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by Naomi Chase

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Her past is back to haunt her--and it's hotter than ever. . .

On the brink of a major promotion, Tamia Luke is within reach of the glitzy life she's always dreamed of--until her client, Dominic "Nico" Archer, blackmails her into becoming his mistress, threatening to reveal her scandalous past. Tamia has no choice but to submit to his demands


Her past is back to haunt her--and it's hotter than ever. . .

On the brink of a major promotion, Tamia Luke is within reach of the glitzy life she's always dreamed of--until her client, Dominic "Nico" Archer, blackmails her into becoming his mistress, threatening to reveal her scandalous past. Tamia has no choice but to submit to his demands. But the tables turn when her hostility towards Nico is replaced with insatiable lust. No man--including her boyfriend--has ever satisfied her the way he does. And as her infatuation grows, the closer she comes to losing everything--including her life.

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Tamia Luke has her mind set on marrying Brandon Chambers, an up-and-coming Houston lawyer and son of Texas's lieutenant governor. But what's this? Her plan hits the skids when sexy Dominic Archer, all six-pack abs and speaking with a Caribbean lilt, recognizes her as Mystique, a porn star. In college, Tamia had worked her moneymaker wearing a mask in the porn series Mystique Slave Chronicles. Dominic blackmails Tamia into resurrecting Mystique. The hot vixen ends up serving up out-of-this-world sex whenever Dominic wants it. Yet Tamia, a truly despicable character, becomes jealous of Brandon's co-worker Cynthia. Wait? This heffa is sexing up Dominic AND demanding Brandon's loyalty? Sounds like a Jerry Springer episode.VERDICT The erotic sex makes this work more of an X-rated romance than true street lit. Still, Tamia's attitude will raise readers' hackles, and they'll hope this b*tch will get hers. —"The Word on Street Lit", Booksmack!, 12/16/10.

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Copyright © 2011 Naomi Chase
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-5320-0

Chapter One

"Tamia! Baby, get up."

Jolted awake by her boyfriend's frantic voice, Tamia Luke opened her eyes and stared at his dark, handsome face. "What time is it?"

"After seven," Brandon replied.

"Shit!" Tamia threw back the covers and sprang out of bed, naked breasts bouncing. "What happened? Why didn't the alarm clock go off?"

"The power must have gone out when it rained last night."

"Shit," Tamia repeated, bending over to retrieve her discarded clothing from the floor. "I can't be late for work. Especially not tod—Ow!" she yelped as Brandon slapped her soundly on the ass.

He grinned, dimples flashing in his cheeks. "That's for keeping me up late."

Tamia laughed. "I didn't hear you complaining last night, Negro!" she called as Brandon ducked inside the large master bathroom, a blur of mahogany stretched over lean, taut muscles. "And hurry up so you can take me home!"

Brandon's response was muffled by the sound of running water.

If they hadn't been in such a rush, Tamia would have joined him in the shower for round two of what they'd started last night. After attending a cocktail party at a ritzy downtown hotel, Brandon had invited her back to his place to spend the night. They'd doused themselves with a bottle of champagne, then licked, sucked, and fucked each other until they collapsed from sheer exhaustion. They probably would have overslept even if last night's storm hadn't knocked out the electricity.

Grinning slyly to herself, Tamia hurriedly tugged on her bra and panties and the black Christian Lacroix dress she'd worn to the cocktail party. Leaving Brandon to his shower, she headed out of the bedroom and made her way to the kitchen. It was a large, ultramodern room with gleaming granite countertops, black-lacquered cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. It was as immaculate as the rest of Brandon's plush condo, thanks to the cleaning lady who came like clockwork twice a week.

Tamia got busy brewing a pot of gourmet coffee, though she knew Brandon usually stopped at Starbucks on his way to the office. It was the thought that counted. If she'd had more time, she would have whipped up some eggs, bacon, and grits, though she knew Brandon often grabbed breakfast with a colleague at the prestigious law firm where he worked. Again, it was all about taking care of her man. Which was why she'd blown off her friends last night to accompany Brandon to some social mixer he'd forgotten all about until the last minute. And she hadn't batted an eye when he'd sheepishly asked her to pick up his tux from the dry cleaner. Tamia would have gone anywhere and done anything he'd asked of her.

Because she was on a mission to become Mrs. Brandon Chambers.

Oh, she knew she had her work cut out for her. Truth be told, Brandon was more interested in making partner at his law firm than getting married. Although Tamia frequently spent the night at his place, she was barely allowed to keep a toothbrush there. And after seven months of dating, she had yet to meet his parents, one of the most powerful political couples in Texas. Whenever she hinted at being introduced to them, Brandon always told her that his folks could be very intimidating, so he didn't want to scare her off.

