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Exploration in the Renaissance

Exploration in the Renaissance

by Lynne Elliott

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Children's Literature - Jennie DeGenaro
It is interesting to read about the difficulties sailors and explorers encountered trying to find a sea route to the East. Little was known in the 1400s through the 1600s about the world. The Renaissance era rediscovered previous knowledge of mapmaking and other skills necessary for this travel. Countries were interested in finding routes to the East since spices were much favored. When travel permitted, sea captains guarded their discoveries while pursuing their explorations. The Portuguese and Spanish started the race to find a sea route to the East. Voyages required much pre-planning and each member had many duties to perform and worked long hours each day. Life aboard ships was undesirable with cramped quarters, limited drinking water and edible food. Shipboard life was uncertain and dangerous. Pirates were another threat and privateers were licensed by European monarchs to capture and steal cargo from other countries' ships. Explorers from England, France, and the Netherlands took routes that were uncertain. This allowed countries to stake claims in new continent territories. English settlers, unable to find gold, found tobacco crops to be profitable. Religion was important to settlers whose goal was to change the native religion to Protestant or Catholic, depending on their country of origin. There are four books, printed in the United States, about the Renaissance period which will make desirable supplementary reading in middle school libraries. To assist readers, the author has provided further reading suggestions, a glossary, and an index. Reviewer: Jennie DeGenaro

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Renaissance World, #3
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