Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities

Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities

by Debra Lynne Katz

Take your innate psychic abilities from ordinary to extraordinary and find out just how easy it is to access insightful and helpful information about anything!

Whether you're a beginner exploring your psychic abilities or a professional fine-tuning your skills, this warm and practical guide offers proven techniques, true personal stories, and a wealth of fun


Take your innate psychic abilities from ordinary to extraordinary and find out just how easy it is to access insightful and helpful information about anything!

Whether you're a beginner exploring your psychic abilities or a professional fine-tuning your skills, this warm and practical guide offers proven techniques, true personal stories, and a wealth of fun exercises so that you can quickly experience successful clairvoyant readings for yourself.

Professional psychic Debra Lynne Katz, author of the popular introductory guide You Are Psychic, offers clear and engaging instruction on developing your natural intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and telepathy. She demonstrates how these skills can be used with clients on a professional level or in real-life settings, such as your home or workplace—even in your own relationships.

• Become the intuitive, extraordinary psychic you truly are
• Heal yourself and others
• View the past, present, and future
• Manifest goals for peace, prosperity, and love
• Communicate with your spirit guides and loved ones in spirit
• Learn how to perform psychic readings professionally or just for fun

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chapter 1

What happens when you take a million ordinary citizens and turn them into extraordinary psychics? Evolution!

—debra lynne katz

Many people would love to experience clairvoyant visions that contain useful information for themselves and others, but they haven’t got the foggiest idea how to initiate or control this process. Some believe the only way to do so is to put themselves through extreme circumstances, such as fasting for long periods, banishing themselves into harsh wilderness conditions, taking hallucinogenic drugs, or paying thousands of dollars for remote viewing or lengthy and costly clairvoyant or remote-viewing training programs.

While long-term, in-depth, and in-person training is a path I fully endorse and is the path that led to the writing of this book, countless readers of my first book, You Are Psychic, have demonstrated that such training is not necessary to access and utilize one’s clairvoyance. In fact, during a recent expo in Los Angeles at which I conducted a clairvoyant training demonstration, I taught a group of sixty-five people how to perform a clairvoyant reading in less than forty-five minutes, something even I was not sure would be possible in such a short period of time.

Out of the twelve or so volunteers I called up to the front of the room, four were “seeing” almost the exact same images within minutes. Even though the woman they were practicing on stated nothing more than her name, they each saw her standing before a microphone singing passionately. A few others saw her with suitcases and sipping drinks on a beach in what appeared to be or felt like a resort in Mexico. The woman confirmed she was leaving that night to go perform at a resort in Cancun.

The mood changed drastically as another volunteer offered herself up to be “read.” Even before I finished leading them through the opening exercise, four or five of the readers had tears in their eyes, while one actually burst out in sobs. At this point they had no idea why they were having this kind of emotional reaction. However, soon a few more novice readers began receiving images and clairaudient messages indicating that this woman was grieving the death of someone close to her. She later confirmed that several of her family members had died very recently, including a parent. I wasn’t surprised to discover that the reader who had the strongest initial emotional reaction had recently lost a parent herself. This is an example of clairsentience, the psychic ability of feeling others’ emotions and physical sensations. This ability naturally emerges when utilizing one’s clairvoyance.

What Exactly Is Clairvoyant Reading?

Clairvoyant reading is a very intensive form of meditation in which you focus on some simple visualizations, pose questions to these visualizations, and then wait patiently for the information to arrive. This information can be about anyone or anything. The only way it can work is through complete inward focus and concentration. But wait, don’t let that scare you! When you know the right techniques to use, which you will soon, this intense concentration will be effortless. Why? Because when you are doing clairvoyant readings, you are not trying to quiet and empty a mind that by nature is addicted to being busy and noisy. Instead, your mind is so active with the techniques that the end result is you are focusing without trying to focus. This is particularly true when you are doing a reading on someone else, which is a lot easier than reading yourself.

