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Exist in Darkness: Live in the Light

Exist in Darkness: Live in the Light

by Harvey A. Thomas

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This book is written to show the hidden talents of both men and women who failed to discover and use them constructively. Only as they now have time with little to nothing to do, by being incarcerated, did they discover the assets they possess. Had they been motivated and discovered earlier their lives could have been different today. They are artists in their own


This book is written to show the hidden talents of both men and women who failed to discover and use them constructively. Only as they now have time with little to nothing to do, by being incarcerated, did they discover the assets they possess. Had they been motivated and discovered earlier their lives could have been different today. They are artists in their own rights. Once they discovered a higher Power, were they willing to try something new, because they now feel important and Special dispite their past behavior. They are now set free spiritually. They have taken the step of Faith in receiving Jesus Christ as Savior. The Creator in now working with the created. What He (God) has done for other He can do for YOU, if you will give Him the opportunity to use you as He has planned from the beginning..

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Live in the Light
By Harvey A. Thomas


Copyright © 2013 Harvey A. Thomas
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-8665-4

Chapter One


Poetry is one means of getting one's thoughts across to the public. Not everyone has the ability to put words in rhyme form, that makes reading more enjoyable. Poetry covers a wide range of subject matter; relationships, feelings, love, animal life. You name it, somewhere, some one has written a poem about it.

According to Daniel Webster's Dictionary: "If religious books (poetry) were not widely circulated among the masses in this country, I do not know what is going to become of us as a nation. If truth be not diffused, error will be. If the evangelical volume does not reach every community, the page of a corrupt and licentious literature will.' (#3172—Encyclopedia of Illustrations)

Napoleon said: "There are only two powers in the world the sword and the pen; and in the end, the former is always conquered by the latter."

(#3173 E.I.)

"Give me twenty-six lead soldiers (Pencils) and I'll conquer the world," said Benjamin Franklin, "The pen is mightier than the sword." (#3173 E.I.)

It is interesting to discover how God uses the written word to reach people with His love for them. A clergyman in England asked a dying Christian woman where she found the Savior; and she gave him a piece of paper torn from an American journal containing part of one of C. H. Sturgeon's sermons. The scrap had been wrapped around a package that came to her from Australia. The words of Sturgeon were read by her and were the means of leading her to Christ. Commenting on the incident, a writer says, "think of it; a sermon preached in England, printed in America, in some way coming to Australia, a part of it used as wrapping paper there, coming back to England, was the means of converting this woman." (#3164 E.I.)

Apart from the poetry and prose in literature, we have another means of communication we call theTract. A Bible friend wrote the following poem:

The Silent Preacher

I preach some weighty sermons,
But utter not a word;
And tell folks things worth hearing,
Although I can't be heard.

Born of a love for mortals,
I help those in distress
To find the loving Jesus
Who gives the weary rest.

I go into the prisons
Where captives sadly mope,
And for eternal freedom,
tell them how to hope.

Unto the sick I hasten
With a prescription sure;
Tell where the poor and needy
Great riches can secure.

'Tis strange but true, my message
Doth comfort, bless, and cheer.
Yet oft the truths I herald
Make sinners quake and fear.

Yes, many miles I travel
And sometimes I'm sent back
I go where you can't enter,
For I am a Gospel Tract.
(#3157 E.I.)

The following pages contain some of the poetry those incarcerated have written, after they came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior. They were written in the hope they would help others recognize that their God can be anyone's God, who will accept by faith the Lord Jesus Christ (God in the flesh). As you read them try to capture the feelings the writers had, as he wrote them.

Your wisest moment will be when you say "YES" to Christ

There is a poem that I have used with nearly every inmate, when we first get to know each other. It is used to help inflate their low self-esteem, because of their present location of residence. The Author is unknown, but I am sure s/he would be well pleased as to how it has been used over the years, to encourage others.

Author Unknown

In all the world there's nobody like me.

Nobody has my smile,
Nobody has my eyes, nose, hair or voice

No one laughs like me or cries like me.
No one see things just as I do.
No one reacts just as I react.

I'm the only one in all creation who has my set of abilities.
My unique combination of gifts, talents, and abilities
Are an original Symphony.

