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Explosive Combination

Explosive Combination

4.5 2
by KaLyn Cooper
Separately, Harper Tambini and Rafe Silva are lethal...Together, they're explosive.

ATF Special Agent Harper Tambini is kidnapped by a Colombian drug lord and forced to use her explosives knowledge to kill his competition before she can escape with the help of undercover CIA agent Rafe Silva. As they make their way through the rivers, mountains, and jungles, their


Separately, Harper Tambini and Rafe Silva are lethal...Together, they're explosive.

ATF Special Agent Harper Tambini is kidnapped by a Colombian drug lord and forced to use her explosives knowledge to kill his competition before she can escape with the help of undercover CIA agent Rafe Silva. As they make their way through the rivers, mountains, and jungles, their desire for each other detonates. But Harper reminds Rafe of his murdered fiancée and the shadow world he wants to leave. Harper learned the hard way that men never stay, so now she doesn't keep them around long enough to see if the sparks can light a fire that will last forever. In their short time together, can they crystallize a relationship, or will it all blow up?

Born in the U.S.A. to naturalized parents who escaped Colombia during the tumultuous years, Rafe Silva was raised with duty to country and family. He attended V.M.I. on a Navy ROTC scholarship where he met Beth who became his fiancée. Rafe and roommate Carlos Narváez, son of the Colombian Ambassador, endlessly discussed ways to free the South American country from its second-world status and feed the remote masses while legitimizing its agricultural exports.

Rafe became a SEAL and Beth went into Naval Intelligence. When she's brutally killed as a spy, Rafe swears he'll never give his heart to a woman who works in the shadow world again. Still reeling from his loss, the CIA asks him to rejoin his college roommate in Colombia.

Called Segundo as second-in-command to Carlos Narváez, Rafe has grown resentful that his once-idealistic friend has become a powerful drug cartel leader. When Carlos orders him to ambush a U.S. government team, Rafe realizes the man is willing to do anything to move up that ladder, including kidnapping and murder.

Harper thought she'd be using her graduate education in chemical physics when she became an explosives expert for the U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Agency. Instead, it's the survival and weapons skills she honed as one of the Army's first female Special Forces officers she needs most.

Minutes before Harper is to leave Colombia-satisfied that no cartel has the capability to co-crystalize HMX and CL-20 into the most lethal, non-nuclear explosive on the planet- her ATF team is ambushed and she is kidnapped by Carlos Narváez.

To subdue her, Harper is injected with a cocaine-based drug. She's allergic and becomes extremely ill. Segundo takes care of her during the long trip and while she's ensconced in her velvet-prison bedroom.

Segundo reveals himself to Harper as an undercover agent. He's been ordered to protect her until his old SEAL buddy arrives with an extraction team. Given the opportunity to escape, Rafe decides to leave the espionage game and Colombia.

They agree to be pretend lovers to protect her from the other men. Sparks fly with their first kiss. Harper immediately puts Rafe on notice that she never takes a lover during a mission. It's too dangerous, especially since she's attracted to him.
Narváez demands she co-crystallize the explosives and make a small bomb in demonstration. He orders her to assassinate Solis, a competitor. If she refuses, he'll kill her ATF teammate held captive in the U.S.A. and give her to the ruthless Cali Cartel.

Narváez takes them to Cali to kill Solis. Just before leaving the hotel, Rafe and Harper share their first a real kiss and lighting fires deep within both.
Her micro-explosive is successful, killing only Solis. Within hours, his men are after Harper. They escape Cali and head to Popayán via helicopter, stolen jet boat, then trekking through jungle before hitch hiking into the ancient city.

Through heart-pounding shoot outs and steamy jungles, their relationship grows stronger each minute they're together. Is there enough time before the rescue for Rafe to prove that he'll be there for Harper and is she worth it for him to set aside his fears of falling in love with a woman who works in

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Meet the Author

KaLyn Cooper's romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense.

Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world and the men and women who protect us every day. She believes that military wives are so much like their husbands in their resilient fortitude; they do what they have to do to get the job done, because they are the only ones who can. When Daddy's gone, no one else is going to take out the garbage, replace the light bulb, see that the oil in the car is changed, and hold the crying toddler-or teenager-when the world seems like more than they can handle. Then they go to a cold bed and pray their beloved husband is safe and stays that way. The next day they do it all over again, many while holding down full-time jobs, going to school and volunteering their time.

In her stories, KaLyn's heroines are strong women, like the ones she knows in real life. This is why she dedicates her books to military wives and the men and women who serve.

Thirty years in public relations taught her fact can be stranger than fiction and science has moved so far beyond what most people would consider real. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination.

After writing for corporations, sometimes pushing the fictional line, KaLyn decided to take the leap and began writing romance a few years ago. Her international travels enable her share the smells, tastes and scenery of other countries and cultures with her readers.

Finally landing in Eastern Tennessee after nineteen moves, KaLyn lives on what she jokingly refers to as a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she's not hiding in her basement office writing, she's often at the shooting range or paddling on the river that flows directly from the Great Smoky Mountains.

To learn more about KaLyn, check out her website at www.KaLynCooper.com.

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Explosive Combination 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow! Harper is an explosives expert for the ATFE taken hostage when her team is jumped by a drug cartel in Columbia. Rafe is Secundo, the right hand man of the drug kingpin snatching her from the airport before her team leaves the country and a man of secrets. Passions flare and the action rolls as these two warriors work together to survive. Tons of action in this story and interesting characters keep the story moving to a great ending. I ended up staying up all night because I couldn't put it down. Now too seek out another great story by this author.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
At first I have to compliment the author with the name of the book, Explosive Combination, rarely is there more fitting name for a book, on many different levels. The action doesn't build up, it starts from the page one with a bang. From there the life and death situations continue through out the story, keeping the tension up, and interest on the events high. After Harper is being captured by the drug lord, and put into a 'luxury prison', Harper and Rafe's instant, electric attraction takes hold of them. The pull for each other is stronger than the threat to her life, or him being outed as an agent. The events that follow are nothing short of classic spy movie, high end parties, cartels fighting with each other, dangerous escapes from the numerous villains through the water, air, and jungle. The allure Harper and Rafe has for each other is captivating, and as they try to fight for their feelings for each other, by just 'scratching the itch' -- not falling for each other becomes a mission impossible when things get soft, tender. and caring. The pull for each other is instant, constant, and overpowering. Even the past disappointments, and future plans, can't hold them apart, as they explore the steamy, sensuous appeal they have for each other. Everything happens in short period of a time, in just four explosive, tension ridden days, Harper and Rafe goes through lifetime of danger, tension, and feelings. The story is very detailed in every aspect of the story, adding more depth and insight to the events, if you don't let all the details drown the red thread of the story. Four spoons for Explosive Combination!