When you see visions or use your clairvoyance, and you take the time to communicate the information to someone else, this is called a reading. When we “read” other people we can see into any aspect of their lives. The information comes from a variety of sources. Some of it comes from what I’d call a universal source of all knowingness. Very little is known about this source except that it’s there to tap into it whenever we like. This source is the same one that I believe Carl Jung was referring to when he coined the term collective unconscious. The information contained within this source is largely or perhaps entirely of a visual nature. Because the information exists in the form of pictures and archetypal images, it can be accessed by people of every nation, regardless of their verbal language or ability to use verbal language at all. We all interact with this source every night through our dreams. It’s possible even animals can tap into this source, although I don’t know that for sure.

MEI Pictures/Filters/Programs

When we access information from this universal source, we cannot help but view it through own filters of perception. These filters are our own personal pictures made up of thoughtforms and feelings upon which our personalities and egos are based, and which very much determine how we approach life and all relationships, including those with others and with ourselves. In You Are Psychic I refer to these pictures or filters as Mental/Emotional Image pictures (MEI pictures). These filters are like minute programs running through our psyches. They are connected into particular parts of our bodies and energy fields and can even result in disease or physical pain. Sometimes they consist entirely of pain. They are like secret scripts that echo past traumatic experiences. Quite frequently these programs or scripts are written and passed on by those who raised us, or by our own selves to make sense of our past disappointments. We often carry these pictures or programs with us from other incarnations into our present one. They then act as shackles that keep us from expressing our true essence and experiencing greater freedom to be who we are or who we truly want to be in present time.

When we read other people who have something in common with us, who are strong mirrors for us, not only do we become more aware of these pictures or filters, but energetically they actually begin to shift and fall away, regardless of whether we can identify them at the time. In this way, performing a clairvoyant reading or healing on another person can be a powerful method of self-transformation because it allows us to deprogram ourselves so we are freer to be our own true selves in the present moment. This is really what all transpersonal and psychological modalities attempt to do, but clairvoyant reading can do it much faster. As a clairvoyant reader aware of this process, we can be our own therapist. Our clients are our mirrors and the impetus for change within ourselves. It’s important to understand that this process occurs whether or not you think you have something in common with the person you are reading and really has nothing to do with your cognitive awareness, although the more readings you do, the more impressed you will be with the fact that you tend to read people who are in fact dealing with issues similar to those you are also dealing with in the present moment.

Other Sources of Information

Apart from the universal source of knowingness, during a clairvoyant reading other sources of psychic information can be accessed to obtain information. These include telepathic communication from other living people, as well as deceased individuals and beings we call spirit guides, which behave as if their job is to help out with such matters. (As I will discuss in chapter 13, I’ve never had an entity actually hand me a business card that identifies him literally as a “spirit guide,” but this term does correctly embody the intentions of a variety of beings available to assist us.) Sometimes as the clairvoyant, it will be you who is the source of the information as your spirit travels to a particular location to observe a lost object or incident that has occurred or that will occur at a specific point in time.

Readings can be done by letting the information come to you or by you going to the information, and you will be learning both these methods in the next few chapters. Much of the time when you seek information about a person, particularly one who has solicited your assistance and is sitting beside you or is talking to you on the telephone, you will discover the bulk of the information about that person’s life resides in their aura, which is another word for the energy field that surrounds every living thing. An aura is a map of the body and a history book of the soul that accompanies that body. The first chapter of this historical epic begins long before the soul was thrust into this current lifetime; indeed, our auras contain information about all our incarnations—past, present, and to some extent future (see chapter 7). Often, when a person asks a question about their health or a goal, a clairvoyant’s attention will be drawn to a specific location within the aura. This is particularly true with health and relationship questions.

Many times a readee will want to know why they are suffering from a particular ailment or what can be done about it. Often, in addition to receiving an answer about the readee’s physical anatomy, an image will come up that indicates the person had a weakness in that area related to emotional trauma or neglect prior to the manifestation of the illness or problem. Carolyn Myss, in her book Anatomy of the Spirit and her excellent audiotape series Why People Don’t Heal and Three Levels of Power, does a great job of explaining various ailments with their corresponding energy dynamics. My own readings with thousands of clients have led me to come up with similar connections. After practicing the techniques in the following chapters, you will likely begin to make similar observations.

