Eyes on the President: History in Essays and Cartoons - George Bush Retrospective

Eyes on the President: History in Essays and Cartoons - George Bush Retrospective

by Tom Blanton, David Kirp, Barry Bluestone, Thomas E. Cronin

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Mary Carroll
Don't expect George and Barbara and the kids to display copies of this overview of the Bush Administration on their coffee tables: they won't find much in its 15 original essays or the 210 political cartoons it reprints from the national press to support their fond memories of the past four years. The scholars and investigative journalists who contributed essays--among them, Barry Bluestone on the economy, John Judis on foreign policy, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Eugene J. Carroll, Jr., on military spending, Stephen Pizzo on the S & L scandal, and Jefferson Morley on the war on drugs--were generally critical of GHWB even while he occupied the Oval Office. Presidential scholar Thomas E. Cronin does grant full credit for Bush's foreign policy and military successes, but awards only "a gentleman's C . . . [to] an amiable, hardworking president who faced great problems but lacked both the policy and the political leadership the times demanded." The other essays in "Eyes on the President" tackle Bush's relations with Congress and the courts, the "new world order," a variety of domestic policy issues, the Persian Gulf War, and Iran-Contra. The collection effectively blends solid reporting with the reactions of insightful cartoonists in a fascinating multimedia approach to recent history that will appeal to and enlighten older, more linear types as well as the MTV/CNN generation.

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