Explore the Virgin Islands

Explore the Virgin Islands

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by Harry S. Pariser

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Manatee Press
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Explore the Virgin Islands 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I always use Fodor's when I travel, because my experience is that they are consistently the best-organized and informative overall guides. But, I have found that it pays to look for another guidebook, preferably written by a native, which offers more in depth, specific information. This is that book. Although we have traveled to the Virgin Islands many times, it had been a very long time. This book was authoritative, accurate, and enjoyable to read on all subjects. Highly recommended.
MaryDeal More than 1 year ago
¿Explore the Virgin Islands,¿ seventh edition, by Harry S. Pariser offers a chance to learn about any of the American or British Virgin Islands before you travel.

Having spent several years in the Caribbean I was surprised when I happened upon a copy of ¿Explore the Virgin Islands,¿ by Harry S. Pariser. The author has intricate knowledge of the Virgin Islands and offers a better experience for the casual traveler, who could miss much of the culture and events available if not known beforehand.

This book includes maps and photos and covered information on all the American and British Virgin Islands. Types of accommodations are listed, events like snorkeling, scuba, and horseback riding to name a few. ¿Explore the Virgin Islands," seventh edition, by Harry S. Pariser, is so packed with information, it is most likely the only book of its kind with total information needed by any visitor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
joylouise More than 1 year ago
Starting with the Table of Contents, ¿Explore the Virgin Islands¿ is a comprehensive and detailed book about a group of islands in the North Eastern Caribbean. The book covers information about the islands from plant life to sea life. It even tells you about the history of the islands, current governments and all the colorful festivals that are held throughout the year.

Filled with interesting tidbits, like the one on page 248 titled ¿BVI Conduct¿, you get a feel for how life is there. This particular one ends with ¿learn to groove with it¿.

By the time you finish reading this book, you will know everything you wanted to know and lots more about these beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

If you are planning a trip to the Virgins, or even if you just want to learn about them, this book will take you there and show you around. I¿ve traveled the islands and still learned quite a bit from Harry¿s book. It is the most complete travel guide of the area I¿ve ever read.
THECARDIFFSCRIBE More than 1 year ago
As a frequent visitor to the Virgin Islands (always on a sailboat I¿ve chartered and skippered), I was interested to see what a Virgin Island travel book for the non-sailor might have to offer. The cruising guides I¿ve relied upon for my adventures focus on information you need to navigate and safely moor or anchor your boat¿GPS waypoints, water depths and hazards, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Explore the Virgin Islands by Harry S. Pariser (Seventh Edition), was a book I would also find helpful during my sailing trips. I¿ve relied on many travel guides in non-sailing trips around the world, and this book has a great deal to recommend it. First, and foremost, it¿s small and light enough that you can actually carry it with you. (Some travel books are so large and heavy that I¿ve ended up photocopying pages or sections, which never works out very well). It reminds me of the early Michelin guidebooks. It¿s not filled with colorful photos, but it does have an excellent selection of the charts and maps a traveler will need. The book¿s organization is straight forward, and while it doesn¿t offer the ¿Ten Things You Must See and Do¿, it covers all that you need: some history of the various islands culture and government, transportation, accommodations, food, hotels, and attractions. The coverage of snorkeling and water adventure opportunities is very good and tracked my own knowledge of many of the best spots for this type of activity. Finally, the publisher, Manatee Press, focuses on ecological and environmental issues, and you¿ll find some helpful and enlightening discussions that pertain to the rich and varied ecology of the Virgin Islands.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Explore the Virgin Islands is packed with great information-- hotels and dining for all budgets plus how to get around by sailing, ferry or taxi.

If you're planning a special trip, maybe a sailing charter poking through the cays or a marriage on the beach-- you'll find updated maps and websites.

This is a great book crammed with interesting and helpful information.

