Exporting and Importing Fashion: A Global Perspective / Edition 1

Exporting and Importing Fashion: A Global Perspective / Edition 1

by Elaine Stone

ISBN-10: 0827350686

ISBN-13: 9780827350687

Pub. Date: 09/28/1993

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Cengage Learning
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New Edition

Table of Contents

Ch. 1The Nature and Scope of Global Fashion Marketing3
Ch. 2The Diversity of Regional Environments17
Ch. 3International Fashion Market Analysis35
Unit 1 Reading: Reams of Change for Textiles & Apparel48
Ch. 4Who Exports and Why53
Ch. 5Who Imports and Why71
Ch. 6Product Development for International Trade89
Unit 2 Reading: Making Sense Out of the New Europe106
Ch. 7Getting Into the Export Business111
Ch. 8Exporting Distribution, Promotion, and Pricing Strategy127
Ch. 9Export Procedures143
Ch. 10The World is Your Market163
Unit 3 Reading: Can We Make a Deal?179
Ch. 11Import Product Strategy185
Ch. 12Import Distribution and Promotion Strategy205
Ch. 13Processing the Import Product223
Ch. 14Import Procedures241
Unit 4 Reading: Changes Afoot in Textiles/Apparel Sourcing Patterns257
Ch. 15Your Career and the Future of Global Fashion Marketing263
Unit 5 Reading: Careers in International Trade and Marketing276
Appendix A: Exporting Procedures Simulation279
Appendix B: Importing Procedures Simulation291

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