Exploring Human Sexuality: Making Healthy Decisions / Edition 2

Exploring Human Sexuality: Making Healthy Decisions / Edition 2

by Richard McAnulty, M. Michele Burnette

ISBN-10: 020538059X

ISBN-13: 9780205380596

Pub. Date: 07/14/2003

Publisher: Pearson

Exploring Human Sexuality presents a unifying theme of physical and psychological sexual health that encourages students to think critically and make healthy decisions within a framework that integrates physiological, psychological, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality. McAnulty and Burnette take a scholarly, research-oriented approach while presenting…  See more details below


Exploring Human Sexuality presents a unifying theme of physical and psychological sexual health that encourages students to think critically and make healthy decisions within a framework that integrates physiological, psychological, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality. McAnulty and Burnette take a scholarly, research-oriented approach while presenting the material within a "friendly advisor" framework, highlighting health issues and diversity. Students are challenged to critically analyze and apply information to their own lives.

Highlights of the Second Edition:

  • Includes new coverage of sexuality around the world, family's influence on sexuality, and religion.
  • Did You Know? features include interesting statistics and thought-provoking comments on hot topics and cross-cultural differences.
  • In Your Own Words features highlight current college students discussing some aspect of sexuality in their own lives.
  • Reflect on This features challenge students to apply what they have read to themselves or assess their thinking on particular topics.

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Table of Contents

Art 1An Introduction to Sexuality and Sexual Health
Chapter 1Sexuality Today2
Contemporary Trends4
Major Sociocultural Influences13
Historical Perspectives on Sexuality19
Current Theoretical Perspectives on Sexuality27
Healthy Decision Making34
Chapter 2Research Methods in Sexuality36
Sexology: The Science of Sex38
The Scientific Approach39
Goals of Scientific Research39
Rules and Fundamental Assumptions in Science40
Measurement in Science42
Research Designs in Science46
Issues and Controversies in Sexology58
Healthy Decision Making62
Art 2The Biological Basis of Sexuality
Chapter 3Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy64
Female Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy65
Common Diseases of the Female Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy77
Preventive Care of the Female Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy84
Male Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy87
Common Diseases of the Male Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy98
Preventive Care of the Male Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy102
Healthy Decision Making104
Chapter 4Physiology of Sexual Arousal and Response
Models of Human Sexual Response107
The Sexual Response Cycle114
Neural and Hormonal Control of Sexual Response119
Other Factors Affecting Sexual Response126
Healthy Decision Making132
Art 3Reproduction and Sexual Development
Chapter 5Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth134
Conception and Fetal Development135
The Experience of Pregnancy140
Prenatal Care144
Prenatal Medical Complications152
Infertility and Technological Advances in Conception155
Sex Selection159
Advances in Testing for and Treating Fetal Problems160
Labor and Delivery163
The Postpartum Period169
Healthy Decision Making175
Chapter 6Contraception and Abortion178
Contraceptive Methods184
Healthy Decision Making214
Chapter 7Sexual Development from Birth Through Adolescence216
Theories of Sexual Development217
Sex Differentiation222
Childhood Sexuality: Birth to 8 Years227
Pre-Adolescent Sexuality: 8 to 12 Years229
Sexuality in Adolescence: 12 to 18 Years232
Issues in Adolescent Sexuality240
Healthy Decision Making250
Chapter 8Sexual Development in Adulthood252
Psychosocial Challenges of Adulthood254
Cohabitation: An Alternative to Marriage?270
Sexuality and Aging283
Healthy Decision Making286
Art 4The Social Context of Sexuality
Chapter 9Gender Roles and Sexuality288
Sex, Gender, and Challenges to Stereotypes289
Biological and Social Theories of Gender293
A Closer Look at Environmental Influences299
Gender Roles and Well-Being305
Gender Roles and Cross-Sex Interpersonal Relationships307
Similarities and Differences in Male and Female Sexuality309
Healthy Decision Making315
Chapter 10Sexual Orientation318
Sexual Orientation: What's in a Name?320
Sexual Identity Formation321
Prevalence of Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, and Bisexuality327
Descriptive Models of Sexuality328
Determining Sexual Orientation: Nature versus Nurture331
The Lesbian and Gay Movement338
Sexual Communities340
Heterosexism and Homophobia347
Healthy Decision Making349
Chapter 11Love and Sensual Communication352
Love Relationships363
Maintaining Love Relationships365
Conflict in Love Relationships367
Resolving Relationship Conflict368
Relationship Problems373
Sex and Sensual Communication376
Healthy Decision Making385
Art 5Issues and Problems in Sexuality
Chapter 12Sexual Coercion388
Sexual Assault390
Sexual Abuse and Incest409
Sexual Harassment415
Healthy Decision Making425
Chapter 13Sexual Dysfunctions428
Overview of Sexual Dysfunctions430
Types of Sexual Dysfunctions432
General Causes of Sexual Dysfunctions448
Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions452
Healthy Decision Making462
Chapter 14Commercial Sex464
Adult Entertainment477
Healthy Decision Making488
Chapter 15Atypical Sexual Behavior490
A Historical Perspective491
General Features of Atypical Sexual Behavior493
Noncoercive Atypical Sexual Behavior495
Coercive Atypical Sexual Behavior502
Explanations of Atypical Sexual Behavior508
Treatment of Problematic Sexual Behavior514
Healthy Decision Making516
Art 6Sexual Health
Chapter 16Sexually Transmissible Infections: Symptoms and Transmission518
The STI Epidemic520
Vaginal Infections521
Parasitic Infections523
Bacterial Infections524
Non-HIV Viral Infections531
The HIV Epidemic538
Healthy Decision Making548
Chapter 17Sexually Transmissible Infections: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Risk Reduction550
Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-HIV STIs551
Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV/AIDS556
Living with Incurable STIs560
Reducing the Risks of STIs563
Healthy Decision Making572
Chapter 18Health and Human Sexuality574
Life-Threatening Diseases578
Chronic Illnesses591
Spinal Cord Injury599
Protecting Your Sexual Health602
Healthy Decision Making607
Photo Credits620
Name Index669
Subject Index682

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