Carolyn Harris
Author: RV in NZ: How to Spend Your Winters South in New Zealand
Guest More than 1 year ago
I do quite a bit of traveling and often buy a Lonely Planet guide as a basic reference. Lately, however, I've become somewhat jaded by its formulaic coverage and superficial approach. I'm also skeptical about how they go about choosing which accomodations and restaurants to include in their books. Pariser's book at first glance looks remarkably like a Lonely Planet guide--the same format and much the same information. However, Pariser puts more of himself into it and the book clearly is a labor of love. Pariser's guide compares to Lonely Planet like a family restaurant to McDonalds.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Travel through St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix and the British Virgin Islands without waiting to board the plane! If you¿ve already visited this region of earthly paradise you are sure to find an abundance of ideas for shopping, local attractions, beaches, historical sites and fascinating fun facts to add to your next island experience. There¿s even a getting married section for readers who may be dreaming of a beach wedding. This guide not only explains sea life, animal life, plant life and coral reefs it also warns of underwater hazards and cures, offers tips for environmental, undersea and boating conduct and provides island do¿s and don¿ts. Explore the Virgin Islands takes readers beyond the standard travel guide information and encourages them to become adventurous island explorers. I only wish I had read about the ¿herbivorous¿ iguana on St. Thomas before seeing the approximately four foot long creature scaling down a tree in front of me at Coki Beach! Review by JoAnna Carey, Author of Rat Race Relaxer: Your Potential & The Maze of Life
Guest More than 1 year ago
Travelers to the Virgin Islands will find Harry Pariser¿s book ¿Explore the Virgin Islands, Sixth Edition,¿ a valuable resource, both in planning their trip and using the guide daily while there. He writes short, succinct paragraphs about each and every activity one might wish to experience. The descriptions of hotels, guest houses and resorts while brief, is complete and gives an complete overview of what is available, leading to further investigation if one is interested. Descriptions of activities and features on the islands are very good and accurate. Reading ¿Explore the Virgin Islands,¿ before reaching the islands will encourage the traveler to try local restaurants and island activities they might otherwise overlook. Other little known tidbits about the islands are included in sidebars and furnish a fascinating short look at the islands culture, history, and maps of important locations and historical sites. The section dealing with hitching a ride is priceless. Can you tell who is a tourist and who is a local by the way they hold their thumb or forefinger? Read the book and you will know, and get more rides Prices quoted for ferries, hotels and such are generally current although the cost of fuel is being felt in the islands and taxi¿s and ferry prices may creep up. Likewise the cost of food never seems to go down, and island prices for lunch or dinner will shock some travelers used to moderate restaurant prices stateside. First time travelers may discover there are two Virgin Island groups. The U.S. Virgin Islands, USVI consisting of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John with many smaller cays and islets and just east of St. John, the British Virgin Islands, BVI. Both the US and British Virgin Islands share many common traits (including the same U.S. currency) but travel between the two does require clearing customs, immigration and you need a passport, birth certificate or other government identification for re-entry to the USVI.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Having commenced bare-boating in the 1960's and taking up underwater photography throughout the Lesser Antilles in the 70's, I thought I knew the Virgin Islands. That is, until I came across Mr. Pariser¿s 6th Ed. of Explore the Virgin Islands. Every good travel book gives you the 'What to see'', 'Where?' and 'How to get there' information. While this book achieves that, it goes far beyond. The author not only gives us enough well written history expressed in terms relevant to the concerns of today, but also explains in simple terms how the various economic and social systems fit together to create the local culture. For me, the result was a new found appreciation for an old turf I had become all too familiar with. For anyone with an interest in the Virgin Islands ¿ for travel purposes or otherwise ¿ I highly recommend this book.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Juanita Watson for Reader Views (1/06) This is a fantastic guidebook. Harry S. Pariser covers everything you need to know about the Virgin Islands and more. Condensed into a small, lightweight purse or backpack sized book, there is no compromising in quantity of information. Included are all the essentials ¿ accommodations for all budgets, various choices of transportation, and endless ideas for entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. It covers every type of traveler. Do you lean towards a more natural experience? There are choices such as ecotours, hiking trails, secluded beaches, dive sites, National Parks and even horseback riding. Maybe you prefer a more refined experience. Pariser provides information on art galleries, villas, formal dining, sailing, and yachting. How about an island wedding? Many ideas are included to help you plan that perfect day. Find out about golfing, bowling, bird watching, deep sea fishing, car rentals, tours, taxi fares, banking, internet access, island hopping and more. This guide really does have it all. I especially appreciated the easy to follow maps, relevant charts, and inspiring photos. I feel this book would allow any traveler to easily plan a memorable vacation experience. Pariser also includes many websites, email addresses, and phone numbers to help you get direct and timely additional information. All that said, what I really think sets this guidebook apart from many others is the wealth of additional information. A lengthy section, and various excerpts throughout the book, detail history, archaeology, flora and fauna, native foods, music and more. I personally have a fuller and deeper travel experience learning about the local culture, and this book provides just that. Not only is Explore the Virgin Islands a highly informative travel book, but a genuinely interesting read too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have visited the Virgin Islands many times, and always with great delight. This book has shown me many things I didn¿t know, and will definitely be in my suitcase next time. The descriptions of flora and fauna in the beginning are exceptional, but this book has far more to offer. The coverage of places to eat and to stay is much more thorough than that in most other guides, and includes places I wouldn¿t want to miss. The discussion of activities and sites includes things I haven¿t seen in any other guide, and approaches I haven¿t found discussed elsewhere. The dramatic cover and the charming photographs inside also help to convey the mood and beauty of the islands. Add this to the author¿s willingness to reveal his opinions and preferences, and you have the kind of unique and charming guide that is a rare find.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Pariser's book covers all the essentials--taxi rates,where to get the ferry, a list of shops in downtown Charlotte Amelie and all the restaurants and hotel and villa rental info is there too.But he has an interest in the environment and history that shines through. There are pages of information on flora and fauna and lots of material on scuba diving and snorkeling. Over 100 pages are on the British Virgins with lots of nooks and crannies, eateries and hilltop guesthouses, parks and beaches all covered. I liked Pariser's 'politically incorrect' write-ups of people like Sir Francis Drake and other pirates, politicans and plunderers who roamed the Caribbean. A good book for those who take and week or two (and even snowbirds) and have time to explore all the Virgins.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The new edition of this guidebook is the best yet. There's lots of great information here! We were able to experience many things we would have missed thanks to the invaluable information supplied in this guide. The photos are great, as are the maps. The tips are especially helpful.
Guest More than 1 year ago
You don't have to be a virgin-rover to get the most of this exceptional travel guide to the American and British Virgin Islands. Veteran travelers to the Virgins will find it equally useful. Best of all the USVI and BVI guides!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Having lived on St. John for 20 years, it was fun to learn new information about this special island from Explore the Virgin Islands. Mr Pariser has hiked the trails and met the people. His book is the most personalized and comprehensive guide I have read. It is a must for anyone visiting S. John. Pariser's most complete guide is unique and fits easily into your beach bag or backpack.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love Harry Pariser's new 'Explore the Virgin Islands' guide. It's packed full of off beat places to stay, to shop, to hike, sail, explore, dine and vegetate. And, it's nicely referenced for looking stuff up even when I have an arm full of souvenirs. Lots of photos in color and black and white, good maps. Overall, it's a terrific guide.