Foreign Energies

Our auras also contain a plethora of foreign energies that profoundly influence our physical, mental, and emotional health. These energies are derived from sources apart from ourselves, but they merge with us when they enter our field or when we enter the fields of others. Some of these foreign sources include family members, lovers, bosses, ancestors, spirits, and an assorted cast of other characters, with or without bodies. The type and amount of these energies that dwell within our auras and body at any given time largely determine how we feel and experience ourselves (self-esteem), and the ways in which we manifest on a creative level.

These energies influence our level of personal freedom and power, which obviously has an impact on our everyday life experiences such as finances, relationships, work, and on our overall development. Many clairvoyants have observed that these foreign energies travel back and forth through things that look like cords of electricity. These cords also sometimes show up in photographs. (I am currently working on a new book, which includes a collection of such photos taken by a close friend of mine, Kazandrah Martin, who is a healer and clairvoyant in Sedona, Arizona.) Sometimes, two people’s energy fields are so merged together that they look like Siamese twins. This corresponds with the degree of codependency between the two. Most often I see this with an emotionally dependent parent and a child who has allowed that parent to feed off their energy system with the hope that someday the parent will change and give them what they were missing as children.

A common image I encounter in my readings is that of my client standing in front of a mirror. Sometimes the client is smiling, sometimes frowning; there are often other faces and bodies standing around my client in the mirror. I’ve discovered through corresponding symbols and intuitive information that this usually indicates the client is experiencing himself or herself through another’s eyes and emotions. Now this might be terrific if the other person is a happy, encouraging, self-loving person who loves the client. But what if the “other” is picky and depressed, or filled with anxiety and self-loathing? Most of the time when I describe what I am seeing, the readee knows exactly who I am talking about, and verifies that their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth have been less than positive since being involved with this other person, or since this person began having problems in their own life.

I have personally encountered dramatic shifts in my own self-perception and self-esteem—particularly my satisfaction with my body and even my ability to lose weight—after performing some self-healing techniques during which I released from my aura the foreign energy of someone I was dating. Some of these techniques are presented in chapter 3 and chapters 15 through 17. It doesn’t matter how much you love your partner or your children or your clients. Their thoughts, feelings, and pain often do not serve you when they are in your body. It is like running the wrong fuel through your engine. It will clog things up, slow you down, burn you out, and even cause your immune system to break down.

If you feel as if you are living a life that is not your own or if your job and the people around you don’t make you feel good, most likely you are running other people’s programs and energy through your body, which has caused you to make the choices that have led you to your current situation. As soon as you clear these out and get back in touch with your own life force, vibration, energy, path, whatever you want to call it, your life will begin to reshape itself to fit who you really are right now, in the present moment. This is what giving and receiving clairvoyant readings and healings can do for you.

Seeing Is Not Just Seeing

After twelve years of experience as a clairvoyant reader and healer, I am thrilled to be discovering the extent of quality research that confirms many of my own personal observations and experiences. Some of the books that do a fantastic job describing this research are Mind-Reach by Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff; Dean Radin’s The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds; and Lynne McTaggart’s The Field and The Intention Experiment. All these authors note that quantum physicists, in their early research, discovered that particles—the building blocks of atoms, made up of electric charges, magnetic charges, and light—changed as they were being observed, even when researchers were doing nothing more than looking at them. Long before I ever heard about the above-mentioned research, I would often be looking at someone’s aura or some kind of energy, and I would notice that it immediately began shifting, even before I communicated what I was seeing to the readee. After alerting the readee to the energy I was seeing, I would many times see an even greater shift in that energy.

