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The Eye of the Forest (Children of the Lamp Series #5)

The Eye of the Forest (Children of the Lamp Series #5)

4.8 19
by P. B. Kerr

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In their latest adventure, John and Philippa Gaunt find themselves tangled up in a spellbinding mystery that takes them deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle in book five of the NY TIMES bestselling Children of the Lamp series. When a collection of Incan artifacts goes missing, the Blue Djinn of Babylon dispatches the twins and Uncle Nimrod to recover them.


In their latest adventure, John and Philippa Gaunt find themselves tangled up in a spellbinding mystery that takes them deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle in book five of the NY TIMES bestselling Children of the Lamp series. When a collection of Incan artifacts goes missing, the Blue Djinn of Babylon dispatches the twins and Uncle Nimrod to recover them. Along the way, though, John and Philippa encounter their friend Dybbuk, who was drained of his djinn powers but is determined to get them back.

In a fury, he's headed to an ancient Incan Empire where he believes he can regain his strength. Dybbuk will stop at nothing . . . even if it means destroying the rain forest, opening a cursed portal, and disturbing the enchanted kingdom of the Incas that has slept for thousands of years. Can the twins stop their friend before he destroys everything?

Praise for the Children of the Lamp series:

"Kerr puts an ingenious spin on the enchanted-lamp theme in his first novel for children. . . ." -BOOKLIST

"A breakneck paced, Indiana Jones-style adventure. . . . Kerr keeps the emphasis on fun, making this the first in a series worth watching." -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

". . . the humor is just right, the captivating world of the djinn is faultlessly depicted and expanded, and Kerr balances the resolution with enough uncertainties to draw readers back for the next installment. This work is likely to win new fans as well as please those who enjoyed the previous book." -VOICE OF YOUTH ADVOCATES

"Kerr brings a wealth of invention and a solid grounding of research into djinn legends to his creation, giving the story and its deftly varied episodes a rich texture. . . . Capable writing and a well-shaped plot will reward fans returning to this series." -THE HORN BOOK

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Catherine Gilmore-Clough
Kerr's action-packed fifth entry in the Children of the Lamp series hurtles twins John and Philippa Gaunt into a typical assortment of adventures and tribulations - typical for teenagers whose Djinn ancestry confers on them the ability to grant wishes and perform other supernatural feats. This time, nothing less than the fate of the world rests in the hands of the twins and their familiar coterie of companions. An ancient Incan artifact, deep in the heart of the Amazonian jungle, might unleash a terrible power if the Gaunts, accompanied by their Uncle Nimrod and assorted Djinn and human companions, cannot manage to stop it. As their journey unfolds with misadventures and magical attacks, they realize they have enemies working against them - perhaps even amongst their own companions. This entry in Kerr's series is particularly strong. Although some of the previous adventures occasionally suffered from too much detail or too many plots, the story here stays on track as the heroes battle every obstacle in their paths. Kerr's characters remain mostly caricature, and readers looking for development will remain unsatisfied. In their fifth adventure, John and Philippa are more adept at using their Djinn abilities but are essentially the same youth that readers met and admired in the first book. Those looking for a rollicking adventure with plenty of laughs as well as danger, however, will be glad that these Djinn are once again out of their bottles. Reviewer: Catherine Gilmore-Clough
Children's Literature - Kathleen Foucart
The fifth book in the "Children of the Lamp" series follows the continued adventures of djinn twins John and Philippa Gaunt. Being djinn gives them a rather unusual life—like being asked to help save the world. Together with their Uncle Nimrod, his English bodyguard, and another djinn girl named Zadie, the twins are off to South America and the heart of the Amazon jungle to stop a destructive power from being unleashed. Yet their trip is fraught with giant insects, poison frogs, and headhunters slowing them down. That is, until they realize just who they are up against—an old friend and a new nemesis. What could have been an thrilling adventure story is slowed by a lot of unnecessary exposition and definitions. While the overall plot is interesting and has the potential to be exciting, too often the events come to a complete stop as the characters discuss what they would do next. While fans of the series might overlook this in order to spend more time with their favorite characters, those new to the series might want to start back at the beginning before tackling this title. Reviewer: Kathleen Foucart

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Scholastic, Inc.
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Children of the Lamp Series , #5
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6.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.50(d)
830L (what's this?)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

Meet the Author

P. B. Kerr was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he developed a lifelong love of reading. Although the Children of the Lamp books are P. B. Kerr's first for children, he's well known as the thriller writer Philip Kerr, author of the Berlin Noir series, including, most recently, A QUIET FLAME; IF THE DEAD RISE NOT; A PHILOSOPHICAL INVESTIGATION; GRIDIRON; THE SHOT; and many other acclaimed novels. Mr. Kerr lives in London with his family.