I'm rare, and in all rarity there is great value.
I need not imitate others.
I will accept, yes, celebrate my differences.

And I'm beginning to see God made me SPECIAL
For a very SPECIAL purpose.
God has a job for me, that no one else and do
As well as I do.
Out of all the applicants only one is qualified
That one is ME, because....

    I put my life in God's hands,
    God only know, the Master Plan,
    When I pick up the Bible, I see the light
    It fills my heart with Love. I felt His might.
    This I know, Jesus died for my sins.
    He opened the gates of heaven to let me in!
    So I prayed to God with all my heart. To
    give me a chance at a brand new start.

    My mind is on Jesus all day long,
    He fulfills my life, He makes me strong.
    Without God I couldn't love my life,
    He takes away all my agony, all my strife!
    I sit in this cell wondering when it will all end.
    Then Jesus tells me, It's OK, in Me you have a true friend
    God relaxes me and makes me calm,
    So I start praying on my knees, I'll see the dawn.
    Please God don't let me have those evil thoughts,
    Then I remember the good things God's love has brought.
    So now I sit in my cell, without a worry!
    Because now my heart's filled with all God's Glory.
    So, now I have good thoughts about what's gonna come,
    Because I know in my heart, God's Will, will be done.

    Forbidden Fruit
    Creates many jams

    I ask for God's forgiveness every day,
    In my cellblock I kneel and pray!
    Satan steps in and wants me to end it all.
    So I just pray harder, and I hear Jesus' call.
    God said to me, "Be strong, be brave,
    Because Jesus' Life for me He gave!"
    All my sins will be forgiven, God tells me so,
    Just have faith in the Lord, your soul will glow
    So now I sit in my cell and smile,
    I know Jesus is with me, all the while,
    Jesus makes me happy, no matter where I'm at.
    Because God will never forget me, and that's a fact.

    I ask you Lord to hold me tight,
    You are the Lord, the Light of my life.
    Never let me go, I beg you please,
    With all my heart, while on my knees,
    I received the Holy Spirit from up above,
    My heart is now open and filled with love.
    I'm locked in this world, but yet I'm free;
    I Thank You Lord, for being a part of ME.

    I was in my cell when I heard God's voice,
    I fell on my knees. It was time to rejoice.
    My life was evil. It was full of sin.
    I prayed with all my might to let Jesus in.
    When I prayed, Jesus opened my heart,
    God showed me a New Way, a brand New Start
    Now I see life in a different way,
    Each morning I thank God, for a brand New Day.

    If You travel in
    the wrong direCtion,
    God allows U–Turns.

    There's no doubt in my mind Jesus is Lord,
    Just read the Bible, It is God's Word.
    I used to have evil thoughts all day and night,
    So I prayed to Jesus, He's made it all right!
    God's Way now embraces me,
    Jesus opened my eyes, now I can see.
    Jesus' path is the only way
    Just pray and have faith every day.
    The Lord is Just. The Lord is kind.
    All I did was ask and He opened my mind!
    Now I sing praise to God, up above,
    He filled my heart with nothing but love.

    Spiritual glory, It's a MUST
    Because God's sweet love is so fine and just.
    God called to me in my darkest hour,
    I felt His good touch, oh, how I felt His power.
    So on my knees I pray every night,
    For God to cast out Satan with all God's might.
    He saved my soul, Oh, how glorious God made me feel.
    So every night I give praise to God when I kneel.

    Our Love is like a Blossom
    Together we planted a seed one day,
    When it began to grow—we took care of it.
    When it finally bloomed—we adored it.
    When the blossoms fell—we pruned it.
    When the weather turned—we covered it.
    When it was dormant—we always thought of it.
    When spring came—we put trust in it.
    Through the summer—we had faith in it.
    When it finally bloomed—we stood back and thought
    This is like our love for each other
    It never dies, and it always grows more beautiful.
    Just like me.


    Give Satan an inch and
    He'll become a ruler

    I sit in my cell with a clear mind at night
    With glorious thoughts of my beautiful wife
    The bad times we've had isn't compared to the good time
    And the love we share, my love, I'll do anything for you
    I need you to feel the same way, please say you love me
    Only God knows the future and what it holds.