In The Intention Experiment, McTaggart makes a distinction between attention and intention. Attention is focusing on something without intent; intention is focus with a desired outcome. Likewise, clairvoyant reading is putting your attention on the target or object, while clairvoyant healing is reading with the intention to initiate a change. This intention can be general—as when you approach a reading with the attitude that you are going to do your best to see and offer the most accurate information in order to help your readee achieve maximum health and happiness. Or your intention may be specific, in that it might address a particular issue—for example, your readee suffers from headaches or depression, and your intention is to free them of these ailments. For myself and most psychics I know personally, we naturally bring this general goal to our work with every client, so we can’t say that we are ever just merely observing without any intent behind it. But there are definitely different degrees of intent and, as McTaggart explains, intention is not just desire; it’s a definitive commitment to achieve results. From my own observations, there seems to be a proportional connection between the strength of the desire and the impact of the healing, particularly when the one being healed has the same commitment to their own healing as the one doing the healing. (You’d be surprised how often the healer is more invested in the outcome than the person being healed!)

For example, I might do a clairvoyant reading for a client and discover that she currently has cancer. As I look at the cancer cells, their location, and the underlying energy and issues that seem to be related to the cancer, I will often begin to see a shift happen in the energy field. For some reason I tend to see cancer as white, and there are times when I am just merely looking at the white color that it begins to move and dissipate. Sometimes when the movement occurs, the readee actually begins to experience a sensation. Yet it is when I actually decide to actively heal the person of their cancer, by imagining and willing or demanding that the white release out of the affected area and go down a grounding cord, that I observe the greatest changes and the client experiences the most profound physical shifts or has the greatest emotional release. This release occurs whether or not the client had any idea that I was actually performing a healing.

Quite often when reading a person, an image will spontaneously come to me that I can then work with when I am ready to perform a clairvoyant healing on them. For example, I might see a black streak cutting across my client’s heart, so I will use my imagination and visualize that black color releasing from the heart. Or I might see an image of the client’s heart as if it were feeble and gasping for breath. In this case I would ask the heart to show me the color of whatever has been causing the weakness in it. The color doesn’t really mean anything to me other than giving me something to hold on to—to work with or manipulate. If the color seems to represent something that is not healthy, I can visualize it releasing. If it is something pleasant, such as a vibration of joy or creativity or passion, I may choose to visualize it washing away any other colors as if it were clean water swirling inside a washing machine. I may also choose to visualize this color as if it were completely filling up the client’s body and aura, or a particular area in need of this energy. I may share this color with the client or ask them to describe their favorite color or one that makes them happy, in order to see if it corresponds with the one I am seeing. Then I will give the client an assignment to work with this color in their own meditation space as a self-healing empowerment exercise.

This is how a basic clairvoyant healing is done. We set the intention to make a strong difference and utilize visualizations to achieve this purpose. In a pure clairvoyant reading, we are just observing—with kindness, but we are not intentionally changing what we are seeing, even though such a change may in fact be the end result. Remember: it’s as simple as shining a light exactly on the area that needs illumination, and the readee’s spirit will see the spot that they could not quite reach before on their own, and a shift will take place.

Sometimes this spiritual communication in the form of a clairvoyant reading is all the person needs; other times the reading is just one thing in a cumulative series of events. At other times, intentional healing is necessary, and even then it may not have immediate and complete results but rather move the client one small step on their journey to health. If the client is not at all open to growth or change due to fear or a compulsive need to control something that they cannot control (which is almost always due to fear anyway), then the reading and healing may have no effect other than to really piss the client off!

I once received a letter from a woman who stated that her boyfriend was very abusive, was currently serving a prison term for attempted murder, and was addicted to methamphetamine. This man told the woman who wrote me that he never wanted to see her again. She asked me what I could do to help him (translation: change him) so that she could get back together with him. I told her, “Absolutely nothing,” but I added that I might be able to figure out why she was settling for someone like him and to help her emotionally let go of this very destructive attachment in her life. I wasn’t surprised when I never heard back from her. Her problem wasn’t with him. It was with herself.

