Exploring the Hospitality Industry / Edition 2

Exploring the Hospitality Industry / Edition 2

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by John R. Walker

Exploring the Hospitality Industry is a "need to know" introduction to the hospitality industry that presents the exciting career opportunities in the world's largest and most dynamic industry. The broad scope of this text includes all the major industry segments in five parts: Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel, Lodging and Cruising, Food and Beverage Service and… See more details below


Exploring the Hospitality Industry is a "need to know" introduction to the hospitality industry that presents the exciting career opportunities in the world's largest and most dynamic industry. The broad scope of this text includes all the major industry segments in five parts: Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel, Lodging and Cruising, Food and Beverage Service and Management, Club Management, Attractions, and Recreation, Assemblies and Event Management. Written in an engaging style by a long-time industry practitioner, this text draws on years of experience to give students that real-world exposure.

A wide range of features help students learn about this fascinating industry: Chapter Learning Outcomes-Designed to help students realize what they should know or be able to do as a result of reading and studying the chapter. Focuses on Career Paths. Real-Life Industry Examples-Drawn from the author's years of industry experience. Corporate Profiles-Feature the corporations of excellence. "Introducing" Profiles-Profile people at all levels of the hospitality industry. Industry Trends emphasize important new areas of growth in the industry. Bolded Key Words and Concepts-Help students grasp the important terms and concepts in the hospitality industry. Check Your Knowledge-Questions every few pages to help facilitate the learning process. Cases-Mini case studies to utilize critical thinking skills. Apply Your Knowledge-Another opportunity to use critical thinking skills. The Companion Website goes beyond the book to help students with Web-based activities and resources for each chapter, reinforcing material and offering self-tests and links to numerous hospitality Websites.

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Meet the Author

John R. Walker, D.B.A., FMP, CHA, is a Fulbright Senior Specialist and the McKibbon Professor Emeritus of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of South Florida, Sarasota–Manatee. John’s years of industry experience include management training at the Savoy Hotel London, followed by stints as assistant food and beverage manager, assistant rooms division manager, catering manager, food and beverage manager, resident manager, and general manager with Grand Metropolitan Hotels, Selsdon Park Hotel, Rank Hotels, Inter-Continental Hotels, and the Coral Reef Resort, Barbados, West Indies.

He has taught at two- and four-year schools in Canada and the United(States. In addition to being a hospitality management consultant and author, he(has been published in the Cornell Hotel Restaurant Administration Quarterly, the(Hospitality Educators Journal and the New York Times. He is a 10-time recipient of the President’s Award for teaching, scholarship, and service; and he has received the Patnubay Award for exemplary professional performance through teaching and authorship of tourism and hospitality publications.

John is an editorial advisory board member for Progress in Tourism and Hospitality Research. He is a past president of the Pacific Chapter of the Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (CHRIE). He is a certified hotel administrator (CHA) and a certified Foodservice Management Professional (FMP). He and his wife Josielyn T. Walker have twins, Christopher and Selina. The Walkers live in Sarasota, Florida.

