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Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina: A Culinary, Agricultural and Interesting Journey Through Argentina

Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina: A Culinary, Agricultural and Interesting Journey Through Argentina

by Michael C. Higgins PhD

Exploring Wine Regions: A Culinary, Agricultural and Interesting Journey Through Argentina is the first book in a planned series that combines an inspiring wine education, elaborate travel guide, spectacular photography, and adventures into the depths of travel, food, and wine connoisseurship in a beautiful, coffee table format.

Drawing upon personal


Exploring Wine Regions: A Culinary, Agricultural and Interesting Journey Through Argentina is the first book in a planned series that combines an inspiring wine education, elaborate travel guide, spectacular photography, and adventures into the depths of travel, food, and wine connoisseurship in a beautiful, coffee table format.

Drawing upon personal travels and interviews, author and photographer Michael C. Higgins delves deep into the lives and stories of Argentina's most extraordinary winemakers, chefs, sommeliers, agronomists, oenologists, and outdoor adventurers.

Step-by-step, Higgins helps readers plan their own vacations to Argentina's wine regions based on the country's most interesting and unusual wineries, restaurants, and resorts.

Detailed maps, lavish color photography, and local commentary round out this exquisite collection of Argentina's hidden gems in food, wine, and travel.

A true insider's guide to Argentina for anyone traveling there to experience the Argentinian culinary culture, as well as an extensive resource for wine novices who want to know where to look, what to look for, what questions to ask, how to understand complex answers, and how to develop a palate to appreciate the finest food and wine the world has to offer.

Editorial Reviews

Jill Barth

If there is one book that impressed me the most this year, by its sheer scope and ambition, it is this one. Michael C. Higgins has crafted something truly comprehensive in this consultative collection of the people and places of Argentinian wine making. Higgins personally visited to each and every place mentioned in the book, conducting interviews and taking photographs. This is a truly generous book, crafted from passion and experience.

Michael Austin

This slick softcover has the look of a well-organized travel guide, with short, focused text entries and scores of glossy photographs. It offers a great overview not only of world-famous Mendoza, but also lesser-known growing areas all the way down to Rio Negro, the world's southernmost wine region. As a bonus, the book offers culinary and cultural insights, plus travel tips.

Cindy Rynning

Despite the fact that I've yet to journey to Argentina in real life, thanks to Higgins' compelling encyclopedia that doubles as a travel guide, I've
gained a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of this enticing country and its wines…and am inspired. Higgins' engaging narrative and breathtaking photographs are the virtual ticket.

This resource is the first in a series of coffee table books covering a variety of wine regions of the world. Michael Higgins, who has 20 years of experience in travel, food and wine publishing, traveled to Argentina for
thirteen weeks, during which time he explored 58 premium wineries, talked with 107 winemakers, and tasted 583 bottles of wine.

Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina is a fascinating resource sure to satisfy the longings of wine lovers, foodies, history buffs, and travel gurus.

Alyssa Holder

Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina is a book praising the great wines and culture of the land. Author and Malbec enthusiast Michael Higgins guides readers with an in-depth exploration of Argentina, visually
transporting them with beautiful images, maps and information on the wine, the people and the unique Argentinian terrain.

Other important queries travelers would have such as what are the better wine pairings, traditional recipes for the region, how wine is created, where to stay, where to eat, etc. are all answered on a personal note by Higgins. This is what sets this book apart from the traditional travel or wine book, it is an individual adventure from someone who simply loves wine and travel.

John Taylor

Impressively informed and informative, Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina is exceptionally well written, organized and presented, making in an ideal introduction to Argentina's "wine country."

Perfect for the armchair traveler and ideal for planning Argentinian travel itineraries, Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina is enthusiastically recommended for personal, community, and academic library Travel Guide collections in general, and Argentinian Cultural supplemental studies reading lists in particular.

Matt Meltzer

If you haven't been to Argentina, you probably know it for the alleged steak dinner/bottle of wine/tango lesson that guy you know who went there on study abroad for like $2.99. And that's precisely why Michael Higgins is trying to help you.

In 20 years as the publisher of Flying Adventures magazine, he got to try a lot of great wines -- as he puts it, "I never met a Malbec I didn't like." So once he retired Higgins decided he'd get away to South America and see how, exactly, Argentines make such great wine. In doing, he found there wasn't a single book with any kind of insider info.

Throughout three trips totaling eight weeks, spanning three harvest seasons, he went to Mendoza, Salta, and Patagonia to meet with the people on the forefront of Argentine wine. These included winemakers, chefs, sommeliers, hotel operators, ranchers, and everyone else who truly knows what makes this country so special.

The result is Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina. And in addition to being the most thorough guide to Argentine wine tourism, it also includes contact info for everyone profiled, so you too can have the insider's experience he did. Higgins shared some of his favorite photos and experiences from his journey. And if after getting through them all you don't feel the urge to start searching for flights to Mendoza, you'll at least have a serious craving for Malbec.

Alexis Chabert

When I first opened Michael Higgins' Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina, I was struck by the sheer beauty of the photography. Each page is filled with gorgeous photos of vineyards, landscapes, cellars, wineries and their rich viticultural tradition. With each flip of the page, I found myself drawn into their culture, their land— their art of wine making. I was immediately transported to Argentina.

Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina is a beautifully written, insider's guide to the wine regions of Argentina. Whether you're a wine professional looking to expand your knowledge, an avid Malbec enthusiast planning a trip to Argentina, or simply a fan of breathtaking photography looking for a new addition to your coffee table, this book is worth checking out.

Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine

Exploring Wine Regions, a travel lifestyle brand showcasing the world's top wine regions, has launched with the publication of its first book, Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina.

Michael Higgins, the brand creator and book author, has provided an extensive guide to the world's top wine countries. Within each country, Higgins breaks down and uncovers the best wine regions, culinary landscape, and travel offerings. His first stop is Argentina.

The first book in the series, serves as a wine reference, coffee table book, and travel guide, all in one. By working with top agronomists, oenologists, and sommeliers in Argentina, Higgins thoroughly details the key wine regions of Mendoza, Salta, and Patagonia.

Higgins spent three consecutive harvest seasons in Argentina, explored 58 wineries, consulted with 107 winemakers and tasted 583 bottles to craft his book. Additionally, the book details the culinary landscape of the region, offering restaurant recommendations and pairing advice.

The book's forward is written by Paul Hobbs, a winemaker and consultant deemed "The Steve Jobs of Wine" by Forbes magazine.

Exploring Wine Regions will head to California next, with plans to produce guides for Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Portugal, Germany, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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Meet the Author

For more than 20 years, author, photographer, and wine expert Michael C. Higgins, has been the publisher of Flying Adventures Magazine, a lifestyle travel magazine for those who own and travel on private airplanes who are also food and wine connoisseurs. When it comes to wine, Higgins has virtually done it all: from working in vineyards, pruning vines, and picking grapes, to making wine alongside famous winemakers and vintners, making his own wine, and participating in blind tastings and food/wine pairings with celebrity chefs. As a result, Higgins has tasted some of the finest wines ever produced and seeks to share his extensive knowledge with others. Higgins has a BA in commercial art, an MBA, and a PhD in business administration. He lives in Pasadena, California.

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