Exploring Health

Exploring Health

by Claire Llewellyn

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Children's Literature - Carrie Hane Hung
Begin to learn about health science in this introductory text. Read about diet, exercise, cleanliness, and preventive care to maintain good health. The information is brief, and the use of additional resources and activities, along with discussion, may help readers comprehend the concepts. Most of the color photographs support the text by showing children in action; a few snapshots are confusing and do not directly support the information. There are different informational text features that may require some guidance or introduction for young readers. Some of these features are the table of contents, labels, exploration activity insets, chapter headings, glossary, and index. Some children may need support with following the print on the page; the print placement of the body of the text is varied in placement on the page and requires navigation around the informational text features. At the back of the book there is an activity with directions to make a fruit snack. This text is one of eight in the "A Sense of Science," series which provides introductions to other areas of science. Reviewer: Carrie Hane Hung

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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4 - 7 Years

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