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Table of Contents

To the Student     xxi
Preface     xxix
Acknowledgments     xxxiii
About the Author     xxxv
Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel
Hospitality Spirit     3
Welcome, to You, the Future Hospitality Industry Leaders!     4
The Pineapple Tradition     5
The Interrelated Nature of Hospitality and Tourism     6
Characteristics of the Hospitality Industry     7
The Focus on Service     10
Perfecting Service     11
Success in Service     11
Moments of Truth     13
Ways to Perfect Service     15
Service and Total Quality Management     16
The Disney Approach to Guest Service     19
So What Is the Disney Service Model?     22
Ethics     25
Ethical Dilemmas in Hospitality     26
Trends in Hospitality     27
Summary     29
Key Words and Concepts     30
Review Questions     30
Internet Exercises     30
Apply Your Knowledge     30
Suggested Activity     30
Endnotes     31
Tourism     33
Tourism     35
Tourism Defined     36
Benefits of Tourism     36
Tourism 2020 Vision     37
Air Travel     39
The Hub-and-Spoke System     41
Rail, Automobile, and Coach Travel     41
Traveling by Train     42
Rail Travel Abroad     43
Does the Train Have a Future?     44
Traveling by Car     45
Automobile Associations     45
Rental Cars     46
Traveling by Bus     46
Types of Bus Service     47
Motorcoach Associations     47
Tourism Organizations     50
International Organizations     50
Domestic Organizations     54
State Offices of Tourism     54
City-Level Offices of Tourism and Convention Centers     54
The Economic Impact of Tourism     54
The Multiplier Effect     55
Promoters of Tourism     56
Tour Operators     56
Travel Agencies     56
Travel Corporations     58
Corporate Travel Manager     59
Travel and Tour Wholesalers     59
Certified Travel Counselor (CTC)     59
National Offices of Tourism (NOT)     60
Destination Management Companies (DMCs)     60
Trends in Tourism     61
Summary     63
Key Words and Concepts     63
Review Questions     64
Internet Exercises     64
Apply Your Knowledge     64
Suggested Activity     64
Endnotes     65
Why People Travel     67
Pleasure Travel     69
Different Places for Different People     70
Business Travel     71
Social and Cultural Impact of Tourism     73
Sustainable Tourism and Ecotourism     74
Cultural Tourism     78
Impact of Tourism on Culture     79
Tourism and Art     79
Heritage Tourism     81
The Benefits of Preservation     82
Challenges in Heritage Tourism     82
Find the Fit between Community and Tourism     84
Four Steps to a Comprehensive Heritage Program     84
Nature Tourism     89
Trends in Travel     90
Summary     92
Key Words and Concepts     93
Review Questions     93
Internet Exercises     93
Apply Your Knowledge     93
Suggested Activities     93
Endnotes     94
Lodging and Cruising
Lodging     97
Hotel Development and Ownership     98
Franchising     98
Management Contracts     101
Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)     104
Rating and Classification of Hotels     105
Types and Locations of Hotels     109
City Center Hotels     109
Airport Hotels     110
Freeway Hotels and Motels     110
Casino Hotels     110
Convention Hotels     111
Full-Service Hotels     111
Economy/Budget Hotels     112
Extended-Stay Hotels     112
All-Suite Extended-Stay Hotels     113
Condotels     113
Mixed-Use Hotel Development     114
Bed and Breakfast Inns     114
Resort Hotels     114
Vacation Ownership     116
Best, Biggest, and Most Unusual Hotels and Chains     119
The Best Hotel Chains     119
The Most Unusual Hotels     119
International Perspective     120
Trends in Hotel Development     121
Summary      124
Key Words and Concepts     124
Review Questions     125
Internet Exercises     125
Apply Your Knowledge     125
Suggested Activity     125
Endnotes     125
Lodging Operations     127
The Functions and Departments of a Hotel     128
Role of the Hotel General Manager     129
Management Structure     130
The Executive Committee     130
The Departments     131
Rooms Division     131
Front Office     131
Night Auditor     135
Property Management Systems     142
Revenue Management     143
Reservations     144
Communications CBX or PBX     145
Guest Services     145
Concierge     146
Housekeeping     147
Security/Loss Prevention     149
Food and Beverage Management     150
Kitchen     152
Hotel Restaurants     152
Bars     152
Stewarding Department     153
Catering Department     154
Catering Event Order     155
Catering Services Manager      155
Room Service/In-Room Dining     155
Trends in Lodging Operations     157
Summary     160
Key Words and Concepts     160
Review Questions     160
Internet Exercises     161
Apply Your Knowledge     161
Suggested Activity     161
Endnotes     161
Cruising     163
Cruise Industry Development     164
The First Cruise Ships     165
Cruising Today     166
The Key Players in the Cruise Industry     166
The Cruise Market     168
Types of Cruise Markets     172
Types of Cruises     173
Regional Cruises     173
Coastal Cruises     173
River Cruises     173
Barges     173
Steam Boating     173
Expeditions and Natural Cruises     174
Adventure Cruises     174
Sail-Cruises     174
World Cruises     174
Crossings     175
Specialty and Theme Cruises     175
Deluxe Cruising     176
All Aboard-Organization of the Cruise Ship     178
Cruise Industry Employment      181
Cruise Destinations     182
Trends in the Cruise Industry     186
Summary     188
Key Words and Concepts     189
Review Questions     189
Internet Exercises     189
Apply Your Knowledge     189
Suggested Activities     189
Endnotes     189
Food and Beverage Service and Management
Restaurants     193
Restaurants     194
Classification of Restaurants     194
Franchises     196
Fine Dining     196
Casual Dining     200
Quick-Service/Fast-Food Restaurants     202
Trends in the Restaurant Business and How They Affect Us     207
Food Trends and Practices     208
Summary     212
Key Words and Concepts     212
Review Questions     212
Internet Exercises     212
Apply Your Knowledge     212
Suggested Activities     213
Endnotes     213
Restaurant Operations     215
Front of the House     216
Restaurant Forecasting     218
Service     218
Suggestive Selling      220
Back of the House     221
Food Production     221
Kitchen/Food Production     223
Management Involvement and Follow-Up     226
Purchasing     228
Receiving     230
Storing/Issuing     230
Cost Control     235
Food and Beverage Cost Percentages     235
Labor Cost Control     236
Restaurant Manager Job Analysis     238
Human Resource Management     238
Financial Management     239