What he didn't realize was that Tamia didn't scare very easily. So she'd be a good little wifey for as long as it took to convince him to put a ring on her finger.

Smiling at the thought, she poured steaming coffee into two fancy paper cups and snapped on the lids just as Brandon strode purposefully into the kitchen. He was impeccably dressed in a dark pin-striped suit that accentuated his tall, athletic build.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Been ready." Tamia straightened his tie, admiring his smooth chocolate skin, midnight eyes, and boyishly sexy smile. Brandon was the total package: fine as hell, rich, smart, and successful. He was going places, and she had no intention of being left behind.

"Here. I made you some coffee."

Accepting the cup from her, he took a long sip and let out an appreciative groan. "Damn, baby, you make the best brew. What would I do without you?"

Tamia smiled privately. If I play my cards right, you'll never have to find out.

Twenty minutes later, they turned off the main road and into a lushly landscaped development located in the shadow of Houston's Galleria. Brandon was on his BlackBerry, assuring his secretary that he wouldn't be late for a scheduled deposition that morning. So he didn't notice the way Tamia's hands clenched in her lap as they passed another car on the narrow street, nor did he hear the small sigh of relief that seeped past her lips.

He pulled up to a one-story stucco house situated on a perfectly manicured lawn. Tamia's red Honda Accord was parked in the driveway.

Grabbing her purse, she leaned over to kiss Brandon. "Have a good day."

He smiled. "You, too. Don't be late for work." "If I am, I'll just blame it on the rain," she said, crooning the old Milli Vanilli song.

Brandon laughed as she climbed out of his Maybach.

Although he was in a hurry, he waited until she'd reached the front door before he pulled off with a wave.

Tamia inserted her key in the lock, stepped inside the cool interior of the house, and closed the door. But she didn't move beyond the foyer. Staring anxiously at her watch, she waited until three minutes had ticked by. Then, opening the door, she poked her head outside and glanced up and down the tree-lined street, watching as cars backed out of driveways and joined the flow of other vehicles headed to various workplaces.

As Tamia locked the house and hurried to her own car, her cell phone rang. She fumbled it out of her purse and answered with a breathless, "Girl, that was close!"

"I know," Shanell Jasper agreed. "I was running late this morning. And so are you! What happened?"

Tamia grimaced, sliding behind the wheel of her car. "The power went out last night, so we overslept."

"Uh-oh. You've got that client meeting at nine. Are you going to be late?"

"I hope not." Tamia glanced at her watch, mentally calculating how long it would take her to get home, shower and change, and make it to the office on time. If only she'd had the foresight to leave a change of clothes at Shanell's place last night. But everything had been so rushed. After picking up Brandon's tux from the dry cleaner, dropping it off at his condo, and hurrying home to get dressed for the cocktail party, she'd reached Shanell's house just minutes before Brandon arrived to pick her up.

"How long do you think you can keep this up?" Shanell asked.

Tamia pulled onto the main road. "What?"

Shanell snorted. "You know damn well what I'm talking about. This crazy charade of yours, lying to Brandon about where you live and using my house as your cover. How long can you keep this shit up?"

"However long it takes."

"And what if it takes that man, like, five years to propose?" Shanell paused. "Or what if he never does?"

"He will," Tamia said resolutely.

Before Shanell attempted to sow more seeds of doubt in her mind, Tamia told her that she'd see her at the office, then ended the call.

She knew her coworker meant well, and God knows Shanell had every right to voice her concerns since she was doing Tamia such a huge favor. But Shanell didn't understand what was truly at stake here. She had no clue what it was like to grow up on the wrong side of the tracks and dare to aspire to greater things. The crumbling shotgun house Tamia still called home was a world away from the lavish River Oaks estate where Brandon had been raised. He wouldn't be caught dead dating someone from Houston's notorious Third Ward—no matter how smart, successful, and educated Tamia now was. So showing him where she really lived was out of the question.

Sure, she felt a pang of guilt every time she lied to him or had to inconvenience her coworker. But she was compensating Shanell for her trouble. And once she and Brandon were married, Tamia would spend the rest of her life proving to him that he'd made the right decision.

Chapter Two

"Your nine o'clock appointment is waiting in the conference room. I offered him coffee, but he declined."

"Thanks, Marjorie." Tamia rushed past the receptionist, barely sparing the woman a glance. She was ten minutes late to a meeting with a new client. Not exactly the best first impression to make. Thank God her boss was out of town this week, or she'd be in a shitload of trouble. Hell, if the client decided to go with another agency after today's consultation, Tamia could pretty much kiss her promotion good-bye.

