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Experimental Studies of Interactive Decisions / Edition 1

Experimental Studies of Interactive Decisions / Edition 1

by Amnon Rapoport

ISBN-10: 0792306856

ISBN-13: 9780792306856

Pub. Date: 04/30/1990

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Theory and Decision Library C Series, #5
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Section A: Two-Person Interaction.- 1. Optimal Policies for the Prisoner’s Dilemma.- 2. Experimental Studies of Interdependent Mixed-Motive Games.- 3. Decisions of Timing in Bipolarized Conflict Situations with Complete Information.- 4. Decisions of Timing in Conflict Situations of Incomplete Information.- 5. Decisions of Timing in Experimental Probabilistic Duels.- 6. Effects of Fixed Costs in Two-Person Sequential Bargaining.- Section B: Small Group Interaction.- 7. A PDP-11/45 Program for Playing n-Person Characteristic Function Games.- 8. Test of the Bargaining Set and Kernel Models in Three-Person Games.- 9. Test of the Kernel and Two Bargaining Set Models in Four- and Five- Person Games.- 10. Standards of Fairness in 4-Person Monopolistic Cooperative Games.- 11. Coalition Formation in the Triad When Two are Weak and One is Strong.- 12. The Power of a Coalition and Payoff Disbursement in Three-Person Negotiable Conflicts.- 13. Coalition Formation in a Five-Person Market Game.- 14. Relative Gain Maximization in Sequential 3-Person Characteristic Function Games.- 15. Comparison of Theories for Payoff Disbursement of Coalition Values.- Section C: Large Group Interaction.- 16. Assessment of Political Power in the Israeli Knesset.- 17. Dominated, Connected, and Tight Coalitions in the Israeli Knesset.- Author Index.

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