Healer, Heal Thyself

One of the most important things to understand about clairvoyant reading is that it’s not just the readee who is being influenced by the clairvoyant’s attention and intentions. The clairvoyant is very much affected as well. This is where we may have to part ways with the quantum physicists—not because they aren’t being influenced by the particles they are observing, but because most of them would never even think to consider this as a possibility, and I can’t imagine that the particles themselves would have enough strength to elicit the same effect that one person’s energy field can have on another. This is why we need more of these very smart physicists to study larger particles— i.e., people!

During a clairvoyant reading, the readers will also be experiencing their own clairsentience—the ability to feel others’ emotions and physical sensations as one’s own, including pain, exhaustion, and sexual arousal. As I mentioned, during a reading the clairvoyant will be encountering and working through their own issues and matching pictures with the client, which will be stimulated and brought to the surface for the purpose of healing. When psychics are unaware of these matching pictures, it’s easy to get stuck and fall into resistance of them, which usually translates into resisting the person they are reading, or feeling fear about doing the reading at all. If psychics are aware of how the process works, there are techniques they can utilize to allow them to use this process to their advantage. In this respect, clairvoyant reading can be a tool for paradigm shifts, emotional release, and overall rapid and significant growth. However, with rapid growth comes change—and as you know, change can sometimes be more than a bit distressing.

In clairvoyant circles this process is called a growth period. In other spiritual disciplines it’s called a dark night of the soul. This is because the soul suddenly becomes aware that it was operating from false premises, such as fantasies or fears, or other people’s ideas, dreams, and limitations. These premises may have been exactly the ones the spirit needed in order to learn certain lessons or achieve certain goals in life up until this point, but they no longer serve the spirit. When this occurs, sometimes our previous belief structure—in which our identity was enmeshed and into which we grounded in order to be secure—col-lapses. The only way we can really feel better is to adopt a new belief system that fits us better in the present time.

Sometimes, however, there is a gap in time before we can form that new belief system or ground into it. While there is much to learn and experience in that gap, our ego may actually feel as if it is dying or has died and has nothing to hang on to; this can be downright terrifying. Actually, it isn’t being in that gap that’s a problem, but instead it’s the lack of understanding that unnerves us and tricks us into wondering if we are going nuts. This is because during such a growth period we really are losing touch with “reality.” Yet that can be a good thing, if the “reality” we were previously in touch with was not really real.

When we are in this limbo, in this gap of not knowing any longer what to believe, and when we can recognize this state for what it is, and actually celebrate it, we will be in an extremely powerful place because the possibilities for what we can create and where we can go will be astounding. Unfortunately, most people don’t really get this until after they’ve come out on the other end and can look back at the experience from a safe distance and not only say, “Wow, that was intense. I don’t want to go through that again!” but also appreciate it as a defining point in their personal and/or spiritual development. This period is often followed up with extreme changes in a person’s life, which can include ending relationships and giving up jobs, material items, and ways of behaving that were no longer productive in order to make way for a whole new bundle of opportunities often associated with greater creativity and peace.

It is my most sincere hope that this book will help you use clairvoyant reading to initiate this growth process in yourself, and that you will remember to congratulate yourself for the changes you are making if and when life as you know it begins to feel a bit topsy-turvy. I promise that such a feeling won’t last long—although I guess long is a subjective word!

The process of psychic development and reading (which is also a form of remote viewing—see chapters 10 and 11) that I will focus on in this book can be merely a set of mental exercises you can utilize to call upon any kind of information through extrasensory perception, or it can be a spiritual discipline and practice that yield deep and lasting results for self-development. If you practice the techniques just a few times, you will most likely discover that they yield immediate results. The longer and deeper you practice, the greater fruits they will bear—as is true in the other spiritual disciplines, whether yoga, martial arts, or even any of the creative arts such as painting, music, writing, dance, and so on. With all of these, it takes courage, faith, determination, focus, and patience to get past both the inner resistance and outer resistance that are in operation every moment, even right this moment as you decide whether to read one more word of this book or abandon it and turn on the TV instead. One of the reasons I have written this book is to help people get past this resistance. Resistance here is defined as anything that would keep you separate—physically, mentally, or emo-tionally—from your abilities, your own inner voice, or your affinity for yourself. The root of resistance is fear (see also chapter 20).

