Exploring: Microsoft Excel 2013, Comprehensive / Edition 1

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This book offers full, comprehensive coverage of Excel.

Move students beyond the point-and-click.

The goal of the Exploring series is to move students beyond the point and click, to understanding the why and how behind each skill. And, because so much learning takes place outside of the classroom, this series provides learning tools that students can access anywhere, any time.

Students go to college now with a different set of skills than they did years ago. With this in mind, the Exploring series seeks to move students beyond the basics of the software at a faster pace, without sacrificing coverage of the fundamental skills that everyone needs to know.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780133412185
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Publication date: 6/14/2013
  • Series: Exploring Series
  • Edition description: Comprehens
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 736
  • Sales rank: 44,067
  • Product dimensions: 8.80 (w) x 10.80 (h) x 1.10 (d)

Table of Contents

Microsoft Office 2013

Chapter One Office Fundamentals and File Management: Taking the First Step 1

Objectives 1

Case Study: Spotted Begonia Art Gallery 1

Windows 8 Startup 2

Logging In with Your Microsoft Account 2

Identifying the Start Screen Components 3

Interacting with the Start Screen 4

Accessing the Desktop 4

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Windows 8 Startup 6

Files and Folders 10

Using File Explorer 10

Working with Folders and Files 13

Selecting, Copying, and Moving Multiple Files and Folders 15

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Files and Folders 17

Microsoft Office Software 22

Identifying Common Interface Components 22

Getting Office Help 28

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Microsoft Office Software 31

The Backstage View Tasks 36

Opening a File 36

Printing a File 38

Closing a File and Application 39

Hands-On Exercise 4:

The Backstage View Tasks 41

Home Tab Tasks 45

Selecting and Editing Text 45

Using the Clipboard Group Commands 49

Using the Editing Group Commands 52

Hands-On Exercise 5:

Home Tab Tasks 55

Insert Tab Tasks 60

Inserting Objects 60

Review Tab Tasks 62

Reviewing a File 62

Page Layout Tab Tasks 65

Using the Page Setup Dialog Box 66

Hands-On Exercise 6:

Insert Tab Tasks, Page Layout Tab Tasks, and

Review Tab Tasks 68

Chapter Objectives Review 72

Key Terms Matching 73

Multiple Choice 74

Practice Exercises 75

Mid-Level Exercises 79

Beyond the Classroom 81

Capstone Exercise 82

Microsoft Office Excel 2013

Chapter One Introduction to Excel: What Is a Spreadsheet? 83

Objectives 83

Case Study: ok Office Systems 83

Introduction to Spreadsheets 84

Exploring the Excel Window 84

Entering and Editing Cell Data 87

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Introduction to Spreadsheets 91

Mathematics and Formulas 94

Creating Formulas 94

Using Auto Fill 96

Displaying Cell Formulas 97

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Mathematics and Formulas 99

Workbook and Worksheet Management 104

Managing Worksheets 104

Managing Columns and Rows 107

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Workbook and Worksheet Management 111

Clipboard Tasks 116

Selecting, Moving, Copying, and Pasting Data 116

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Clipboard Tasks 121

Formatting 124

Applying Alignment and Font Options 124

Applying Number Formats 126

Hands-On Exercise 5:

Formatting 129

Page Setup and Printing 133

Selecting Page Setup Options 133

Previewing and Printing a Worksheet 137

Hands-On Exercise 6:

Page Setup and Printing 138

Chapter Objectives Review 142

Key Terms Matching 144

Multiple Choice 145

Practice Exercises 146

Mid-Level Exercises 151

Beyond the Classroom 154

Capstone Exercise 155

Chapter Two Formulas and Functions: Performing Quantitative Analysis 157

Objectives 157

Case Study: Townsend Mortgage Company 157

Formula Basics 158

Using Relative, Absolute, and Mixed Cell

References in Formulas 158

Correcting Circular References 160

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Formula Basics 162

Function Basics 166

Inserting a Function 166

Inserting Basic Math and Statistics Functions 168

Using Date Functions 173

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Function Basics 176

Logical, Lookup, and Financial Functions 181

Determining Results with the IF Function 181

Using Lookup Functions 184

Calculating Payments with the PMT Function 187

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Logical, Lookup, and Financial Functions 188

