Exploring Microsoft FrontPage 2003 / Edition 1

Exploring Microsoft FrontPage 2003 / Edition 1

by Daniela Marghitu

ISBN-10: 0131466321

ISBN-13: 9780131466326

Pub. Date: 06/12/2005

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Internet, Web Servers, and Web Site

HTML and the World Wide Web

What is FrontPage?

What is New in FrontPage 2003

Getting Familiar with FrontPage 2003

Start FrontPage

The FrontPage Window

FrontPage Tools for Creating Web Sites




Working with Web Sites

Opening and Closing a FrontPage Web Site

Web Site Views

Working with Web Pages

Opening and Closing a Web Page

Web Page Views

Basic Web Page Elements

Saving Your Work and Exiting FrontPage

Chapter 2 - Designing and Creating a Web Page

What is a Good Web Page Design?

Working with Colors

Working with Fonts

Designing for Usability

Designing for Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Compatibility

Designing for Accessibility

Creating a Web Page

Working with Templates

Working with Themes

Adding a New Web Page to an Existing Web Site

Formatting a Web Page

Working with Page Content

Adding Text

Editing and Formatting Text

Checking the Spelling of Your Text

Organizing a Web Page

Working with Hyperlinks

Creating and Editing Lists

Editing HTML in Code View and Split View

Closing a Web Page

Previewing Your Web Page

Saving a Web Page

Printing a Web Page

Chapter 3 - Developing, Publishing, and Managing a Web Site using FrontPage

Designing and Building a Web Site

Using FrontPage Templates and Wizards to Create Web Sites

Working with Themes

Adding a Theme to a Web Site

Changing the Theme of a Web Page

Personalizing Your Web Page

Importing a Web Page

Deleting a Web Page

Working with SubSites

Publishing FrontPage Web Sites & Subsites

Search Engines

Meta Tags

Testing and Validating a Web Site

Using Reports View

Using Hyperlinks View

Using the Find and Replace

Changing the Navigational Structure of a Web Site

Publishing Changes to Web Site

Promoting Web Sites

Chapter 4 - Enhancing Web Sites Using Graphics, Multimedia and FrontPage Web

Web Page Designing Style and Guidelines

Working with Images

Inserting an image

Resizing and Resampling an Image

Modifying an Image Using the Picture Toolbar

Saving Web Pages Containing Embedded Images

Positioning an Image

Creating Thumbnails

Adding a Hyperlink to an Image

Creating and Using Image Maps

Adding Sounds

Inserting an Audio File

Adding a Background Sound to a Web Page

Adding Video

Inserting a Video File

Using and Creating Dynamic Sources

Working with Web Components and Dynamic Effects

Hit Counters


Interactive Buttons

Link Bars

Advanced controls

Included Content

Chapter 5 - Layout Features in FrontPage: Using Tables, Frames, and Tracing Image

Using Tables

Table Layout and Design

Layout Tables and Cell Task Pane

Inserting Rows and Columns

Selecting and Deleting Rows and Columns

Splitting and Merging Cells

Selecting and Deleting Tables

Entering Data in a Table

Inserting an Image

Adding a Table Caption

Editing Tables Properties

Editing Cells Properties

Nesting Tables

Creating Frames Pages

Designing and Creating the Frames Page

Setting the Initial Pages

Adding a Frame

Saving and Printing Web Pages in Frames

Modifying the Properties and the Content of Frames and the Frames Page

Creating Hyperlinks to Pages in Frames and Setting the Targets of the Hyperlinks

The No Frames view

Using Inline Frames

Adding Inline Frames

Formatting Inline Frames

Creating a Web Page using a Tracing Image

Chapter 6 - Integrating Microsoft Office 2003 and FrontPage

Working with Microsoft Word Documents in FrontPage

Working with Excel and FrontPage

Working with Microsoft PowerPoint and FrontPage

Accessing Databases Using Database Results Wizard

Working with

Chapter 7 - Developing and Managing Interactive Forms with FrontPage

Designing a Form


Using Form Page Wizard

Adding Form Fields to a Form

Inserting and Modifying the Properties of a Text Form Field

Inserting and Modifying the Properties of a Checkbox Form Field

Inserting and Modifying the Properties of a Option Button Form Field

Inserting and Modifying the Properties of a Group Box Form Field

Inserting and Modifying the Properties of a Drop-Down List Box Form Field

Inserting and Modifying the Properties of a Text Area Form Field

Inserting and Modifying the Properties of a Push Button Form Field

Inserting and Modifying the Properties of a File Upload Form Field

Using Dynamic Web Templates

Saving the Results of a Form

Connecting Web Page to a Database

Using the Database Interface Wizard

Using the Source Control

Using ASP

Appendix A - Using HTML and CSS with FrontPage

Understanding and Using HTML

Common HTML Tags

Applying Formatting Styles to HTML Using CSS

Appendix B - Hexadecimal Color Chart

Web Safe Palette (WSP)

The 16 Basic Colors

Scalable Vector Graphics Color Names (SVG)

Appendix C - Internet and Intranets Basics

Appendix D - Designing Accessible Web Sites Using FrontPage Accessibility’s Features

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