Explaining the Economic Performance of Nations: Essays in Time and Space

Explaining the Economic Performance of Nations: Essays in Time and Space

by Angus Maddison

ISBN-10: 1852786000

ISBN-13: 9781852786007

Pub. Date: 01/01/1995

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
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Economists of the Twentieth Century Series
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Table of Contents

1Reasons for Accelerated Growth and Variations in Performance7
2Growth and Slowdown in Advanced Capitalist Economies: Techniques of Quantitative Assessment36
3Ultimate and Proximate Growth Causality: A Critique of Mancur Olson on the Rise and Decline of Nations86
4Explaining the Economic Performance of Nations, 1820-198991
5Standardised Estimates of Fixed Capital Stock: A Six Counts Comparison137
6A Long-Run Perspective on Saving167
7A Comparison of Levels of GDP Per Capita in Developed and Developing Countries, 1700-1980189
8The International Comparison of Value Added, Productivity and Purchasing Power Parities in Agriculture204
9International Comparison of Purchasing Power, Real Output and Labour Productivity: A Case Study of Brazilian, Mexican and US Manufacturing, 1975227
10The Historical Origins of Indian Poverty257
11The Historical Roots of Modern Mexico: 1500-1940308
12Dutch Income in and from Indonesia 1700-1938331
13Economic Stagnation Since 1973, Its Nature and Causes: A Six Country Survey361
14Origins and Impact of the Welfare State, 1883-1983385
15What Is Education For?418
16Confessions of a Chiffrephile433
Name index476

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