by Wayne Karlin

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The characters in this morally ambiguous, authentically detailed story, set in present-day Israel, could have stepped from the pages of le Carre. Failed architect Ezra Brenner, an alcoholic, reports to his Uncle Aharon, a member of the Israeli Secret Police. Maryam Halim, an embittered Arab who grew up with Ezra, reports to Riad, Aharon's PLO counterpart. Deddy Gur, a one-armed veteran, leads Breira, a movement dedicated to Arab-Israeli peace. Aharon and Riad, and their employers, want vengeance, not peace. Ezra and Maryam, reunited as extras on a Holy Land movie set, want only each other, but they are trapped in the maelstrom of politics and history. Karlin ( Lost Armies ) overwrites occasionally, and his similes mask, rather than enhance, sturdy images. But despite flawed artifice, a blunt, angry truth comes through. This is a chilling and effective story about the corruption of a country occupying territory by force. (Oct.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
In the impassioned ideological conflict in the Middle East, a voice of moderation is rarely heard. This unusual novel attempts to speak for all sides through a variety of characters: Ezra, a former soldier being pressured into working for Israeli intelligence; Ezra's uncle, highly placed in the government; Maryam, an Israeli Arab whose family is active in the armed struggle, but who becomes Ezra's lover; and Deddy, a pacifist seeking accommodation with the Arabs. The author succeeds at giving each character a unique voice, so that the story, although written entirely in the first person, is rarely confusing. There is little action, but much philosophy. The pro-Palestinian ending may incense some, but the thought-provoking points of view aired here are well worth the serious reader's attention.-- Marcia R. Hoffman, M.L.S., Hoechst Celanese Corp., Somerville, N.J.

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