Reaching her sleek glass cubicle, she stowed her Coach handbag in the bottom drawer of her desk and grabbed her OneNote tablet. Out of habit, she inspected her appearance in the hand mirror she kept hidden under a tray on her desk. Her MAC makeup was flawless, perfectly accentuating her dark, slanted eyes and full, juicy lips. Her lustrous black hair was cut in a stylishly layered, Rihanna-inspired bob that drew compliments wherever she went. Her silk button-down blouse molded large C-cup breasts, while her black pencil skirt showed off a round, healthy ass and long, toned legs.

As she hurried from the nest of cubicles that housed the agency's brand creative team, one of the copywriters popped his head up.

"Hey, Tamia, I need the final mock-up—"

"Not now," she said, cutting him off. "I'm meeting with a client. We'll talk later."

She headed quickly down the corridor, passing walls that were covered with framed awards, plaques, and press clippings the firm had garnered over the years, establishing it as one of Houston's top advertising agencies. Tamia had worked there for seven years, diligently climbing her way up the ranks. As an account executive, she'd spearheaded several successful ad campaigns and now boasted an impressive client list.

She loved her job. More important, she was damn good at it. So she had as good a shot as anyone else to land the coveted promotion to assistant brand manager of advertising.

Reaching the end of the corridor, Tamia strode briskly into the large conference room. A tall, broad-shouldered man stood at the huge picture window that overlooked the glistening downtown skyline. Dominic Archer, a Crucian-born businessman who'd made his fortune selling prepackaged Caribbean food products.

"Good morning, Mr. Archer. I apologize for keeping you wait—"

As he turned from the window, Tamia promptly lost her train of thought. The man was at least six-four and copper brown, with sleepy dark eyes and a manicured goatee that framed full, sexy lips. Beneath his expensively tailored Gucci suit, his body looked well-toned and muscular. Solid as a rock.

Oh dayum, Tamia thought. This brotha is foine!

Recovering her professionalism, she stepped forward with an outstretched hand. "Tamia Luke," she introduced herself.

He clasped her hand, his eyes roaming her face. "Dominic Archer." His deep voice held a hint of a lazy island lilt. The scent of his expensive cologne wafted up her nostrils, subtle yet intoxicating.

Tamia smiled at him. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Archer. Are you sure you don't want any coffee, tea, or juice?" He smiled, revealing a set of straight, white teeth. "No, thank you. I'm fine."

Yes, you are. Clearing her throat, Tamia motioned to the long glass conference table. "Please have a seat."

Once they were both settled at the table, she got right down to business. "I understand that you want a memorable advertising campaign to launch your first Caribbean-style restaurant."

"That's right." As Dominic leaned back in his chair and casually crossed his legs, Tamia's gaze was drawn to his Dolce & Gabbana black calfskin leather loafers. The man had style, which boded well for their collaborative partnership.

"I want something that's gonna grab people's attention," he explained to her. "Something that'll lure customers who've never even thought about trying Caribbean food. And I want something that'll drive as much traffic as possible to my restaurant."

Tamia smiled at him. "Then you've definitely come to the right agency. We have a proven track record of satisfying our clients' needs."

"So I've heard." Dominic's eyes gleamed. "I've been a fan of your work for years."

"Really? I'm so glad to hear that." Tamia was thoroughly stoked. "Now, before my team gets started on developing the creative concept for your ad campaign, I need to familiarize myself with your restaurant so that I can decide on an effective target market. So let's talk about—"

"You're even more beautiful than I'd imagined," Dominic interrupted softly.

Her cheeks warmed from the unexpected compliment. "Thank you."

"No, for real. I mean it." He held her gaze. "I always wondered what you looked like behind that black mask."

It took a delayed moment for his words to register. When they did, Tamia's blood ran cold and she stared at Dominic, stunned. "W-what did you just say?" she whispered.

A slow, knowing grin spread across his face. "Does anyone still call you Mystique?"

The room swayed. Tamia swallowed hard as a clammy sweat broke out over her skin. "When ... how ..." Her throat tightened, choking off the rest of her question.

Dominic grinned harder. "Like I said, I've been a fan of your work for years."

Tamia got unsteadily to her feet, crossed the room, and closed the door. She couldn't risk any of her coworkers overhearing the conversation she was about to have.

As she made her way back to the table, Dominic's eyes traveled over her body as if he were picturing her naked. When he licked his lips, Tamia felt dirty in a way she hadn't felt in years.

She stood behind her high-backed chair in an attempt to shield her body from his view. "What do you want?" She forced out the words past dry lips.