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Eye of the Forest (Children of the Lamp Series #5) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
1000GreenSun More than 1 year ago
Wow! Wow! Wow! I just finished reading this book yesterday and it is AWESOME! Phillipa and John are back and they've got a more dangerous mission than ever before. They've got to stop Virgil Macreeby and their 'friend' Dybbuk from bringing on the world's end. I loved every moment of this. It's thrilling and I COULD NOT put it down. It may be a little juvenile, but hey. It still rocks. I love Dybbuk, he's such a fun character to read. I can't wait for the next book (Kerr said that he sighed up to do at least 7) because I really want to know what happens after this. After rereading all the books a few times, I got bored, so I wrote my own story for Children of the Lamp. It's on the webpage below. http://www.fanfiction.net/book/Children_of_the_Lamp/ That's the link. Really, tho, I can't wait for more of this series!!
wthwt More than 1 year ago
I love this series. Never a dull moment. I find these books very entertaining.
Anonymous 3 months ago
John and Phillippa are back once again, this time looking for the Eye Of the Forest while trying to save their dad, their friend Zadie and all while defeating McCreeby and Dybbuk, their "ex-friends".
Anonymous 6 months ago
5 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We havent talked in a wile jullian guess what my brothers going to chicago tomarow. Wont be there though sorry
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There was a fairy standing in front of me. <br> At least, she looked like a fairy, with pale skin a piercing blue eyes. <br> "W-who are you? What was that?" I ased, hastily getting up. <br> "I am a nymph," the girl responded. "You were being chased by a harpy." <br> "That's impossible!" I protested angrily. This was not funny. "Now, can you how me the way home?" The nymph gazed at me wearily. <br> "How else could you explain what you say is not a harpy?" She asked. "I opened ground because I heard your plea for help. You can not return home now." <br> "But-" I faltered. This couldn't be happening! "But my dad and my babysitter don't know where I am!" <br> "I will find a way t contact them," the nymph promised. She held out something to me. It was a sword. "You will need this. I'll Iris-message a satyr to come find you." <br> "Wait, what?" I asked. "A satyr? Isn't that a goat man of some sorts?" The nymph offered a faint smile. <br> "The harpy is gone," she told me. "Head up the North Coast until you meet a satyr. He will guide you the rest of the way. You will face several enemies, I imagine." The ground-cave opened above me. I looked up. <br> "Where am I going, exactly?" I asked. The nymph just smiled and disappeared. I stared at the spot where she had been. After a moment, I decided to follow her instructions. Her insane instructions. <br> I took off towards the North, suddenly realizing that running up the coast would be next to impossible. But I trudged on. I uldn't run for a while after this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lol, i just wanted a place to post this for future reference. I, joeylejoker got the fifth book of the children of the lamp series early! Check the date, i am posting this Dec. 25/2008. The book is supposed to come out on new years! The store i went to, accidently put it out early! What? Dont believe me? When you get the book, here is a way i can prove it..

Prologue Name is: Doctor Kowalski

Chapter 1: The three druids

On the 9th page, the first sentence is "I told him that I - by which I mean Layla Gaunt - in person - would be back from Australia by the end of the month.

254th page, word 5: be


I have only just started reading it, but the plot seems interesting and strong. It looks like it will be a good book. Maybe i can post a better rewview when i finsih it within the next couple days... still before its released. mwahha..

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the series, i haavn't read the 3rd or 4th but i loved the other 2
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked itbut the ending made it seam like the end, and there sre more books
American_Sea More than 1 year ago
This book is thrilling. I would recomend it to anybody. However if you are a fourth-sixth grader then I would recomend having a dictonary handy. I did not have very many problems with the book but one of my friends did. Also make sure you start at at one and then read all the books to get here. Well I really liked it, and I hope you will also!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My cousin came to Maryland our state from Pensilvania and their family was on the way to a local baseball game and so I did not go so my mom and I took katie my cousin to our local barnes and noble and I got this book called children of the lamp the eye of the forest and the seekers book number 5 I love this book so much that I started reading it it was good I reccamend the percy jackson books also so this is my review of the children of the lamp book thank you Jen Hlavay
p0n13srul3 More than 1 year ago
ive been waiting since forever to get it.. i still am bugging everyone to get it for me for like a b-day present