The tricky thing about resistance is sometimes, even often, people confuse it with a “gut feeling.” The expression “Listen to your gut” always makes me cringe because most of the information connected with our guts (which correspond to the third chakra) has to do with issues of power and control, and sometimes plain old-fashioned gas or menstrual cramps! Control is a mechanism that attempts to avoid and protect us from fear. But when we realize we cannot control what we fear, this part of our body will send signals that scream out “Danger! Danger!” and secrete all kinds of toxins and acids that cause indigestion, ulcers, or even cancers.

I am in no way disputing the power of intuition; rather, I am suggesting that intuition doesn’t really come from your “gut.” Instead, it stimulates the fear sensation or reaction in your gut, which is probably why people think it’s their gut that is the voice of intuition. Intuition is a term used to describe a wide variety of psychic abilities and sensations, and I believe intuition originates more in the upper chakras or energy centers of the body than in the lower ones.

Fortunately, we have our clairvoyance, the ability to see information in the form of pictures and images. When we know how to work with our clairvoyance, which you will after reading this book, we have a way to obtain more detailed, accurate, and objective information so that we can make better decisions, such as whether or not we really shouldn’t get on that plane, or if we just need to ground ourselves, take a nap, a yoga class, or an Alka-Seltzer.

If you don’t know for certain that you are psychic, if you have never had a clairvoyant vision as far as you recall, if you have had one but don’t know how to control it, or if you know beyond all doubt you are clairvoyant but are not using your clairvoyance in the ways or to the degree you suspect you could, there is a reason for that! You are “stuck” in a reality that says these things are not real, possible, or safe, at least not for you. However, I can guarantee you that this “reality” is anything but real! It is an illusion. Up until now there was something else at play—a force within you, or outside yourself in the form of a person, people, the entire society perhaps—blocking your awareness, preventing you from having the knowledge and access to the knowledge. I can be as certain of that as I am certain that you are psychic. You are clairvoyant. You are clairsentient. You are clairaudient. You are a medium!

Overcoming years of unconscious resistance to your own psychic abilities can be more than just challenging, particularly when you are surrounded by others who continue to be stuck in this very same resistance. Developing your abilities within a structured and supportive group setting is the easiest way to achieve your goal. However, it may not be practical for you right now in terms of time and family commitments, your other goals, your location, or your finances. Therefore, it is my sincerest desire and intent to give you everything you might possibly need that is in my power to give you, in order to help you help yourself as you move up, down, along, in circles, sometimes backward, but mostly forward along the never-ending path of your clairvoyant development.

I am going to give you the tools and pass along the lessons you need to pull yourself out of any potholes, to create bridges from one signpost to the next, and to slay any trolls, demons, or hollow-eyed aliens that are threatening to huff and puff and blow your house down. It will of course be up to you to make good use of these tools.


Meet the Author

Debra Lynne Katz is author of You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing, and ExtraordinaryPsychic: Proven Techniques To Master Your Psychic Abilities. As a talented clairvoyant/energy healer, she has assisted thousands of people.

She is the founder/director of The International School of Clairvoyance which offers psychic boot camp trainings, ongoing classes and distance personalized training programs to prospective psychics around the globe.

Debra holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a B.A. in psychology and is a graduate of the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking. She is a former Federal Probation Officer and was host of Sedona, Arizona’s popular television show, “The Psychic Explorer.” She is also a director/screenwriter and an active member of ISEE—the Institute for Enlightening Entertainment.

Debra has an identical twin sister named Amy who is also psychic. Debra resides in the Los Angeles area with her son Manny.

For more information, visit Debra’s website: www.urpsychic.com.

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