Export/Import Procedures and Documentation / Edition 2

Export/Import Procedures and Documentation / Edition 2

by Thomas E. Johnson

ISBN-10: 0814402372

ISBN-13: 9780814402375

Pub. Date: 08/02/1994

Publisher: AMACOM Books

In the ever-changing world of complex international rules, laws, regulations, and customs, even seasoned export/import professionals

may find themselves in unfamiliar situations.

Export/Import Procedures and Documentation puts reliable solutions to problems like wrong documents and procedural misunderstandings right at

readers' fingertips. This


In the ever-changing world of complex international rules, laws, regulations, and customs, even seasoned export/import professionals

may find themselves in unfamiliar situations.

Export/Import Procedures and Documentation puts reliable solutions to problems like wrong documents and procedural misunderstandings right at

readers' fingertips. This comprehensive answer book supplies ready-to-use forms and provides a clear view of the entire export/import process. This new

edition has been thoroughly revised to include:

* New Shipper's Export Declaration forms and instructions

* U.S. Customs Service "Reasonable Care" checklists

* New Automated Export System (AES) procedures and documentation

* Updated Customs Audit Questionnaires.

Also featured are 37 updated forms as well as 12 all-new forms, a section on e-commerce in international marketing, Websites for 94 export and import

agencies and information sources, and listings for export and import software.

Author Biography: Thomas E. Johnson (Chicago, IL) is a partner in the international law firm of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg LLC. He has been appointed

five times by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to the Illinois District Export Council, and is a past president of the International Trade Club of Chicago.

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2nd ed

Table of Contents

List of Figuresxiii
Part IOrganizing for Export and Import Operations1
Chapter 1.Organizing for Export and Import Operations3
A.Export Department3
B.Import Department4
C.Combined Export and Import Departments4
D.Manuals of Procedures and Documentation8
E.Record-Keeping Compliance9
G.Federal, State, International, and Foreign Law14
Part IIExporting: Procedures and Documentation15
Chapter 2.Exporting: Preliminary Considerations17
C.Country Market and Product Competitiveness Research18
D.Identification of Customers: End Users, Distributors, and Sales Agents18
E.Compliance With Foreign Law19
F.Export Controls and Licenses22
G.Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Registrations and Infringements23
H.Confidentiality and Non-Disclosures Agreements23
I.Antiboycott Compliance24
J.Employee Sales Visits to Foreign Countries--Immigration and Customs Compliance24
K.Utilization of Freight Forwarders and Foreign Customs Brokers28
L.Export Packing and Labeling (Hazardous Materials)30
M.Terms of Sale32
P.Marine and Air Casualty Insurance37
Q.Methods of Transportation; Booking Transportation38
R.Country of Origin Marking45
S.Foreign Warehousing and Free Trade Zones45
T.Export Financing and Payment Insurance45
U.Tax Incentives46
V.Export Trading Companies, Export Trade Certificates of Review, and Export Management Companies46
X.Foreign Branch Operations, Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures, and Licensing57
Y.Electronic Commerce57
Chapter 3.Exporting: Sales Documentation60
A.Isolated Sales Transactions60
B.Ongoing Sales Transactions84
C.Export Distributor and Sales Agent Agreements101
D.Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance112
Chapter 4.Exporting: Other Export Documentation114
A.Freight Forwarder's Powers of Attorney114
B.Shipper's Letters of Instructions114
C.Commercial Invoices116
D.Bills of Lading118
E.Packing Lists120
F.Inspection Certificates120
G.Marine and Air Casualty Insurance Policies and Certificates120
H.Dock and Warehouse Receipts133
I.Consular Invoices133
J.Certificates of Origin133
K.Certificates of Free Sale162
L.Delivery Instructions and Delivery Orders162
M.Special Customs Invoices162
N.Shipper's Declarations for Dangerous Goods169
O.Precursor and Essential Chemical Exports169
P.Animal, Plant, and Food Export Certificates169
Q.Drafts for Payment175
R.Letters of Credit175
S.Shipper's Export Declarations181
T.Freight Forwarder's Invoices195
Chapter 5.Export Controls and Licenses197
B.Scope of the EAR198
C.Commerce Control List198
D.Export Destinations203
E.Customers, End Users, and End Uses210
F.Ten General Prohibitions210
G.License Exemptions and Exceptions212
H.License Applications and Procedures213
J.Export Documentation and Record-Keeping223
K.Special Comprehensive Licenses225
L.Technology, Software, and Technical Assistance Exports230
M.Violations and Penalties232
N.Munitions and Arms Exports232
Part IIIImporting: Procedures and Documentation237
Chapter 6.Importing: Preliminary Considerations239
C.Country Sourcing240
D.Identification of Suppliers241
E.Compliance With Foreign Law242
F.U.S. Customs Considerations243
G.Import Packing and Labeling262
H.U.S. Commercial Considerations263
I.Terms of Purchase264
L.Marine and Air Casualty Insurance267
M.Method of Transportation; Booking Transportation268
N.Import Financing268
O.Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Registrations and Infringements268
P.Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements269
S.Foreign Branch Operations, Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures, and Licensing270
T.Electronic Commerce276
Chapter 7.Importing: Purchase Documentation280
A.Isolated Purchase Transactions280
B.Ongoing Purchase Transactions286
C.Import Distributor and Sales Agent Agreements299
Chapter 8.Import Process and Documentation305
A.Bills of Lading305
B.Commercial Invoices307
C.Pro Forma Invoices307
D.Packing Lists307
E.Inspection Certificates309
F.Drafts for Payment309
G.Arrival Notices309
H.Pick-Up and Delivery Orders309
I.Entry/Immediate Delivery311
J.Entry Summary311
K.Other Entries317
M.GSP, CBI, ATPA, AGOA--Special Programs322
N.NAFTA Certificate of Origin322
O.Specialized Products Customs Entry Forms324
P.Examination and Detention324
Q.Liquidation Notices334
R.Notices of Redelivery334
S.Requests for Reliquidation334
T.Requests for Information339
U.Notices of Action339
V.Protests, Supplemental Information Letters, and Post-Entry Amendments339
W.Administrative Summons345
X.Search Warrants345
Y.Grand Jury Subpoenas350
Z.Seizure Notices350
AA.Prepenalty Notices353
BB.Penalty Notices353
CC.Customs Audits353
DD.Prior Disclosure362
EE.Court of International Trade365
GG.Offers of Compromise365
HH.ITC and Commerce Questionnaires372
Part IVSpecialized Exporting and Importing373
Chapter 9.Specialized Exporting and Importing375
B.Foreign Processing and Assembly Operations382
C.Plant Construction Contracts385
D.Barter and Countertrade Transactions387
Appendix A.Government Agencies and Export Assistance391
Appendix B.International Sales Agreement (Export)409
Appendix C.Correct Way to Complete the Shipper's Export Declaration417
Appendix D.Automated Export System (AES) and AES Direct437
Appendix E.U.S. Customs Reasonable Care Checklists455
Appendix F.Harmonized Tariff Schedules (Excerpts)465
Appendix G.International Purchase Agreement (Import)483
Appendix H.Rules for Completing an Entry Summary491
Appendix I.Rules for Constructing Manufacturer/Shipper Identification Code525
Appendix J.Customs Audit Questionnaires533
Appendix K.List of Export/Import-Related Web Sites541
Glossary of International Trade Terms547
About the Author583

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