Dominic reluctantly lifted his eyes from her cleavage to meet her accusing gaze. "Why did you stop acting? You were a natural, Mystique."

"My name is Tamia."

He smiled, slowly shaking his head. "To me, you'll always be Mystique."

Tamia's manicured fingernails dug into the soft leather of the chair. "Again I ask. What do you want?"

His smile widened. "I want you to come out of retirement. Become Mystique again."

"That's not gonna happen."

"You misunderstand me." Dominic leaned forward in his seat. "I don't want you to perform for strangers. This time around, I want you all to myself."

Incredulous, Tamia stared at him. "You're out of your damn

He chuckled quietly. "If I am, Mystique, it's your fault."

"Don't call me—"

"I own every last one of your movies. I can't tell you how many times I've watched them, wishing I was the lucky man you were fucking so enthusiastically. It never seemed like you were just acting. Like I said, you were a natural."

Tamia felt sick to her stomach. "Look," she said, darting a furtive glance toward the door, "I don't know who the hell put you up to this, but you wasted your time coming here. I stopped doing those movies a long time ago, and I have no intention of coming out of retirement for you or anyone else. Now you need to leave before I call security."

Dominic laughed softly, unfazed by the threat. "You won't call security."

"Think I won't?" Livid, Tamia spun away from him, rounded the conference table, and marched toward the phone at the opposite end.

"Do your colleagues know about your past life as a porn star?"

That stopped her dead in her tracks.

She stared across the table at Dominic. The wicked gleam in his eyes chilled her to the bone.

"Do they know about your alter ego Mystique, the submissive with a sublime pussy?" he taunted. "Do they know how much you enjoyed being spanked and fucked in the ass? Do they know how much you loved sucking your master's big, black—"

"Stop," Tamia whispered, feeling faint. "Just stop."

But he ignored her. "What about your boss? When I contacted the agency and specifically asked to work with you, he couldn't stop singing your praises. But does he know how truly talented you are? Would he risk the company's outstanding reputation by promoting an employee with a ... checkered past?"

Tamia gaped at him in horror. "Are you blackmailing me?"

Dominic smiled narrowly. "Blackmail is such an ugly word, you know? I prefer to think of this as a business transaction, one that can be mutually beneficial."

"How?" Tamia hissed. "You're the only one who'd get something out of this damn deal."

"That's not true," he countered mildly. "In exchange for your cooperation, you'd get my sworn promise to keep your dirty little secret."


