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Bone #3: Eyes of the Storm

Bone #3: Eyes of the Storm

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by Jeff Smith, Steve Hamaker

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In "Eyes of the Storm," book three in the epic BONE series, Gran'ma Ben reveals long-kept secrets about Thorn's royal heritage and the ancient enmities that may lead to war.

In "Eyes of the Storm," volume three of the nine-book BONE saga, Lucius, Smiley, and Phoney survive an attack by the rat creatures and return safely to Lucius' tavern in Barrelhaven. Phoney,


In "Eyes of the Storm," book three in the epic BONE series, Gran'ma Ben reveals long-kept secrets about Thorn's royal heritage and the ancient enmities that may lead to war.

In "Eyes of the Storm," volume three of the nine-book BONE saga, Lucius, Smiley, and Phoney survive an attack by the rat creatures and return safely to Lucius' tavern in Barrelhaven. Phoney, desperate to win a bet with Lucius, stokes the townspeople's fear of dragons and boasts that he is a professional dragonslayer.

Back at the farm, Fone Bone and Thorn are troubled by strange dreams, and Gran'ma Ben's reaction to them is stranger still: She reveals long-kept secrets and warns of great danger. Thorn, Fone Bone, and Gran'ma Ben may have to leave the farm forever.

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Gr 3 Up–Exiled from their home, the Bone cousins have discovered a beautiful but frightening world in the valley. The tone darkens in this volume as their friend Thorn learns of her tragic past, the bloodthirsty rat creatures become even more menacing, and war appears imminent. Already a gripping, striking work in black and white, Bone is even more appealing in color. The lighter palettes highlight the story's playful humor, while darker shades heighten the immense drama unfolding in the valley. This offering should bring Smith's work a deservedly wider audience.–Lisa Goldstein, Brooklyn Public Library, NY

Children's Literature - Claudia Mills
In this third title of the wildly popular "Bone" comic book epic, Thorn discovers that her dreams reveal disturbing secrets about her long-forgotten past, loyal Fone Bone writes her a lot of very bad love poetry, and his cousins Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone try their hand at managing a bar with near disastrous results. Readers new to the series will have difficulty entering the story: which Bone is which? And what is that cow race that everybody keeps talking about? Likewise, the story simply ends with the always frustrating promise: "To Be Continued." Along the way, however, Smith provides his trademark blend of exciting action scenes, emotional pathos, and wisecracking humor. Lovelorn Fone Bone is consistently lovable, and perennially cheerful Smiley Bone has some great exchanges ("Hey, Gran'ma! Did you pack any of those hard little stuffed bread thingies for me?" "Of course, dear. I made them two days ago, so they'd be extra stale—just th' way you like ‘em!" "Yes!"). The art throughout brings graphic novels to a new height of expression and even beauty.

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Bone Series, #3
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9 - 12 Years


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Jeff Smith is the creator of the award-winning, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling BONE series. He was born and raised in the American Midwest and learned about cartooning from comic strips, comic books, and TV animation. Visit him online at

