Exploring: Microsoft Office 2013, Brief / Edition 1

Exploring: Microsoft Office 2013, Brief / Edition 1

by Mary Anne Poatsy, Keith Mulbery, Cynthia Krebs, Lynn Hogan

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ISBN-10: 013341213X

ISBN-13: 9780133412130

Pub. Date: 07/23/2013

Publisher: Prentice Hall

This book gives a brief overview of Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

Move students beyond the point-and-click.

The goal of the Exploring series is to move students beyond the point and click, to understanding the why and how behind each skill. And, because so much learning takes place outside of the classroom, this series


This book gives a brief overview of Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

Move students beyond the point-and-click.

The goal of the Exploring series is to move students beyond the point and click, to understanding the why and how behind each skill. And, because so much learning takes place outside of the classroom, this series provides learning tools that students can access anywhere, any time.

Students go to college now with a different set of skills than they did years ago. With this in mind, the Exploring series seeks to move students beyond the basics of the software at a faster pace, without sacrificing coverage of the fundamental skills that everyone needs to know.

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Exploring Series
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8.90(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.00(d)

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Table of Contents

Windows 8

Chapter One Getting Started with Windows 8 1

Objectives 1

Case Study: Cedar Grove Elementary School 1

Windows 8 Fundamentals 2

Understanding the Start Screen 2

Configuring the Start Screen 4

Running Windows 8 Apps 7

Closing Apps 9

Understanding the Desktop 9

Managing Windows 8 Apps and Windows 14

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Windows 8 Fundamentals 18

Windows Programs and Security Features 24

Identifying Windows Accessories 24

Working with Security Settings and Software 27

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Windows Programs and Security Features 32

Windows Search and Help 36

Performing a Search 36

Using Targeted Searches 36

Getting Help 37

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Windows Search and Help 41

Chapter Objectives Review 44

Key Terms Matching 45

Multiple Choice 46

Practice Exercises 47

Mid-Level Exercises 51

Beyond the Classroom 52

Capstone Exercise 53

Microsoft Office 2013

Chapter One Office Fundamentals and File Management: Taking the First Step 55

Objectives 55

Case Study: Spotted Begonia Art Gallery 55

Windows 8 Startup 56

Logging In with Your Microsoft Account 56

Identifying the Start Screen Components 57

Interacting with the Start Screen 58

Accessing the Desktop 58

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Windows 8 Startup 60

Files and Folders 64

Using File Explorer 64

Working with Folders and Files 67

Selecting, Copying, and Moving Multiple Files and Folders 69

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Files and Folders 71

Microsoft Office Software 76

Identifying Common Interface Components 76

Getting Office Help 82

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Microsoft Office Software 85

The Backstage View Tasks 90

Opening a File 90

Printing a File 92

Closing a File and Application 93

Hands-On Exercise 4:

The Backstage View Tasks 95

Home Tab Tasks 99

Selecting and Editing Text 99

Using the Clipboard Group Commands 103

Using the Editing Group Commands 106

Hands-On Exercise 5:

Home Tab Tasks 109

Insert Tab Tasks 114

Inserting Objects 114

Review Tab Tasks 116

Reviewing a File 116

Page Layout Tab Tasks 119

Using the Page Setup Dialog Box 120

Hands-On Exercise 6:

Insert Tab Tasks, Page Layout Tab Tasks, and

Review Tab Tasks 122

Chapter Objectives Review 126

Key Terms Matching 127

Multiple Choice 128

Practice Exercises 129

Mid-Level Exercises 133

Beyond the Classroom 135

Capstone Exercise 136

Objectives 137

Microsoft Office Word 2013

Chapter One Introduction to Word: Organizing a Document 137

Case Study: Swan Creek National Wildlife Refuge 137

Introduction to Word Processing 138

Beginning and Editing a Document 139

Customizing Word 148

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Introduction to Word Processing 151

Document Organization 157

Using Features That Improve Readability 157

Viewing a Document in Different Ways 162

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Document Organization 168

Document Settings and Properties 174

Preparing a Document for Distribution 174

Modifying Document Properties 178

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Document Settings and Properties 180

Chapter Objectives Review 184

Key Terms Matching 185

Multiple Choice 186

Practice Exercises 187

Mid-Level Exercises 191

Beyond the Classroom 194

Capstone Exercise 195

Chapter Two Document Presentation: Editing and Formatting 197

Objectives 197

Case Study: Phillips Studio L Photography 197

Text and Paragraph Formatting 198

Applying Font Attributes 198

Formatting a Paragraph 203

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Text and Paragraph Formatting 211

Document Appearance 217

Formatting a Document 217

Applying Styles 220

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Document Formatting 225

Objects 231

Inserting and Formatting Objects 231

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Objects 239

Chapter Objectives Review 245

Key Terms Matching 246

Multiple Choice 247

Practice Exercises 248

Mid-Level Exercises 253

Beyond the Classroom 256

Capstone Exercise 257

Chapter Three Document Productivity: Working with Tables and Mail Merge 259

Objectives 259

Case Study: Traylor University Economic

Impact Study 259

Tables 260

Inserting a Table 260

Formatting a Table 265

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Tables 268

Advanced Table Features 274

Managing Table Data 274

Enhancing Table Data 279

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Advanced Table Features 283

Mail Merge 289

Creating a Mail Merge Document 289

Completing a Mail Merge 293

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Mail Merge 295

Chapter Objectives Review 299

Key Terms Matching 300

Multiple Choice 301

Practice Exercises 302

Mid-Level Exercises 306

Beyond the Classroom 310

Capstone Exercise 311

Microsoft Office Excel 2013

Chapter One Introduction to Excel: What Is a Spreadsheet? 313

Objectives 313

Case Study: Ok Office Systems 313

Introduction to Spreadsheets 314

Exploring the Excel Window 314

Entering and Editing Cell Data 317

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Introduction to Spreadsheets 321

