Exorcism At Midnight

Exorcism At Midnight

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by Leander Jackie Grogan

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Go deep behind the scenes of a modern-day exorcism. Rub your hands across the smooth silver face of a sacred St. Benedict metal used to ward off diabolical forces. Inhale the purity of towels, soaked in the rivers of Bethany. Now, smell the stench of demon-infested bowels and listen to the bloodcurdling screams of victims with a thousand angry demons


Go deep behind the scenes of a modern-day exorcism. Rub your hands across the smooth silver face of a sacred St. Benedict metal used to ward off diabolical forces. Inhale the purity of towels, soaked in the rivers of Bethany. Now, smell the stench of demon-infested bowels and listen to the bloodcurdling screams of victims with a thousand angry demons inside.

Pastor Rodney Coleman has been given a second chance in life, though it appears God has kept him around only to demonstrate to the angels how thoroughly and relentlessly he chastens those he loves.

How can he rescue his wife when he can't rescue himself? Pray, will you? ... Pray for a bird choir that sings melodious songs of victory. Pray that an old wounded buffalo will be renewed in strength. Pray that the sun will stand still long enough to shine a glorious light from heaven. Pray that evil will be forced to retreat to the darkest corner of hell.

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Leander Jackie Grogan
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God's Mysterious Tower , #1
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Leander Jackie Grogan is a native of Houston, Texas, graduate of Texas Tech University and novelist for twenty plus years. His excellence in writing extends over a multiplicity of genres with seven novels having been distributed in eleven countries and five different languages. Both, Exorcism At Midnight and Black Church Blues have become bestsellers with worldwide distribution and popular choices for discussion on national talk shows. He has won numerous local and national awards in creative writing for radio, print and the web. Besides having authored a number of nonfiction articles in such national publications as the Houston Business Journal, AdWeek, Dallas Weekly, Jet and Business info Magazine, Grogan is author of a current business bestseller, What’s Wrong With Your Small Business Team; at one point in 2011, holding the #44 spot in the small business category on Amazon.com. Grogan also serves as a guest blogger for the national crime/suspense writer’s website, Murder by 4, Book Bloggers, has written and produced three local spiritual comedies, and some years ago, had a work of fiction published in Hustler Magazine. Grogan’s popularity continues to grow exponentially as a member of the new breed of storytellers unencumbered by the dictates of old world cookie-cutter characters and a narrow spotlight, perpetually shining on the rich side of town. His characters are bold and edgy and unpredictable, and invariably in conflict with traditional values. His writings go out of their way to explore spiritual unknowns and the deep crevices of the mind that harbor raw insight and truth. Grogan’s favorite writer, and most preponderant upon his current style, is the late Sidney Sheldon. Specific works such as Polar Shift by Clive Cussler, Dead Zone by Stephen King, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, Deep Cover by Michael Tolkin and The Rainmaker by John Grisham have also had a great influence on his commitment to rich, multi-layered characterization and intricately crafted plots.

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Exorcism at Midnight 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Whentella More than 1 year ago
Some say seminary is a joke. But you be the judge. The storyline is so unusual and thankfully so removed from those cookie-cutter exorcism plots. I thoroughly enjoyed the well-paced suspense and surprise ending. But the thing I found most remarkable about this book was its educational value. I know how the church deals with other religions. It suppresses all other teachings without explaining why. I would never leave my Christian roots, but I don't like being patted on the head by some Sunday School teacher who's saying, "Now, now, you don't want to know about this or that." I want to know, and this book gets into it so I can see new aspects of Christ's teaching about, well, evil. I've read other books by Leander Jackie Grogan and I like how his style always has a certain quality in it that tickles the soul. It's smooth and easy to follow. This story is another that provokes deep thinking and leaves you with a sense of enlightenment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Exorcism At Midnight (God’s Mysterious Tower Series, Book One) by Leander Jackie Grogan begins with the approach of a monster storm to the city of Houston. This hurricane is two hundred miles away, approaches slowly, and grows in intensity. With its impending landfall, Grogan foreshadows the impending “storm” about to hit Rodney Coleman and his wife Kathy. Rodney “Preacher” Coleman is a thirty-eight-year-old former fullback for Texas A&M. After surviving a bad experience at a college freebasing party, Rodney is given a second chance at life. He enrolls in a seminary, becomes a minister, and moves to Dallas. Rodney is a “true” believer. But, will he still be after his trials are over? Kathy is a freshman who attends the same off-campus party, but does not do drugs; her high-morals save her life. She follows Rodney to Dallas and later becomes his wife. Kathy is an “untested” believer. Will her faith stand the tests of time? Yacine is an Angolan immigrant who befriends Rodney. Yacine has an extraordinary gift - the gift of prophecy. His prophesies come true. So, what does Yacine prophesy for Rodney? Rodney and Kathy experience a series of milestones: a new house, a new ministry, a new catering business, a first pregnancy. The rise is fast. When he comes to visit from NYS to help the couple celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, Yacine tells Rodney he has the mark of suffering – a mark you do not see, you feel – and he will serve God in a special way. Yacine also says to Rodney, “Your season has begun.” After Yacine leaves, Rodney and Kathy experience a series of tragic losses: a lost ministry, a failed business, a lost baby, a lost home. The fall is protracted. Their faith is tested, over and over. Will Rodney’s faith endure? Will Kathy’s faith survive? During a trip to Austin to visit Kathy’s Great-Aunt Bessie Mae, Kathy shops for souvenirs at a small corner store. She leaves with a grab bag of surprise treasures, and a necklace of her choosing. But, back at home, what looked like a bargain turns out to be more than either Rodney or Kathy ever bargained for. Along with a few trinkets, Kathy encounters a demon that possesses her. How? Yacine confirms Kathy’s possession, naming the actual demon: Nyambii. Rodney and Yacine argue. Yacine leaves, but later returns with Father Devann. The Franciscan priest helps Rodney and Yacine perform Kathy’s June 21st exorcism at midnight. Why June 21st? And, why at midnight? Exorcism At Midnight is a sojourn, taking the reader through a test of faith, a battle against evil. Grogan’s knowledge of possessions and exorcisms is impressive and highly entertaining. Grogan’s Ecclesiastes 3 debate is deep and thought-provoking. And, the novel handles “gifts” and “marks” deftly and accurately. Exorcism At Midnight is Christian Fiction, but I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a great work of fiction with life-affirming issues of faith and truth. It is truly a mind-opening read. 3 1/2 stars