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Eyes of the Storm 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Clau55 More than 1 year ago
My son loved these books. He doesn't like to read but with these books, he doesn't stop reading now!!!!
S_N_F More than 1 year ago
This is the best graphic novel ever made. I purchased it at a rather difficult time in my life and it changed my perspective from that of a negative pessimist to a man willing to move mountains to achieve his goals. A little backstory: I was suffering through a divorce and needed an outlet. A friend had recommended I try exercising, but that required more effort than I was willing to put in. Movies had lost their magic, food had become tasteless without my salt shaker nearby, long drives had become expensive and a night out with the guys had turned into a swim in the shallow pool of self-pity from which I observed all the happy couples out on the town together. Back to the book - I was browsing through Google looking for something to pique my interest and hopefully find an activity that would redeem some of my masculinity during my newly-acquired lifestyle of independence and microwave dinners (the Salisbury Steak ones weren't so bad if I closed my eyes and imagined my wife sitting across from me, on the other side of the TV tray I'd purchased at Goodwill after I came home from work and saw that most of the furniture was gone, presumably to my wife's new house along with her new boyfriend that had a "real job" and no "mommy issues"). Of course, those dinners often resulted in a flood of tears and a cacophony of sobs and wails that could only be interrupted by my elderly neighbor screaming once again through his window that I should "grow a pair" or at least close the curtains so he didn't have to watch me bathe myself in my own tears. Why was he watching me anyway? What a sad, lonely guy my neighbor must be. But to the point: I'd started out by Googling "Harry Carey" but soon realized that I'd need to refine my search a bit better if I was going to find something to do with myself that didn't hurt. So I then searched "Drew Carey," which led to me finding old episodes of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and after a 17 hour marathon the electricity was shut off I went and bought a generator and a few adapters and continued my search. Next, I searched for "rain boots" and "Pokemon," which led me to Amazon, where I ordered some galoshes and 300 packs of "rare" Pokemon cards that I figured I could sell on eBay for at least three times what I paid for them. I also found some Pokemon comic books, and upon Googling comic books to pursue my newfound business venture of buying things to sell on eBay I came upon some first edition X-Men comics. I made a note to myself to go back and look some more, but first I Googled "ice cube," "stuffed buffalo," and "nine-iron." Back to the X-Men. I'd seen the movie and Halle Barre was a knockout as the character "Storm." I did a Google image search for "Storm" and was not disappointed by the tirade of teen-angst inspired artwork that filled the results page. But my interest in Storm was pure, and I found her eyes to be the most captivating thing of all. So I refined my search to "eyes of Storm." Imagine my surprise when Bone #3 "Eyes of the Storm" appeared in my search results. What trickery was this? Here I was, a grown man doing productive and captivating Google searches, and my time was being wasted with images of a kid's book. But, I digress. I've never read this book. I ordered it for my daughter and she loves it. She's half
Guest More than 1 year ago
My son never read as much before, but now he can't put this series down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The story starts to get darker in this volume. A conflict between the red dragon and Gran'ma Ben turns up, some truths are revealed that turn Thorn into a somewhat overdramatic character a few times, and there is a lot of hinting at things yet to come in the series. I think I would definetly have to come back to read this book after I finish the series and find some details I missed. Overall, a really fun book, and the only mild complaint I have is that Jeff Smith just can't seem to figure out how to draw Thorn consistently. It becomes an issue because she is the main focus of a lot of what happens in this issue, so any time her facial appearance beomes hard to recognize it distracts from the emotional intensity of the book. Still, it's a challenging story that Smith has taken on to tell in this volume, so kudos to him nonetheless. Also, I love the twist that Phoney, Smiley and Lucius' story starts to take as they consistently provide the laughs in this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was the same as books 1 and 2...funny, great graphics, and easy to read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rainbow12 More than 1 year ago
The book was great altogether and I could read it a million times and not get tiered of it! You should read it you wont regreat it....... Also try the book listed below
Annabelle01 More than 1 year ago
I am eaght years old. And the Bone books are the best in the whole universe. I have loved every one of the books and cant wait to read more from Jeff Smith.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My son enjoys reading all of the "Bones" books. He saves his money and loves going to the store to buy his new books. It's great to see him that excited to read. Keep up the great writing!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the pictures in the book. I am going to try to get all of them!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love reading these books there good. bone books are the best books jeff smith has writin. GREAT
Guest More than 1 year ago
