Eye of the Burning Man

Eye of the Burning Man

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by Harry Shannon

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Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
An ex-navy SEAL, Mick Callahan (Memorial Day) is now a recovering alcoholic and profane radio talk show psychologist. Mick struggles with his recovery, has a personal history he'd rather forget and, surprise, has incredibly bad luck with women. He also likes to beat the heck out of people, so when child pornographers kidnap his maid's young nephew, and a crack whore (from Memorial Day) asks Mick for protection, he is happy to leave the studio to mix it up with the lowlifes-but what if he's being set up for a lethal case of revenge? A supporting cast of two cops (ambivalent about Mick's situation), a boozed-up computer geek, a psychotic porn lord, a strangely behaving FBI agent and nasty villains from Memorial Day all come together, more or less, for the event that gives the book its title: Nevada's countercultural Burning Man Festival. Fast-paced and an easy read, the story is short on convincing suspense as Mick lurches from one violent scene to the next. Mick is convincingly righteous, vengeful and wisecracking in this second outing, but the story is anything but tightly wrapped and believable, and the other characters are forgettable. (Nov.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
A kidnapped boy and a voice from the past set California radio psychologist Mick Callahan on the track of a child-porn ring. When a drug addict named Mary saved his life during a crime-busting episode back in Dry Wells, Nev. (Memorial Day, not reviewed), Mick promised to repay the favor. Now Mary phones him begging for rescue from her treadmill of starring roles in the adult films produced by the powerful Fancy. Mick rushes to find her, stares down Fancy for possession of his prize, stashes her with his lawyer friend Suzanne Walton and gets ready for the fireworks that are sure to follow. He knows that Fancy won't take the loss of a prize-earner lying down, especially if it's really true that Fancy has branched out to younger stars like Loco, the 9-year-old nephew of Mick's housekeeper Blanca, who's been frantic ever since the boy was snatched in broad daylight. Fancy's trail will take Mick and his allies-hacker Jerry Jover, Northridge cop Larry Donato and Larry's cousin, Sgt. Darlene Fernandez of Hollywood Vice-on a trail back to Dry Wells, where he'll have to lay the ghosts of his debut all over again. Like Travis McGee, Mick is sensitive, studly, good with his hands and well-armed to boot. But it's not a good sign to see him settling the same old scores as early as his sophomore effort.

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Eye of the Burning Man 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shannon is aiming for something energetic, violent and easy to digest, and he succeeds. Mick Callahan is a fun Travis McGee type of character, with plenty of room to grow over the next few years, and I'm looking forward to the next installement of his adventures.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Psychologist Mick Callahan has made a fine comeback on talk radio with his show in Northridge, California as proven by his having a centerfold girlfriend Leyna Barton. After a sensitive show on what is love, Leyna informs Mick he is going to get lucky. However, when a mugger attacks them and he beats the punk up, she drops him saying he enjoyed the fight. --- Mick receives a call from Mary, who saved his life in Nevada on MEMORIAL DAY, but she hangs up before they talk. He traces the call and heads into a dangerous section of town to rescue her from her pimp. He succeeds and takes her to his home. Not long afterward, she is snatched again with the trail heading into the Burning Man Festival. --- The sequel to MEMORIAL DAY, EYES OF THE BURNING MAN, is a taut investigative thriller that provides the reader with insight into the star through two mano a mano incidents with a mugger and street thugs respectively before Mick vies for second rescue of Mary amongst sociopaths. The story line is driven by Mick who has his own problems, but is a knight in shining armor for downtrodden females. A late romance adds to a fine Callahan caper. --- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Burned out, newly sober TV shrink Callahan (hero of Shannon's first mystery 'Memorial Day') returns with a bang in this brisk sequel. A young drug addict asks Mick for help, and he owes her one. When she's kidnapped, Callahan goes on a rampage to find her, and ends up tangling with the FBI, a child porno ring and a gang of psychos. The Nevada Burning Man festival is a great place for a violent finale.