Excerpted from EXPOSED by NAOMI CHASE Copyright © 2011 by Naomi Chase. Excerpted by permission of DAFINA BOOKS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Exposed 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 56 reviews.
Jvlyn007 More than 1 year ago
There were so many twists and turns during this story that it compelled me to read on. The dynamics between the characters was so powerful that as a reader you don't know who to root/ cheer for. Tamia and Brandon, Tamia and Dominic, Dominic and Isabel, Brandon and Cynthia, Tamia and Isabel, Tamia and Fiona...it was a little overwhelming. I was just hoping that things would get better for Tamia, but it just kept getting worse and worse. I was so upset with how the story ended. I needed closure...resolution to so many issues, and I was left wanting.
shawnda_31 More than 1 year ago
I just finished this book, and Naomi Chase did her thing with this booK. I recommended this book to anyone that enjoy a story that got alot of twist and turns in it.
REDROKE-MBIB More than 1 year ago
This was an excellent read!!!! My book club (MOCHA BOOK IT BABES) and I enjoyed it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Where can I start this book at? It was amazing. First off I fell in love with Tamia and Brandon since the book started. I thought Tamia genuinely loved Brandon and was trying not to hurt him but when about it the wrong way. As for Cynthia, I hated her. I knew she liked Brandon all along and was just waiting for him and Tamia to break up. In the end I thought the book was excellent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was very good... i got so excited when i found there was a sequel...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I say this book is HOT!!!! it is HOT!!!! A definte page turner. Great Job. I look forward to reading Deception. I stumbled on this author on Black expressions and I am glad I did. VEry well written book.. one of the best I have read in a LONG time.
tishtash More than 1 year ago
Wow this book is definetely a must read. It didn't take long to get into this book at all. I had a little bit of a love hate relationship with tamia. So many twist and turns didn't know where and how the book was going to end. I think i may have fallen in love with Brandon myself, lol. Can't what for my shipment for the sequel :)
JacJacJW More than 1 year ago
OMG! I felt like these characters were real. I could visualize the characters; I laughted and cried reading this book. I also read Deception....Awesome as well. There has got to be a third book. I want Tamia to get back with Brandon...PLEASE! :0) I love your novels and good luck in the future J.Woods Pgh, PA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story had so many twist. The ending left me with my miuth opened. It would be nice if there was a part 2!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was my first book from this author and I will definitely be back for more!! Though filled with salacious and gritty details, I was kept on the edge of my seat and held captive anxiously awaiting the outcomes of the many twists and turns in this urban thriller!! I highly recommend it if you can stomach the raunchiness - because that will take a little getting used to for some!!
Monique Parker More than 1 year ago
This book was a great read...I can't wait for the sequel!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Can't wait for the sequel. I feel like Tamia got the short end of the stick. I admired her hustle though I didnt approve it. Who in their right mind would tell her 'probable' hubby she was in porn? She did what she had to do! Her lies were extreme but sometimes our lives aint what we want them to be........ Kudos Chase!
Kyla Wommack More than 1 year ago
Amazing! I was hooked from the beginning until the end. Its a must read, and you can finish this book in two days like i did. Only issue, the cliffhanger ending. I really hope a part 3 does come out because i like a complete story.
JP300 More than 1 year ago
jaysmith More than 1 year ago
Ive read alot of books an this one is one of the good ones
Flawless28 More than 1 year ago
This was a really good book! I really got into the characters and the story line was so much different. I like how the author gave enough details without going overboard. I think the ending couldve been more explosive but it wasnt bad at all. Its goes to the old saying the truth will set u free!
LadyRavenRAVE1 More than 1 year ago
this was very good story telling, but I had so many different emotions going on while reading the book. ***MIGHT BE SPOILERS** This was a very detailed story from beginning to end though as you might already know the end was left as a cliffhanger. Story involves Tamia, Brandon, Dominic, Cynthia and other minor characters. Tamia had everything a good job and boyfriend who is Brandon until Dominic came into her life and turn everything upside down. TAMIA You would love to hate Tamia but you can't, even though she cheated and messed everything up deep down I was still pulling i know crazy but for her she is a good person but her lies just caught up to her as well as her past. Even though the book ended with her in a very messed up situation I really believe she will get her happy ending not sure what the author will do with her character but I believe that she really do love Brandon and believe they should be together. She wasted time on trying to be prefect for BRandon's parents and keeping her secret that she didnt know what she had till it was gone but don't get me wrong the constant cheating irked the hell out of me. BRANDON Upper crust in society but you have to give it to Brandon, like Dominic said he had some gangtsa in him. I truly underestimated Brandon, I commend him on not sorta cheating and yes I do consider the kiss with Cynthia cheating granted what TAmia was doing to him. He is a very successful lawyer who can't figure out if his girlfriend is cheating or not. I guess he got the right girl in the end wasn't happy with that, but then again you can't really consider it the end because it's a CLIFFHANGER. DOMINIC ok in the beginning he was sexy as hell, hot and everything under the sun, but I just hate his trifling you know what. I don't want to give away too much but he was the worst kind of vilIian I have read in these books which you can't even classify as a romance novel, he better get his in the upcoming book. CYNTHIA Sweet girl but too sweet for me she was in love with Brandon but I guess, I loved her but I don't know even when she finally got with Brandon it felt like a quickie. As for everybody else, especially Fiona she is on some girl interrupted thing in the end don't know what that was all about but again we don't know because it was a CLIFFHANGER. But I have to say the sex was crazy good and could have done with out the "N" word begin used so many times but I get it, they might have money but for some of them you can take them out the hood but you can't take the hood out of them. ************* Feel free to join my book group on facebook ( Romance Novel Junkies) we have over 450 members and counting which includes well known and indie authors and avid readers as members who are apart of this group who would love to hear about new books and thoughts also check out our kindle and ebook lending library.
hawksgirl More than 1 year ago
Hats off to Ms. Chase for her first release! This book is a definite page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sexy, hot, steamy, drama-filled is what you get between these pages. Definitely not your norm everyday run of the mill story. READ IT! Whoever hates on this book is just that. A HATER! Or not a good judge of literary genius. Take your pick. ;o)
Kendra Mack More than 1 year ago
I must say that I truly enjoyed this book. If I had to stop reading it I couldnt wait to get back to it!!!....The only problem is it ended with some unanswered questions...so there DEFIANTELY has to be a follow up book!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just... Kept me on the edge.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great Read
NaturalreadingMachine More than 1 year ago
This book was very good, the charcters where amazing!!!!!!!! The whole book was a page turner!!!! The beginning had a slow start, but the end have you dieing for more! MUST READ, I'm starting to read deception now and then will be getting betrayal!!! #Exposed#Deception#Betrayal
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series needs to be a movie....wow that's all I can say....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book a must read loved it