    Love for you burns in the pit of my heart;
    I love you so much I don't know where to start.
    I had to come to an epiphany about many things;
    I know this in my heart, I heard God's Word sing!
    My heart is now open to a New Way in life
    I love you so much, my virtuous wife.
    Stick by my side, I'll show you true love,
    Just as God does, through the morning dove.
    My love, God's Spirit is all around me now,
    I know we'll make it. I know this some how.
    I'm locked in this cell all day and night
    So I called out to God, and He's made it all right.
    I don't worry any more, not at all,
    I just have faith in Jesus, because I heard His Call.
    Have faith in our Lord, my love,
    Through the never ending fight.
    And God will grant us, eternal life.
    Amen. F.G.

    A lot of kneeling will
    keep You in good standing

      THE WALL

    Just because I am behind the wall,
    Doesn't mean I have to take this fall.
    I will learn from all this,
    For it is my family that I miss.

    I have made this same mistake,
    For it is me, that will not forsake.
    This is the hardest time of my life,
    For I won't have to go back under the knife.

    I wanted to be a follower and not a leader
    For this is no misdemeanor.
    I realize the severity of my crime.
    This is why I am doing time.

    I have set behind the wall for a while
    I will not walk that same mile.
    The mile to hell is where I won't go
    For it is He (Christ) that I now know.

    I have been given a Second Chance
    For now it is that I will advance.
    I will take this as a lesson to learn
    For I will no longer yearn.


    Don't put a question mark
    where God put a period


    I made a big mistake
    Breaking my trust with my Savior, Jesus Christ
    I now do not have to forsake
    For He is Christ and He will let me decide.
    It really hurts to sit here in this cell.
    Especially when it makes my heart ache
    I now feel as though I have fell,
    I am no longer a Christ-fake.
    A believer in Christ, for He has saved my soul.
    I feel no more pain from the evil knife,
    It is He, Christ, who gives eternal life.
    I really believe it is He who will grow,
    grow in my thoughts and in my heart.
    I need not know my enemies and foes,
    For they have really make me hurt.
    Thank You Christ, for my re-birth.
    For You are my Savior forever and ever.


    Man's way leads to a
    Hopeless End,
    God's way leads to an
    Endless Hope!


    What has she done?
    She has given me the power
    The power to stand tall, like a tower.

    What has she done?
    She has loved me through this all
    And because of that I will not fall.

    What has she done?
    She has given me trust
    And because of that, I feel like a great piece of

    What has she done?
    She has forgiven and forgot all my crime.
    And she loves me all the time.

    What has she done?
    She has filled my heart with joy and pride.
    And if she wouldn't have, this would be a long ride.

    Thank you a lot MOM!!!!!!
    With love always—Your son Dan.

    He who kneels before God
    can stand before anyone


    I invite you all to see
    Just how much love the LORD will give thee.

    Life is good and life is grand
    But only after you put Jesus in command.

    Only with Faith in the Lord, Christ; can you against
    anything stand.
    With Christ's Love in your heart can you meet any

    For when your own birthday do you curse
    The Lord is there for you always and first.

    God sent His only Son to bring into the world, Salvation
    But those who die and don't believe are hell-send
    in damnation.

    You must confess with your whole heart, all your sin
    For in the short while a New Life, it's time to begin.

    Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness are ours for the taking.
    For that Purity of heart you will find in no way mistaken.


    He who is good at making
    Excuses is seldom good at
    Anything else.


    (The Holy Bible: John 3:16 and Romans 10:9)

    'Tis this we can say
    When we find our way
    I thank the Lord, my Savior
    For my change in behavior.

    From myself, I no longer have to run.
    I may admit without shame, to the things I have done.
    All my evils are driven away,
    For the Lord Jesus Christ has forgiven me this very day.

    The Bible was written like a journal,
    Only to tell us of Life Eternal.
    Now, in faith, we may start a New Life today,
    As our old sins are completely washed away.

    So, this of you all I dare,
    Come and bow your heads in prayer.
    In our hearts admit
    Jesus Christ abideth there.


    A Family Alter
    can Alter a Family


Excerpted from EXIST IN DARKNESS by Harvey A. Thomas Copyright © 2013 by Harvey A. Thomas. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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