years I was poisoning myself with gluten. Gluten was poisoning my body.

If you have had theses symptoms at least once a week during the past three months, go to your doctor and get a blood test and diagnosis. Here are some of the symptoms: bloating, stomach cramping, diarrhea, constipation, joint pain, numbness or tingling in your arms and legs, itching skin lesions, constant unexplained fatigue, frequent headaches or migraines. I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Gluten is wheat fl our and barley and oats. You are probably thinking, what I can eat? Well that's why my husband and I put this book together. The book tells you about food to buy, stores to shop at, and restaurants to eat at. Now that I know what was causing my condition, I am doing much better after changing my eating habits.

I am really enjoying life. And you can too. In 2008, we will have gluten-free labels on all food products. Celiac sprue disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects one in every one hundred people. Ninety-seven percent of the population doesn't know they have it and continue to suffer with the symptoms. Change your life, like I did, and be happy. Enjoy this book.

Starting a gluten-free (GF) diet is pretty easy. The GF diet is a lifelong commitment.

1. Start Simply - Keep a Diary

Start with unprocessed foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, rice, and potatoes. These are things that don't need gluten-free labels. Use olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice, for seasoning. This may be a bit boring but can help the intestines heal rapidly. Some people diagnosed with celiac disease find that foods that contain lactose or have a high fat content can be difficult to digest at first, but they later may be well tolerated as the intestines begin to repair themselves. Keep a record of the foods eaten and how they make you feel. Add new foods as they are tolerated. Keep track of the gluten-free specialty products and recipes you try, writing down which you did not. 2. Find Support Group Support groups are a very good resource for leaning about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. Consider becoming a member of the Gluten Intolerance Group of North American, a national support organization working with others to improve the lives of people with celiac and other Gluten-intolerance diseases. Look them up on the Web. 3. Learn about Your Diet Read everything you can on celiac disease and gluten-free items. If possible, make an appointment to visit a registered dietician. A lot of items contain gluten. Be careful about anything you put in your month. Some medications and even stamp/envelope glue may contain gluten. 4. Becoming Gluten-Free Make your kitchen gluten-free. First replace all your plastic items, Tupperware, all plastic cooking items. They have gluten in them. Replace all non-stick pans with new ones. Make sure you only cook gluten-free items in them from now on. Your kitchen needs to be gluten-free. Get a new toaster for yourself use only gluten-free bread in it. Keep track of which foods in your home are gluten-free and which are not. Clear a special shelf or area just for gluten-free foods. Or make the whole kitchen gluten-free and have a separate shelf where other members of the household can keep their gluten-containing items. Make sure everything that you use is gluten-free; for example, shampoos, hand soaps, makeup, and hand lotions. Call the manufacture before using a product to make sure it's gluten-free.

I would recommend calling the manufacture about any items you use to make sure they don't have gluten in them. A lot of products have gluten in them but it is not on the labels. So you have to be 100 percent careful of any items you use. 5. Finding Gluten-Free Foods Grocery stores can be a good source for corn tortillas, rice, fruits, vegetables, beans, meats, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, and other naturally gluten-free foods. Wild Oats is one of the best grocery stores. They have everything labeled gluten-free; plus everybody is the store is very helpful. They are a big national chain located almost everywhere in the United States. Good Earth Natural Food stores are another source to get gluten-free items. Health food stores can be a good source for gluten-free bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, baking mixes, flours, etc. Oriental markets can be a great source for finely ground rice flour, potato flour, and tapioca flour at a very low price. Mail-order vendors can be good sources for hard-to-find gluten-free baked goods and mixes.

6. Take Food with You When leaving home it is a good idea to take along some gluten-free food. Gluten-free energy bars, trail mix, jerky, and fruit snacks travel well in a purse, bag, or car to have on hand for emergencies. Gluten-free sandwiches can be packed for lunches for the office. Dinner leftovers make good lunches for the office. Have your doctor write a note if you would like to bring something to eat at ballgames and sporting events, where outside food may be restricted, especially when traveling at airports. Consider bringing a main dish and a side dish to potluck socials if you want to have plenty of food to eat. When attending a special event, contact the caterer or event coordinator ahead of time to ensure a proper gluten-free meal is prepared. When possible eat well before social gatherings so you can simply enjoy the company.