Range Names 192

Creating and Maintaining Range Names 192

Using Range Names in Formulas 194

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Range Names 195

Chapter Objectives Review 198

Key Terms Matching 199

Multiple Choice 200

Practice Exercises 201

Mid-Level Exercises 206

Beyond the Classroom 211

Capstone Exercise 213

Chapter Three Charts: Depicting Data Visually 215

Objectives 215

Case Study: Computer Job Outlook 215

Chart Creation Basics 216

Selecting the Data Source 216

Choosing a Chart Type 217

Moving, Sizing, and Printing a Chart 227

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Chart Creation Basics 230

Chart Elements 235

Adding Chart Elements 235

Formatting Chart Elements 238

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Chart Elements 243

Chart Design and Sparklines 247

Applying a Chart Style and Colors 247

Modifying the Data Source 248

Creating and Customizing Sparklines 249

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Chart Design and Sparklines 251

Chapter Objectives Review 254

Key Terms Matching 255

Multiple Choice 256

Practice Exercises 257

Mid-Level Exercises 260

Beyond the Classroom 263

Capstone Exercise 264

Chapter Four Datasets and Tables: Managing Large Volumes of Data 265

Objectives 265

Case Study: Reid Furniture Store 265

Large Datasets 266

Freezing Rows and Columns 267

Printing Large Datasets 267

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Large Datasets 271

Excel Tables 275

Designing and Creating Tables 275

Applying a Table Style 279

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Excel Tables 281

Table Manipulation 286

Sorting Data 286

Filtering Data 288

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Table Manipulation 292

Table Aggregation 297

Using Structured References and a Total Row 297

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Table Aggregation 300

Conditional Formatting 304

Applying Conditional Formatting 304

Creating a New Rule 308

Hands-On Exercise 5:

Conditional Formatting 311

Chapter Objectives Review 315

Key Terms Matching 316

Multiple Choice 317

Practice Exercises 318

Mid-Level Exercises 322

Beyond the Classroom 324

Capstone Exercise 326

Summarizing and Analyzing Data 327

Chapter Five Subtotals, PivotTables, and PivotCharts:

Objectives 327

Case Study: Ivory Halls Publishing Company 327

Subtotals and Outlines 328

Subtotaling Data 328

Grouping and Ungrouping Data 331

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Subtotals and Outlines 332

Pivottable Basics 336

Creating a PivotTable 336

Modifying a PivotTable 339

Hands-On Exercise 2:

PivotTable Basics 344

Pivottable Options 349

Filtering and Slicing a PivotTable 349

Creating a Calculated Field 352

Hands-On Exercise 3:

PivotTable Options 354

Pivottable Design and Pivotcharts 359

Formatting a PivotTable 359

Using PowerPivot Functionality 360

Creating a PivotChart 362

Hands-On Exercise 4:

PivotTable Design and PivotCharts 364

Chapter Objectives Review 366

Key Terms Matching 367

Multiple Choice 368

Practice Exercises 369

Mid-Level Exercises 373

Beyond the Classroom 375

Capstone Exercise 376

Chapter Six What-If Analysis: Using Decision-Making Tools 377

Objectives 377

Case Study: Personal Finance: Buying Your First Home 377

One- and Two-Variable Data Tables 378

Creating a One-Variable Data Table 378

Creating a Two-Variable Data Table 382

Hands-On Exercise 1:

One- and Two-Variable Data Tables 384

Goal Seek and Scenario Manager 389

Identifying an Input Value with Goal Seek 389

Using Scenario Manager 390

Generating Scenario Summary Reports 392

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Goal Seek and Scenario Manager 394

Solver 398

Loading the Solver Add-In 398

Optimizing Results with Solver 399

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Solver 405

Chapter Objectives Review 409

Key Terms Matching 410

Multiple Choice 411

Practice Exercises 412

Mid-Level Exercises 415

Beyond the Classroom 417

Capstone Exercise 419

Chapter Seven Specialized Functions: Logical, Lookup, Databases, and Finances 421

Objectives 421

Case Study: Transpayne Filtration 421

Logical and Lookup Functions 422

Creating a Nested Logical Function 422

Using Match and Index Lookup Functions 426

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Logical and Lookup Functions 429

Database Filtering and Functions 433

Using Advanced Filtering 433

Manipulating Data with Database Functions 435

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Database Filtering and Functions 438