Administrative Management     240
Operations Management     240
Trends in Restaurant Operations     242
Summary     245
Key Words and Concepts     245
Review Questions     245
Internet Exercises     246
Apply Your Knowledge     246
Suggested Activities     246
Endnotes     247
Managed Services     249
Overview     250
Airlines and Airports     251
In-Flight Foodservice     251
Military     253
Elementary and Secondary Schools     254
Nutrition Education Programs     256
Colleges and Universities     257
Student Unions     258
Responsibilities in Managed Services     261
Health Care Facilities     264
Business and Industry     269
Leisure and Recreation     270
Stadium Points of Service     271
Other Facilities     271
Advantages and Disadvantages     272
Seniors     272
Trends in Managed Services     272
Summary     276
Key Words and Concepts     276
Review Questions     276
Internet Exercises     277
Apply Your Knowledge     277
Suggested Activity     277
Endnotes     277
Beverages     279
Wines     280
Light Beverage Wines     280
Sparkling Wines     281
Fortified Wines     282
Aromatic Wines     282
The History of Wine     282
The Making of Wine     282
Matching Wine with Food     283
Major Wine-Producing Countries     287
Beer     289
The Brewing Process     289
Spirits     291
Whiskies      292
White Spirits     293
Other Spirits     293
Cocktails     294
Nonalcoholic Beverages     295
Nonalcoholic Beer     295
Coffee     295
Tea     296
Carbonated Soft Drinks     298
Juices     299
Power Drinks     299
Bottled Water     299
Types of Bars     300
Restaurant and Hotel Bars     300
Nightclubs     300
Microbreweries     301
Sports Bars     302
Coffee Shops     303
Liquor Liability and the Law     304
Highway Deaths and Alcohol     304
Trends in the Beverage Industry     305
Summary     308
Key Words and Concepts     308
Review Questions     309
Internet Exercises     309
Apply Your Knowledge     309
Suggested Activities     310
Endnotes     310
Club Management, Attractions, and Recreation
Clubs     313
Development of Clubs     314
Size and Scope of the Club Industry     315
Types of Clubs     315
Country Clubs      315
City Clubs     316
Other Clubs     316
Key Players in the Club Industry     317
Club Management     317
Club Management Structure     321
Club Food and Beverage Management     327
The Golf Course Superintendent     327
The Golf Professional     328
The Golf Shop     328
Trends in Club Management     328
Summary     331
Key Words and Concepts     332
Review Questions     332
Internet Exercises     332
Apply Your Knowledge     333
Suggested Activities     333
Endnotes     333
Theme Parks and Attractions     335
The Development of Theme Parks     336
Size and Scope of the Theme Park Industry     336
Key Players in the Theme Park Industry     337
Magic Kingdom     338
Epcot     339
Disney-MGM Studios     340
Universal Studios     341
Anheuser-Busch Companies     342
Hershey's     343
Regional Theme Parks     347
Dollywood     347
LegoLand      347
GatorLand     347
Wet 'N' Wild     348
Theme Park Management     348
Fairs, Festivals, and Events     350
Oktoberfest     351
The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil     351
Reggae on the River     351
Mardi Gras     352
Grand Ole Opry     352
Employment     352
Trends in the Theme Park Industry     354
Summary     356
Key Words and Concepts     356
Review Questions     356
Internet Exercises     356
Apply Your Knowledge     357
Suggested Activity     357
Endnotes     357
Gaming Entertainment     359
Gaming Entertainment     360
Historical Review of Gaming Entertainment     363
Native American Gaming     364
Size and Scope of Gaming Entertainment     366
Key Players in the Industry     367
Positions in Gaming Entertainment     369
Hotel Operations     369
Food and Beverage Operations     370
Casino Operations     370
Retail Operations     370
Entertainment Operations      370
Trends in the Gaming Entertainment Industry     372
Summary     375
Key Words and Concepts     375
Review Questions     376
Internet Exercises     376
Apply Your Knowledge     376
Suggested Activity     376
Endnotes     376
Assemblies and Event Management
Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions     379
Development of the Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions Industry     380
Size and Scope of the Industry     380
Key Players in the Industry     381
Destination Management Companies     382
Meeting Planners     384
Service Contractors     385
Types of Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions     388
Meetings     388
Association Meetings     389
Conventions and Expositions     390
Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE)     394
Types of Associations     394
Types of Meetings     395
Meeting Planning     397
Venues for Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions     400
City Centers     400
Convention Centers     400
Conference Centers      402
Hotels and Resorts     402
Cruise Ships     402
Colleges and Universities     403
Trends in Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions     403
Summary     407
Key Words and Concepts     407
Review Questions     408
Internet Exercises     408
Apply Your Knowledge     408
Suggested Activity     408
Endnotes     409
Special Events     411
What Event Planners Do     413
Event Management     414
Research     415
Design     416
Planning     416
Coordination     416
Evaluation     417
Challenges for Event Planners and Managers     417
Classifications of Special Events     418
Corporate Events     419
Association Events     420
Charity Balls and Fund-Raising Events     421
Social Events     422
Fairs and Festivals     423
Concerts and Sporting Events     424
Mega Events     426
Required Skills and Abilities for Event Management     428
Leadership Skills     428
Ability to Communicate with Other Departments     429
Project Management Skills     429
Negotiating Skills     430
Coordinating and Delegating Skills     430
Budgeting Skills     431
Ability to Multitask     431
Enthusiasm     431
Effective Social Skills     431
Ability to Form Contacts     432
Special Event Organizations     432
International Festivals & Events Association     434
Meeting Planners International     434
Local Convention and Visitors Bureaus     435
The Special Event Job Market     436
Trends in the Special Event Industry     437
Summary     438
Key Words and Concepts     439
Review Questions     439
Internet Exercises     439
Apply Your Knowledge     439
Suggested Activity     439
Endnotes     440
Glossary     441
Photo Credits     447
Index     449

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