7. Eat Gluten-Free when Dining Out When dining at a restaurant, look for menu items that can easily be made gluten-free. Grilled meat, fish, and poultry; baked potatoes, and steamed vegetables are examples of dishes that often can be prepared without gluten. If it is your first time eating a gluten-free meal at the restaurant, you may want to speak with the chief. Also you may want to share a restaurant card with the server or chef. Restaurant cards that briefly explain the gluten-free diet are available from gluten-intolerance groups. I have also included one in this book. Ask your server for help in choosing a menu selection, and let your server know that your meal must be prepared gluten-free. For example, the server needs to know that when you order a salad without croutons, it is not okay to remove the croutons from a prepared salad. Th e salad must be made fresh, without contacting gluten-containing ingredients. If your streak is being cooked on a grill that is also used for breaded items, then your selection should be prepared on a piece of aluminum foil or in a clean pan. Check the ingredients in any marinades and seasonings, or ask to have your meat and vegetables prepared without seasonings. French fries prepared in the same oil that was used for frying breaded foods, such onion rings or chicken nuggets, will not be gluten-free. Some restaurants have gluten-free menus. I have included a list of restaurants in this book.

While the information on this page was accurate at the time it was posted, menu ingredients can change without notice. It's is recommended you verify the information before you dine out. Remember, eating out always involves some level of risk. I have listed restaurants that cater to gluten-free customers.

ARBY'S Meats and sauces are safe. BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM Baskins Robbins lists the allergen information on the flavor cards posted on the counters in front of each tub of ice cream. BEN & JERRY'S Gluten ingredients will be clearly listed BOSTON MARKET Rotisserie chicken Rotisserie turkey breast Sirloin without au jus Plain grilled chicken breast Lemon herb rotisserie chicken Corn Cream spinach Butternut squash Green beans (plain) Mashed potatoes (no gravy) Garlic/dill new potatoes Broccoli with hollandaise sauce Jumpin' Juice squares Fruit salad Cranberry relish Hot cinnamon apples BUCA DI BEPPO Ask that the entrees not be dusted in flour. Antipasti cold platter Antipasti mussels marinara 1893 Salad Mixed green salad Chicken with lemon Chicken marsala Veal marsala Chicken saltimbocca Green beans Garlic mashed potatoes Escarole Italian sausage Spumoni with chocolate BURGER KING Low-carb burgers and chicken (no buns) Low-carb angus streak burgers Side salad Call for GF selections. BONE FISH Call for GF selections. Bone Fish has a big gluten-free menu. CARRABBA'S ITALIAN GRILL Chicken Steaks Salad Side dishes Carrabba's has an excellent GF menu with a lot of items CHIPOTLE Call for GF selections. CHILI'S

Salads Chicken (no bun) Steaks Burgers (no bun) Veggies Chili's has a gluten-free menu and they update their GF options monthly. CHICK-FIL-A Some dipping sauces and dressings are gluten-free. Chick-fil-A char-grilled chicken filet Garden salad Tortilla strips Fresh fruit cup Side salad Cole slaw Carrot-and-raisin salad Chick-fil-A waffle potato fries Hash browns Bacon slice Egg Sausage patty American cheese slice Ice Dreams cup Chocolate syrup Blueberry topping Strawberry topping COLD STONE CREAMERY Review GF ice-cream list. DAIRY QUEEN Review the GF menu list. DENNY'S Call for GF selections. FLEMING'S STEAK HOUSE Fleming's has a good selection of GF items. Steaks Chicken Salads Soups Seafood Veggies Call for GF selections. HARD ROCK CAFÉ Potato skins Plain chicken wings Spring rolls Salads Steaks Veggies Mashed potatoes (no gravy) MACARONI GRILL Call for GF selections. MCDONALDS Call for GF Selections. NOODLES & CO. Noodles and Co. restaurants have gluten and allergy info available at the cashier's station. OLIVE GARDEN Let your server know you are interested in menu items especially for gluten intolerance. Your server will be happy to accommodate your request.