Mathematics and Formulas 324

Creating Formulas 324

Using Auto Fill 326

Displaying Cell Formulas 327

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Mathematics and Formulas 329

Workbook and Worksheet Management 334

Managing Worksheets 334

Managing Columns and Rows 337

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Workbook and Worksheet Management 341

Clipboard Tasks 346

Selecting, Moving, Copying, and Pasting Data 346

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Clipboard Tasks 351

Formatting 354

Applying Alignment and Font Options 354

Applying Number Formats 356

Hands-On Exercise 5:

Formatting 359

Page Setup and Printing 363

Selecting Page Setup Options 363

Previewing and Printing a Worksheet 367

Hands-On Exercise 6:

Page Setup and Printing 368

Chapter Objectives Review 372

Key Terms Matching 374

Multiple Choice 375

Practice Exercises 376

Mid-Level Exercises 381

Beyond the Classroom 384

Capstone Exercise 385

Chapter Two Formulas and Functions: Performing Quantitative Analysis 387

Objectives 387

Case Study: Townsend Mortgage Company 387

Formula Basics 388

Using Relative, Absolute, and Mixed Cell References in Formulas 388

Correcting Circular References 390

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Formula Basics 392

Function Basics 396

Inserting a Function 396

Inserting Basic Math and Statistics Functions 398

Using Date Functions 403

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Function Basics 406

Logical, Lookup, and Financial Functions 411

Determining Results with the IF Function 411

Using Lookup Functions 414

Calculating Payments with the PMT Function 417

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Logical, Lookup, and Financial Functions 418

Range Names 422

Creating and Maintaining Range Names 422

Using Range Names in Formulas 424

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Range Names 425

Chapter Objectives Review 428

Key Terms Matching 429

Multiple Choice 430

Practice Exercises 431

Mid-Level Exercises 436

Beyond the Classroom 441

Capstone Exercise 443

Chapter Three Charts: Depicting Data Visually 445

Objectives 445

Case Study: Computer Job Outlook 445

Chart Creation Basics 446

Selecting the Data Source 446

Choosing a Chart Type 447

Moving, Sizing, and Printing a Chart 457

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Chart Creation Basics 460

Chart Elements 465

Adding Chart Elements 465

Formatting Chart Elements 468

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Chart Elements 473

Chart Design and Sparklines 477

Applying a Chart Style and Colors 477

Modifying the Data Source 478

Creating and Customizing Sparklines 479

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Chart Design and Sparklines 481

Chapter Objectives Review 484

Key Terms Matching 485

Multiple Choice 486

Practice Exercises 487

Mid-Level Exercises 490

Beyond the Classroom 493

Capstone Exercise 494

Microsoft Office Access 2013

Chapter One Introduction to Access: Finding Your Way Through

an Access Database 495

Objectives 495

Case Study: Managing a Business in the Global

Economy 495

Databases Are Everywhere! 496

Understanding Database Fundamentals 496

Using an Existing Database 503

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Databases Are Everywhere! 507

Sorts and Filters 514

Sorting Table Data on One or Multiple Fields 514

Creating, Modifying, and Removing Filters 515

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Sorts and Filters 518

Access Versus Excel, and Relational Databases 523

Knowing When to Use Access or Excel to Manage Data 523

Understanding Relational Power 524

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Access Versus Excel, and Relational Databases 527

Access Database Creation 531

Creating a Database 531

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Access Database Creation 535

Chapter Objectives Review 539

Key Terms Matching 540

Multiple Choice 541

Practice Exercises 542

Mid-Level Exercises 547

Beyond the Classroom 551

Capstone Exercise 552

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013

Chapter One Introduction to PowerPoint: Creating a Basic Presentation 553

Objectives 553

Case Study: Be a Trainer 553

Introduction to Powerpoint 554

Using PowerPoint Views 555

Typing a Speaker Note 560

Saving As a Slide Show 560

Hands-On Exercise 1:

Introduction to PowerPoint 562

Presentation Creation 565

Planning a Presentation 565

Assessing Presentation Content 568

Reviewing the Presentation 569

Hands-On Exercise 2:

Presentation Creation 571

Presentation Enhancement 575

Inserting Media Objects 575

Adding a Table 576

Using Animations and Transitions 576

Inserting a Header or Footer 579

Hands-On Exercise 3:

Presentation Enhancement 581

Navigation and Printing 586

Running and Navigating a Slide Show 586

Printing in PowerPoint 589

Hands-On Exercise 4:

Navigation and Printing 592

Chapter Objectives Review 594

Key Terms Matching 595

Multiple Choice 596

Practice Exercises 597

Mid-Level Exercises 602

Beyond the Classroom 606

Capstone Exercise 607

Glossary 609

Index 617

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