Evolution and Differentiation of the Continental Crust

Evolution and Differentiation of the Continental Crust

by Michael Brown, Tracy Rushmer

Summary of recent research covering experimental methods and numerical modelling, for graduate students and researchers.See more details below


Summary of recent research covering experimental methods and numerical modelling, for graduate students and researchers.

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Preface; 1. Introduction Michael Brown and Tracy Rushmer; 2. Structure of the continental lithosphere Alan Levander, Adrian Lenardic and Karl E. Karlstrom; 3. Thermo-mechanical controls on heat production distributions and the long-term evolution of the continents Mike Sandiford and Sandra McLaren; 4. Composition, differentiation, and evolution of continental crust: constraints from sedimentary rocks and heat flow Scott M. McLennan, Stuart Ross Taylor and Sidney R. Hemming; 5. The significance of Phanerozoic arc magmatism in generating continental crust Jon P. Davidson and Richard J. Arculus; 6. Crustal generation in the Archean Hugh Rollinson; 7. Structural and metamorphic processes in the lower crust: evidence from a deep-crustal isobarically-cooled terrane, Canada Michael L. Williams and Simon Hanmer; 8. Nature and evolution of the middle crust: heterogeneity of structure and process due to pluton-enhanced tectonism Karl E. Karlstrom and Michael L. Williams; 9. Melting of the continental crust: fluid regimes, melting reactions and source-rock fertility John D. Clemens; 10. Melt extraction from lower continental crust of orogens: the field evidence Michael Brown; 11. The extraction of melt from crustal protoliths and the flow behavior of partially molten crustal rocks: an experimental perspective Ernie H. Rutter and J. Mecklenburgh; 12. Melt migration in the continental crust and generation of lower crustal permeability: inferences from modeling and experimental studies Tracy Rushmer and Steve Miller; 13. Emplacement and growth of plutons: implications for rates of melting and mass transfer in continental crust Alexander R. Cruden; 14. Elements of a modeling approach to the physical controls on crustal differentiation George W. Bergantz and Scott A. Barboza.

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