Salads Steaks Chicken Salmon Pork ON THE BORDER Beef enchilada (no sauce) Crispy beef taco Crispy veggie taco Guacamole appetizer House salad Refried beans Check with your server for more GF items. OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE Appetizers Steak Chicken Salads Ribs Prime rib Veggies Salmon Rice Alaskan king crab Lobster tail Outback has a very large menu of GF items to choose from. P.F. CHANG'S CHINA BISTRO P.F. Chang's has a very large selection of GF items. Soothing lettuce wraps Shanghai cucumbers Oriental chicken salad Ginger chicken with broccoli Cantonese shrimp or scallops Philip's butter lemon chicken Chang's spicy chicken or shrimp Chang's lemon scallops Moo Goo Gai Pan Mango chicken Rice PANERA BREAD Soups Salads Check with the cashier for the GF items. RED ROBIN Red Robin will do its best to customize orders to meet dietary needs. Steak fries Cheese Guacamole Black beans Chicken drummettes Turkey patty Grilled salmon Egg Salads Veggies RUTH'S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE Your server at Ruth's Chris Steak House will help with your GF selections. Appetizers Soups Salads Shrimp Steak Chicken STARBUCKS Call 800-230-LATTE for GF selections. TCBY TCBY has GF items. Check with the cashier for a menu. WEBER GRILL Check with your server for GF items.

Chicken Steak Veggies Potatoes

The following restaurants listed above do cater to GF customers. Always check with your server and let them know about your medical problem. Explain your diet to them; let them know how important it is.

GENERAL LIST OF GLUTEN-FREE ITEMS Deli meats and cheeses by Boar's Head Products Boar's Head Products has a lot of GF products. Call 1-800-352-6277 for complete detail of products. All kinds of cheeses (plain, not spreads) Milk Eggs Fruits Meats (frozen or fresh; plain, no seasoning) Butter or margarine (without wheat oil) Brown or white rice (read labels) Canned fruit Vegetables (plain; fresh, canned in water, or frozen) Wines (California wines) Coffee (pure) Brandy Corn flakes (plain) Fish (fresh, uncoated, no seasoning) Tea (plain) Sugar Wine vinegar Herbs, fresh or dried Soy sauce (tamari-type soy sauce) Almonds, walnuts, and other nuts (plain) Tuna (all canned in oil or water, not sauce) Potatoes Cornbread (read label) Soda Water GF flours White rice flour Tapioca flour Potato starch

Arrowroot flour Carob flour Nut flour Olive oil Canola oil Hydrogenated vegetable oil

Fast and easy GF products: all theses items can be found at Wild Oats Natural Marketplace and most natural food markets.

Cereal Envirokidz

Peanut butter Koala Crisp Amazon Nature's Path

Corn flakes Barbara's

Puffins Erewhon

Crispy brown rice w/berries Rice twice Crispy brown rice Brownie Mix (Pamela's) Gluten-Free Flours: Bob's Red Mill white rice flour tapioca flour potato starch garbanzo bean flour almond meal/flour GF all-purpose baking flour Corn-starch Arrowhead pizza crust Gluten-Free Pantry (baking mix) Chocolate chip mix Muffin mix French bread Piecrust Gillian's Foods (bread crumbs)

Italian breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs Cajun bread crumbs Salsa

Amy's organic salsa (mild, medium, black bean) Green Mountain salsa (mild, medium, roasted garlic)


Excerpted from Everything You Want To Know About Recipes And Restaurants And Much More by Erik Spersrud Jennifer Spersrud Copyright © 2007 by Erik and Jennifer Spersrud. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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