The Experience of Crusading

The Experience of Crusading

by Peter Edbury

A collection of essays focusing on the history and politics of the Latin East.See more details below


A collection of essays focusing on the history and politics of the Latin East.

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Jonathan Riley-Smith, the crusades and the Latin east: an appreciation Jonathan Phillips with Peter Edbury; Part I. People and Politics: 1. The 'muddy road' of Odo Arpin from Bourges to La Charité-sur-Loire Jonathan Shepard; 2. Alice of Antioch: a case study of female power in the twelfth century Tom Asbridge; 3. Gaufridus abbas Templi Domini: an underestimated figure in the early history of the kingdom of Jerusalem Rudolf Hiestand; 4. The career of Philip of Nablus in the kingdom of Jerusalem Malcolm Barber; Part II. Re-reading the Sources: 5. A second incarnation in Frankish Jerusalem Benjamin Z. Kedar; 6. The Old French translation of William of Tyre as an historical source Bernard Hamilton; 7. The Freiburg leaf: crusader art and loca sancta around the year 1200 Jaroslav Folda; 8. Reading John of Jaffa Peter Edbury; Part III. History and Historiography: 9. Churches and settlement in crusader Palestine Denys Pringle; 10. King Fulk of Jerusalem as city lord Hans Eberhard Mayer; 11. The adventure of John Gale, knight of Tyre Jean Richard; 12. Hülegü Khan and the christians: the making of a myth Peter Jackson; 13. Orientalism and the early development of crusader studies Robert Irwin; Part IV. Commerce in Context: 14. Notes on the economic consequences of the crusades Michel Balard; 15. New Venetian evidence on crusader Acre David Jacoby; 16. The role of the Templars and the Hospitallers in the movement of commodities involving Cyprus, 1291–1312 Nicholas Coureas; 17. From Tunis to Piombino: piracy and trade in the Tyrrhenian Sea, 1397–1472 David Abulafia.

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