What would you do if you were having crazy dreams about your childhood that you don¿t even remember happening? What would you do if you found out they did happen after all these years of being lied to that they never happened? What would you do if you had rat creatures chasing you that ran you out of your home because of your parents? Well Gran¿ma Ben, Thorn and Fone Bone know exactly what to do because this is all happening to them. Read Bone: Eyes of the Storm to find out why this is happening to them. The book Bone: Eyes of the Storm is a book about three cousins (the Bone cousins), a girl named Thorn, and Thorn¿s relative Gran¿ma Ben who live with each other. Thorn has these crazy dreams about her past that lead her to questions she doesn¿t have answers to. Fone Bone is a very close friend to her. So one day, Thorn decides to tell Fone Bone about her dreams. They go to the barn and Gran¿ma Ben walks in on them talking about the dreams. She got upset and ran off. Thorn and Fone Bone went after her to find out why she was so upset. Gran¿ma Ben told them why Thorn had been having those dreams and Thorn got upset because Gran¿ma Ben had been lying to her. Then they found out that the rat creatures were after them because of Thorn¿s parents. Gran¿ma Ben, Thorn and Fone Bone packed up their belongings and left the valley. I believe that one deeper meaning in this book is that you can always count on friends to talk to them and trust them because Thorn counted on Fone Bone to tell her dreams to and she trusted him with what she was telling him. I think Fone Bone has a great personality because he is open-minded about what people have to say. He¿s nice, cute and funny. Fone Bone has a huge crush on Thorn, but he never told her. He writes poems to her secretly, but he never gives them to her. Fone Bone¿s character is original. This book is exciting, funny and adventurous because the character¿s make it funny with the things they say and do and they travel to several places throughout these Bone books. I enjoy reading these hilarious comic books because of all the adventure and humor in them. In conclusion, this book is laugh out loud funny. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading hilarious and adventurous comic books. They¿re great!! I don¿t know who wouldn¿t want to read Bone books!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm don't really read to many comic book or books with pictures too often. But when i read a few pages of the 1st book i got hooked, and HAD to read the rest. This is a great book to read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm, Thorn, one of the main characters, has strange dreams that, as she believes, link to her past. She tries desperately to learn about herself, and what her dreams are supposed to mean. Eventually, her Grandmother Ben tells her. She tells Thorn about how she is heir to the throne of a land called Atheia and that during a great war against the monsters called rat creatures, or hairy men, she was given to the dragons for safe- keeping, to prevent her from being killed. Thorn also learns that Grandmother Ben has lied to her, claiming that dragons don¿t even exist. She becomes angry at Grandmother Ben for lying to her, and still doesn¿t completely understand her past, but is somewhat content with what she¿s learned. The conflict of Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm is not between Thorn and Grandmother Ben, and is not completely understandable. People want to know certain things, like ¿Why did Grandmother Ben lie to Thorn?¿ The main idea is somewhat confusing, which is one of the many things that makes this book so interesting, this is because it leaves the reader curious about what is happening and wanting to read more. This book is suspenseful and gripping, it is nearly impossible to put down, especially during the climax. This is because of the suspense of the climax, which is a family fight, which is always interesting. This book is impossible to forget, especially because of the cliffhanger ending. Cliffhangers often leave readers filled with curiosity, and that is what keeps people wanting to read all the books in the series, if there is a series involved. Otherwise, this is obviously and truly an excellent book. Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm, is an exiting book! Mystery, suspense, and humor can be hard qualities to fit into a story at times, but this book pulls it off with profession. I strongly recommend this book, even though I am not much of a reader, I know a good book when I read one! Of course, since this book is titled Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm, it is obvious that there are other books in this series, first of all, Bone 1: Out from Boneville, and Bone 2: The Great Cow Race. These are also excellent books, and read them first, just so you understand the story- line. All-in-all, this is an awesome book, I wouldn¿t give a second thought about reading it, nobody else should, either.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you love Bone, this is a book for you. Eyes of the Storm explains so much, that all those secrets spinning around in your head will diminish as the danger comes closer and the secrets uncover themselves. Read this book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I chose this book from my school bookfair because it looked very interesting and fun,and it is! I will recomend it alot to people that are about 10 or 11 years old who like mystery and fun books. This book is about a rare creature ¿Bone¿ that likes Thorn (the girl) and when Granma finds out they get into very serious problems.
Guest More than 1 year ago
the 3rd book of Bones is really great! i have one myself and has read it at least over 7 times! this book is sumthing EVERYONE will enjoy, and remember. Bones has some comedy, suspense, romance, and a little bit of scary stuff... Really, if u haven't read ANY Bones books yet, i recommend you try reading them!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is as good as it gets, equal to the previous two. Though I'm a reluctant reader, I read Bone non-stop. It was simply fantastiac, and nothing short of that!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is a great adventure story.i love it!im a true bone fan!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of the new bone chapter comic books, and I own #1 and #2. These books are great, and highly suggested. I can't wait to recieve this book! Whoo hoo! I can't even start to think of a better comic!