Examples & Explanations / Edition 5

Examples & Explanations / Edition 5

by Robert M. Bloom, Mark S. Brodin

ISBN-10: 0735562911

ISBN-13: 9780735562912

Pub. Date: 02/28/2007

Publisher: Aspen Publishers, Inc.

About the Author:
Robert M. Bloom Professor of Law, Boston College Law School

About the Author:
Mark S. Brodin Professor of Law, Boston College Law School


About the Author:
Robert M. Bloom Professor of Law, Boston College Law School

About the Author:
Mark S. Brodin Professor of Law, Boston College Law School

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Aspen Publishers, Inc.
Publication date:
Examples & Explanations Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
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0.82(w) x 10.00(h) x 7.00(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Figures     xv
Preface     xvii
Acknowledgments     xix
Overview of Constitutional Criminal Procedure     1
Search and Seizure-The Framework of the Fourth Amendment     9
Introduction to the Fourth Amendment     11
When Does the Fourth Amendment Apply?     15
Governmental Action-Public Versus Private Search     15
Reasonable Expectation of Privacy     21
What Does the Fourth Amendment Require?-The Doctrine of Justification     41
Probable Cause-The Standard for Search and Arrest     42
Reasonable Suspicion-The Standard for Stop and Frisk     63
What Constitutes a Stop?     67
The Expansion of Terry: Demand for Identification, Vehicle Stops, Detention of Effects, Protective Sweeps, and Plain Feel     71
Administrative Searches     94
Search and Arrest Warrants     111
Note on the Warrant Requirement     111
The Components of a Valid Search Warrant     112
Neutral and Detached Magistrate     112
The Probable Cause Showing     113
The Particularity Requirement     115
Execution of a Search Warrant     126
Administrative Search Warrants     127
Anticipatory Search Warrants     127
The Arrest Warrant Requirement     128
The Components of a Valid Arrest Warrant     129
Warrantless Searches and Seizures     133
Introduction     133
Exceptions That Require Probable Cause: The Emergency Exception (Exigent Circumstances)     134
Exceptions That Require Probable Cause: Search Incident to Arrest     143
Exceptions That Require Probable Cause: Automobile Search and the Container Doctrine     153
Exceptions That Require Reasonable Suspicion: Stop and Frisk and Investigative Detentions     158
Administrative and Inventory Searches     158
Warrantless Intrusion Requiring No Justification: Consent     160
The Plain View Doctrine     171
The Problem of Pretext     177
The Exclusionary Rule: Rationale, Operation, and Limitations     181
The Rationale of the Exclusionary Rule     181
The Derivative Evidence ("Fruit-of-the-Poisonous-Tree") Doctrine     185
Limitations on the Exclusionary Rule     200
Standing     200
Limitation to Criminal Trial Versus Other Proceedings     211
The Good Faith Exception     215
The Impeachment Exception     226
Harmless Error      227
Interrogation and Confessions     229
The Voluntariness Standard     231
The Miranda Approach     243
The Miranda Decision     243
The Components of Miranda     246
Custody     246
Interrogation     254
The Substance and Adequacy of the Warnings     265
Waiver of Miranda Rights     270
Waiver After Invocation of the Right to Silence or to Counsel     281
Limitations on the Scope of the Miranda Exclusionary Rule     293
Use of the Statement for Impeachment     295
The Public Safety Exception     296
Suppression of the Fruits of a Statement Obtained in Violation of Miranda     302
Summary-What's Left of Miranda?     305
The Sixth Amendment "Right to Counsel" Approach     307
The Massiah Doctrine     307
The "Deliberately Elicit" Standard     308
At What Point Does the Massiah Doctrine Apply?-The Initiation of Judicial Proceedings     310
Waiver and Exceptions to the Massiah Doctrine     311
Overview of Interrogation and Confessions     316
Other Investigative Procedures     317
Other Investigative Procedures-Eyewitness Identification, Bodily Intrusions, Examination of Physical Attributes, Entrapment, "High-Tech" and Computer Searches     319
Eyewitness Identification     319
Bodily Intrusions and Examination of Suspect's Physical Attributes     325
Entrapment     331
The Common Law Defense     331
Due Process     333
"High-Tech" Searches     338
Electronic Surveillance and Wiretapping     338
Searches of Computers     339
September 11, 2001, and Its Aftermath     343
Table of Cases     349
Index     359

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