Financial Functions 442

Creating a Loan Amortization Table 442

Performing Other Financial Calculations 444

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Financial Functions 447

Chapter Objectives Review 451

Key Terms Matching 452

Multiple Choice 453

Practice Exercises 454

Mid-Level Exercises 459

Beyond the Classroom 462

Capstone Exercise 463

Chapter Eight Statistical Functions: Analyzing Statistics 465

Objectives 465

Case Study: Education Evaluation 465

Math and Statistical Functions 466

Using Conditional Math and Statistical Functions 466

Calculating Relative Standing with Statistical Functions 469

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Math and Statistical Functions 474

Descriptive Statistical Functions 479

Measuring Central Tendency 479

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Descriptive Statistical Functions 483

Inferential Statistics 486

Loading the Analysis ToolPak 486

Performing Analysis Using the Analysis ToolPak 486

Performing Analysis of Variance (Anova) 486

Calculating Covariance 488

Creating a Histogram 488

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Inferential Statistics 490

Chapter Objectives Review 494

Key Terms Matching 495

Multiple Choice 496

Practice Exercises 497

Mid-Level Exercises 500

Beyond the Classroom 502

Capstone Exercise 503

Chapter Nine Multiple-Sheet Workbook Management: Ensuring Quality Control 505

Objectives 505

Case Study: Circle City Sporting Goods 505

Multiple Worksheets 506

Working with Grouped Worksheets 506

Managing Windows and Workspaces 509

Inserting Hyperlinks 511

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Multiple Worksheets 514

3-D Formulas and Linked Workbooks 519

Inserting a 3-D Formula 519

Linking Workbooks 521

Hands-On Exercise 2:

3-D Formulas and Linked Workbooks 524

Formula Audits and Data Validation 528

Auditing Formulas 529

Setting Up a Watch Window 531

Validating Data 532

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Formula Audits and Data Validation 535

Chapter Objectives Review 540

Key Terms Matching 541

Multiple Choice 542

Practice Exercises 543

Mid-Level Exercises 546

Beyond the Classroom 549

Capstone Exercise 551

Chapter Ten Imports, Web Queries, and XML: Managing Data 553

Objectives 553

Case Study: Stock Analysis 553

External Data 554

Importing Data from External Sources 554

Creating a Web Query 558

Managing Connections 560

Hands-On Exercise 1:

External Data 562

Text Manipulation 568

Converting Text to Columns 568

Manipulating Text with Functions 569

Using Flash Fill 571

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Text Manipulation 572

XML 575

Understanding Xml Syntax 575

Importing Xml Data into Excel 576

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Xml 579

Chapter Objectives Review 582

Key Terms Matching 583

Multiple Choice 584

Practice Exercises 585

Mid-Level Exercises 588

Beyond the Classroom 590

Capstone Exercise 591

Chapter Eleven Collaboration and Workbook Distribution: Sharing Data with Others 593

Objectives 593

Case Study: Marching Band Senior Dinner 593

Customization and Personalization 594

Customizing Excel 594

Changing Properties 597

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Customization and Personalization 600

Collaboration 603

Sharing and Merging Workbooks 603

Inserting Comments 606

Tracking Changes 608

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Collaboration 612

Workbook Information 617

Checking for Issues 617

Protecting a Workbook 619

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Workbook Information 623

Workbook Distribution 626

Saving a Workbook in Different Formats 626

Sending a Workbook to Others 628

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Workbook Distribution 631

Chapter Objectives Review 633

Key Terms Matching 634

Multiple Choice 635

Practice Exercises 636

Mid-Level Exercises 639

Beyond the Classroom 641

Capstone Exercise 642

Chapter Twelve Templates, Styles, and Macros: Standardizing Workbooks 643

Objectives 643

Case Study: Staff Accounting Services 643

Templates, Themes, and Styles 644

Selecting a Template 644

Applying Themes and Backgrounds 645

Applying Cell Styles 647

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Templates, Themes, and Styles 650

Custom Templates and Workbook Protection 653

Creating and Using a Template 653

Protecting a Cell, a Worksheet, and a Workbook 654

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Custom Templates and Workbook Protection 658

Macros 663

Creating a Macro 663

Creating Macro Buttons 666

Setting Macro Security 667

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Macros 669

Visual Basic for Applications 673

Creating a Sub Procedure 673

Creating a Custom Function 675

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Visual Basic for Applications 677

Chapter Objectives Review 680

Key Terms Matching 681

Multiple Choice 682

Practice Exercises 683

Mid-Level Exercises 688

Beyond the Classroom 690

Capstone Exercise 691

Application Capstone Exercises

¿ Introductory (Chapters 1—4) 693

¿ Comprehensive (Chapters 5—12) 695

Glossary 699

Index 707

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