Evolution Of Dub, Vol. 1: The Origin Of The Species

Evolution Of Dub, Vol. 1: The Origin Of The Species


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Disc 1

  1. Satta Amassa Gana  - Joe Gibbs
  2. More Dub  - Joe Gibbs
  3. More Dub  - Joe Gibbs
  4. Love Me Girl  - Joe Gibbs
  5. Turn Back The Hands Of Time  - Joe Gibbs
  6. Money In My Pocket  - Joe Gibbs
  7. Rainey Night In Georgia  - Joe Gibbs
  8. God Bless The Children  - Joe Gibbs
  9. Love Ja Ja Children  - Joe Gibbs
  10. Without Love  - Joe Gibbs
  11. Be The One  - Joe Gibbs
  12. He Prayed  - Joe Gibbs

Disc 2

  1. Dub From The Roots  - King Tubby
  2. Iyahta  - King Tubby
  3. Mine Field  - King Tubby
  4. Hijack The Barber  - King Tubby
  5. African Roots  - King Tubby
  6. Double Cross  - King Tubby
  7. East Of (Arrows Hi-Fi)  - King Tubby
  8. Invasion  - King Tubby
  9. Dub Of A Woman  - King Tubby
  10. Dub On My Mind  - King Tubby
  11. Steeling  - King Tubby
  12. Dub Experience  - King Tubby
  13. Declaration Of Dub  - King Tubby
  14. A Truthful Dub  - King Tubby

Disc 3

  1. Natty Dub  - King Tubby
  2. Dub Magnificent  - King Tubby
  3. A First Class Dub  - King Tubby
  4. The Stepping Dub  - King Tubby
  5. Rude Boy Dub  - King Tubby
  6. A Closer Dub  - King Tubby
  7. Roots Of Dub  - King Tubby
  8. Dub You Can Feel  - King Tubby
  9. Loving Dub  - King Tubby
  10. The Immortal Dub  - King Tubby
  11. Dread Locks Dub  - King Tubby
  12. Rocking Dub  - King Tubby

Disc 4

  1. Rebel Dance  - King Tubby
  2. Casanova Dub  - King Tubby
  3. Silver Bullet  - King Tubby
  4. Rasta Locks  - King Tubby
  5. Dubbing With The Observer  - King Tubby
  6. Sir Niney's Rock  - King Tubby
  7. Jam Down  - King Tubby
  8. Parade Dub  - King Tubby
  9. Youth Man  - King Tubby
  10. Turntable Dub  - King Tubby
  11. Corn Man  - King Tubby
  12. Mister D. Brown Skank  - King Tubby
  13. Rema Dub  - King Tubby

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Aggrovators   Musician
Aston Barrett   Rhythm
Brother Bogga   Rhythm
Brother Morris   Rhythm
Tony Chin   Rhythm
Bernard Touter Harvey   Piano
Ossie Hibbert   Organ
Augustus Pablo   Organ,Piano
Robbie Shakespeare   Bass
Earl "Chinna" Smith   Guitar
Touter   Piano
Ian Winter   Organ
Brother Benbow   Drums
Ossie Bongo   Organ
Fully Woods   Bass
Carlton Barrett   Drums
Carlton Davis   Drums
Aston "Family Man" Barrett   Rhythm
Charlie Benbow   Drums
Brother Ian   Organ
George Fulwood   Bass
Robbie Fulwood   Bass
Nogo   Organ

Technical Credits

Ken Boothe   Composer
Dennis Brown   Composer
Joe Gibbs   Composer,Producer
William Truckaway   Composer
King Tubby   Arranger
Winston "Niney" Holness   Composer
Chris Lane   Liner Notes
Bunny Lee   Composer,Producer
Barry Llewellyn   Composer
Earl Morgan   Composer
Niney the Observer   Producer
Winston Rodney   Composer
Bernard Collins   Composer
Donald Manning   Composer
Lynford Manning   Composer
Horace Hinds   Composer
Bonnie Thompson   Composer
Chris O'Brien   Producer
James E. Holiday   Composer
C.S. Dodd   Composer
Olivier Chastan   Executive Producer
Jack Daniels   Composer
Harry Hawking   Liner Notes
T.J. White   Composer
Shirley Chang   Cover Design

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