Evolutionary Genetics of Invertebrate Behavior: Progress and Prospects / Edition 1

Evolutionary Genetics of Invertebrate Behavior: Progress and Prospects / Edition 1

by Milton Davis Huettel

ISBN-10: 0306424886

ISBN-13: 9780306424885

Pub. Date: 06/30/1987

Publisher: Springer US

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Table of Contents

Introductory Lecture.- Evolutionary Behavior Genetics.- Behavioral Variation in Natural Populations.- Behavior Genetics of Flexible Life Histories in Milkweed Bugs (Oncopeltus fasciatus).- Chromosomal Polymorphism and Vagility in Natural Populations of Drosophila pseudoobscura.- Between Population Variation in Spider Territorial Behavior: Hybrid-Pure Population Line Comparisons.- Environmental and Genetic Influences on the Social Grouping Tendency of a Communal Spider.- Genetic Constraints on the Evolution of Cannibalism in Heliothis virescens.- The Inheritance of Courtship Behavior in Schizocosa Wolf Spiders (Araneae; Lycosidae).- The Effect of Successive Founder Events on Mating Propensity of Drosophila.- Genetic and Sensory Basis of Sexual Selection in Drosophila.- Reproductive Isolation in a Neotropical Insect: Behavior and Microbiology.- Opportunities for Selection Derived from Variation in Mating Success in Milkweed Beetles (Tetraopes tetraophthalmus: Cerambycidae).- Hybridization as a Causal Mechanism of Mixed Color Broods and Unusual Color Morphs of Female Offspring in the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies, Papilio glaucus.- Genetic Variation in the Maternal Defensive Behavior of the Lace Bug Gargaphia solani.- Behavioral Analysis of Male-Induced Interstrain Differences in Realized Fecundity in Callosobruchus maculatus.- A Genetic Analysis of Habitat Selection in the Cactophilic Species, Drosophila mojavensis.- Genetic Differences in Oviposition Preference Between Two Populations of Heliothis virescens.- Evolution of Host Plant Utilization in Colias Butterflies.- Quantitative Genetic Analysis of Feeding and Oviposition Behavior in the Polyphagous Leafminer Liriomyza sativae.- Drosophila Larval Foraging Behavior and Correlated Behaviors.- Molecular and Biochemical Genetics of Behavior.- Neurogenetics of Drosophila Circadian Rhythms.- The Behavioral Effects of a Carboxylesterase in Drosophila.- Mutants of Biological Rhythms and Conditioned Behavior in Drosophila Courtship.- Physiological Tolerance and Behavioral Avoidance of Alcohol in Drosophila: Coadaptation or Pleiotropy?.- Evolution of Egg Laying Behavior in Aplysia.- The Potential for Genetic Manipulation of the Redbanded Leafroller Moth Sex Pheromone Blend.- General and Theoretical Aspects of Behavior in Evolution and Speciation.- Generalizing Genetic Dissection of Behavior.- Extrapolating Quantitative Genetic Theory to Evolutionary Problems.- The Role of Behavior in Host-Associated Divergence in Herbivorous Insects.- The Role of Pheromones in Reproductive Isolation and Speciation of Insects.- Closing Address.- Analyzing Proximate Causes of Behavior.- Erratum.- Erratum to: Analyzing Proximate Causes of Behavior.

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